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Town & Country/Caravan Heating / Cooling



  • hunterdshunterds Posts: 1
    Had the same problem as bravado1 with our 2003 Chrysler Town and Country van. Replaced the control module (p/n 5179985AA) and problem is solved. The control module cost $103 in Mpls, MN. Thanks for your help bravado1!
  • fmoyerfmoyer Posts: 1
    A C is not working. It was OK until we had the circuit boad on the control panel replaced to correct a problem with the blower fan control. any help.
  • My 1999 T&C Limited's rear AC vents only seem to blow hot air, even when the AC Controls for the drivers side is set to max cool (slid all the way left). I'm also having an issue with the AC turning off and on with the fan controls set to the first selection. It'll blow cold for a few minutes to so, then it cuts out completely. It'll come back on occasionally, but not always. It runs perfectly fine when in position 2 (although the rear still blows hot, almost like it's set to heat instead of cool).

    Any ideas?
  • neilwneilw Posts: 2
    Has any body found a solution to the 2003 T&C front blower fan not turning off. IOur developed this very problem today. Identical to the way it has been described by others!
  • luvmyvan4luvmyvan4 Posts: 2
    I have an '02 T&C with the automatic climate control. If you've used the defroster and not cycled the a/c on and off, but just turned the knob from defrost to vents, then you're basically running the defroster through the vents. Try turning the automatic climate control on (low a/c) and then turning the a/c off again. This works in my van.
  • sfrisbeesfrisbee Posts: 2
    I fixed mine with a plug-in replacement of the blower motor power module. The module is located behind the glove compartment door, which folds down out of the way by squeezing in the side stops. For my 2003 T&C with automatic climate control, the module was $70 from dealer part dept.

  • neilwneilw Posts: 2
    Thank you to sfrisbee. I will give this a try.
  • mrfixit454mrfixit454 Posts: 1
    Same thing on our 04 Pacifca. To get around this.. in manual mode, we turn the "snow flake" on, then off and it seems to not cycle anymore.
  • bohica5bohica5 Posts: 1
    i am looking to see if anyone has had a similiar experience.. my 05 T & C was just diagonsed with a bad compressor for the A/C. In order to get a warranty on the new compressor, the entire system has to be replaced, costing about $1600..
    Can anyone provide further info, or has anyone has a similar thing happen ?

    Any help would be appreciated
  • mr_rplmr_rpl Posts: 2
    I have a 1999 T & C with 3.8L engine with rear a/c. The compressor went out on me. We replaced the compressor and dryer. We flushed out the system. AFter we got everything back together, we charged the A/C system. It is still holding the charge and does not look like freon is leaking out. However, it will not blow cold air like it used to. The air will blow cool when driving, but other than that, the air is not cool at all. Is there something we overlooked or something that we need to do to get the air cold again?
  • I have a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan with a leak in the rear A/C evaporator. I have been told it will take 4 to 6 weeks to get a replacement as there are over 6000 of these units on backorder. I can't help but think with this kind of failure rate that these are defective products and should be on recall. The car is about 8000 miles out of warranty. I would like to hear from others who are experiencing this problem.
  • kccatkccat Posts: 1
    I just learned today we have the same problem on our 06 Grand Caravan. Our van has 59,300 miles. The independent garage we take our vehicles to estimated the repair (including rear evaporator core, receiver drier, and evaporator expansion valve) would be $1043.00. Same garage also told me that the water pump will probably need to be replaced soon, which I think will be around $400.00. I am ready to bail out of this vehicle unless I can get some help. The AC leak is very small, we had it charged in May - they could not find a leak and put in dye - the cold air lasted a little over a month. Like you, I was told the parts were on order. I had them charge it once more today because of the 90+ temperatures now - not sure how long it will last. I called the dealer and could get no help. I am wondering whether to trade in now or make the repair.
  • I have been checking into A/C problems on the internet and received this message from a large auto parts supplier:
    Well, you are correct about this being a widespread problem. I was contacted by my vendor a few weeks ago, notifying me that this evaporator core is under development, and that I had better place my order, because orders for this unit are huge.

    I just checked AllData and Mitchell for any bulletins regarding any A/C issues for your Grand Caravan (I checked Chrysler Town & Country as well), but there was nothing pertaining to the evaporator. Yet. I can tell you that there was a little-known bulletin related to the 2001-2003 models of your same vehicle with respect to the A/C compressor, in which Chrysler extended the warranty due to a higher than normal failure rate.

    We sell more Chrysler evaporator cores than any other, so they do have some problems. At this point, I recommend (1)making a big fuss, especially with the facts you have. If enough folks do that, they’ll cover the replacement. You might also post this issue on some Chrysler web forums. (2) Keep checking back for a technical service bulletin to be issued for this problem.

    TechChoice Parts Distributors

    3051 FM 663

    I am currently trying to contact the Chrysler District Service Manager and intend to follow up on this problem as much as possible.
  • I took my van to a local independent repair shop as they were a little cheaper. They ordered the part one day and it came the next so there are some evaparators around. I only hope this one is better than the original. I have had no response from the district service manager so I assume they don't care about the problem and I didn't want to give any more money to the Chrysler Corp.
  • inhistimeinhistime Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Grand Caravan STX w/ 18,000 miles. The rear A/C evaporator was replaced this month by the dealership. I had to wait about one month for the part to arrive because there were several other vehicles waiting for the same part.

    When the outside temp is over 90 degrees the vehicle interior is still warm. I am sweating even when using the recalculate feature :( The dealership checked it for the 3rd time and found nothing wrong. Have you experienced this problem and do you have any suggestions for a solution? Thanks
  • thedogethedoge Posts: 1
    I am in the same boat (waiting for the rear A/C evaporator) :sick: . 06 T&C with about 35K miles (phew just made it). Been enjoying the 90+ degree days with no A/C while waiting for over a month now. What crap. They should provide a loaner car for such a prolonged issues under warranty!

    I am also concerned about how long it will stay fixed since I am about to go out of warranty.
  • I guess we are part of a much bigger 'club'. This weekend, I noticed fluid all over the garage floor at the right rear tire of our 2006 T&C. Wasn't sure what the leaking box was, so took it to the dealer today. He informed me that it was the Rear A/C Evaporator and that it is a $945 repair. Also said there were over 300 units on backorder and he could not give me a date at all. But would call when it came in.

    $945 for a this part? On a vehicle barely 3 years old, and then to find all of this info.... also found posts that this was a problem on the '05 model and Chrysler issued a recall for the "rust belt" states. :mad: :lemon:
  • Hello All :

    I have a 2006 SXT (50,000 miles) which just had the rear evaporator replaced yesterday. The wait was about 4 weeks. The cost was $1,068 at Fire Stone. I can not believe that Dodge will not stand behind defective workmanship. At least they should be going after their subcontractor. It appears that the evaporator and the expansion valve are one unit. I was told that you can not just replace the expanson valve. There is also a hose that is recommended to be replaced. I do not believe I will buy a dodge again if thet can not stand behind their workmanship.
  • Hello,

    I just had to replace the rear evaporator also in my 2006 Dodge GC SXT. Got dealer to provide the part free but had to have a Dodge Dealer install it. Problem is that I had already paid almost $400 to have a repair shop try to fix it. They are the ones who discovered the problem. So I had to pay labor twice for same work!!!
    Very disappointed but not surprised by Chrysler's not issuing a TSB on this problem. If they had I would have went to a Dealer in the first place.
  • I have a 1994 Grand Caravan LE, with front and rear air. This is a minor problem, but maybe someone else has had the same problem.With the front air blowing out the dash vents on high, the air drops to the floor vents. I can shut off the blower switch, then turn it back on and it switches back up to the dash vents. When the air drops to the floor, a clunk can be heard, possible a malfunctioning blend door.If anyone has had this problem, I would appreciate the advice.
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