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Town & Country/Caravan Heating / Cooling

Could not find a good answer to this problem of my climate control blower running on high even when the climate control was turned off. I found the solution through my own research. The control module went bad. This used to be called a resistor pack. Now there are no resistors in it, but only a solid state silicone FET. It is located behind the glove box. Simply open glove compartment and make it swing all the way down by squeezing in on the sides. You will see the module attached to plenum with two plugs connected. Unscrew the two 8mm screws to get module out. New part number from dealer is 5179985AA. The original module part number has been discontinued.
If you know somebody electrically inclined, they can fix the old one by replacing the power FET on circuit board.


  • neil4neil4 Posts: 1
    Your description of the blower fan problem could not come at a better time. We have a 2000 chrysler. We tried replacing the front panel where the radio is which has the electronic computer (used-2 different units) but that didn't work.

    What is the year of your van?

    If our's has a resister pack where would we find that?

    How likely is it that the resister pack would be the problem instead of the body control module which you described?

    What is the cost of replacing the body control module (used?)

    Can you put this unit in yourself?

    We were told that you have to reset the computer after replacing the body control module, is that what you experienced?
  • bravado1bravado1 Posts: 3
    My van is a 2002. The module or resistor pack is the same thing...only the insides are different. Dealer cost for the module was $56.00. The module/resistor pack is definately the blower problem. Yes, you can very easily do it yourself in about 10 minutes.
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968

    I moved your post to the Chrysler Van Transmission Problems discussion where you're likely to get more feedback. Click the link below to get there:

    Dodge Chrysler Minivan Transmission Problems, post #1067



  • Do you know the part number for the Power MOSFET on the referenced resistor pack?
  • I have a similar problem with my 05 T&C The blower fan will not work, I can hear the AC compressor come on when turned on and I have checked the fuses and relay switches and they appear to be fine. could the resister pack be the problem? and is it in the same place on a 05

  • jqualleyjqualley Posts: 1
    this is a 35.00 item that you merely have to drop down the Glove compartment door, unscrew two screws and plug in the new part--an amazingly easy fix--happened to me on vacation in Ocean City and no chrysler dealer would take me that day within 100 miles--figured it out myself and fixed
  • Does a 2005 Town & Country SWB (i.e. base model) have an A/C air filter? My owner's manual just says "If So Eqipped". I am unable to locate it where described (under passenger side instrument panel).
  • 97xpresso97xpresso Posts: 249
    I know my base 2001 caravan has one. You practically have to lay your head on the floor looking up under the dash/glovebox, where you will see a 10" X 1" oval cover held on by a sliding plastic retainer. It's almost exactly behind the left hinge of the glovebox. The filter sits vertically up behind that oval plastic cover.
  • Hi,

    Maybe somebody can help me here :sick:

    1998 T&C Lx AWD

    AC does not work when push AC button (button lights up but air temp same as outside air)

    AC works when turn the knob to windshield defrost (but of course air is blowing onto windshield).

    Any ideas?

    Thank you kindly~~~
  • treasure2treasure2 Posts: 3
    My problem is that my air works fine in the rear but up front is barely cool. Any ideas?
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    If you are still under warranty and I would guess you are unless you drive a lot of miles per year, have your dealer fix it free.
  • treasure2treasure2 Posts: 3
    Unfortunately it is not under warranty...ran out at 36k and I have 38k on it. I just purchased it used about 3 months ago and it has been great aside from this new issue and the fact that the pass. window will not work making the a/c problem feels 10 times worse. But thank you for the thought.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    You still might want to check with a dealer and or plead your case with Chrysler since it is so close to warranty. Sometimes they have extended "silent warranties" for items that have shown premature failures.

    Another possibility, if you bought it used from a dealer, they may stand behind it.

    Since it cools in the rear, this has to mean the A-C system still works and has not sprung a refrigerant leak. It may be just some sort of simple damper control in the ductwork or bad switch in your dash. I
  • treasure2treasure2 Posts: 3
    Thanks I will try contacting the dealership I bought it from and see what they say.
  • chrisdcchrisdc Posts: 3
    I have an '03 LXi and the A/C condensation is leaking onto the passenger floorboard. I had an older model that did the same thing, but that was simply a loose hose. This time, the water seems to be coming from where the housing goes thru the firewall. Water is coming out the exit tube in the engine compartment, so it's not completely clogged. Does anyone know if there's a gasket there that might be bad?

    Any insight would be very helpful. Thanks!!
  • 97xpresso97xpresso Posts: 249
    In some 2001 models, the hose with the down-ward bend, was ommitted completely from the drain tube that sticks thru the firewall. Check to make sure that hose is there, and also that it is completely pushed on to the drain pipe till it hits the firewall. If the hose is missing or not completely on, water will sill exit the drain pipe as you have stated, but highway speeds force the water back thru the pipe and eventually onto the passenger side carpet.
  • chrisdcchrisdc Posts: 3
    Don't think that's the problem because it's an '03 and it only recently started doing this. I'm not sure if it only does it at highway speed though, I'll have to check that.

    Thanks for the input and any other suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  • FYI - My fan just stopped working one day. You could still here the AC running but no fan in the front. The rear blower still worked. The shop said it was a blower modulator. Anyway it cost just under $200 and is working great now.
  • The fan motor on my T&C won't shut off after I remove the keys. This just started yesterday. So far it hasn't run the battery down. I haven't driven it today. Yesterday, I drove it some, but removed the battery post after I came home. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to fix the problem?

    Thank You,
  • In my case, the fan run at the full speed and could not be shut off until I pull the ignition key off. After that it stopped. My friend had a similar problem with the fan speed control.

    In both cases, the problem was solved by replacing a fan power regulating swith located behind the glove box. That part costs $20 with a simple fan control and $64 if you have an auto-temp control feature.

    In the meanwhile, there is no need to disconnect the battery terminal. To stop the fan, you can simply pull the fan power connector from the regulator located behind the glove box. Pull the glove box toward yourself (it will easily go if you bend the sides inward). You will see a small box with a heat sink. Then unplug either of its two wire connectors.
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