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Town & Country/Caravan Heating / Cooling



  • Over the last 2 weeks ive noticed that when am idling at a stop light the heater wont blow warm air, it is very cold air that comes out. But as soon as i push on the excelorator and speed up it will blow warm/hot air. anyone else with this problem. i had replaced the blower motor resitor earlier this year for problems i had listed in a previous post and the problem was fixed.
  • I have a 2002 TC and the front blower quit working on all speeds. When I took off the glove box to check it out I could see that where the blower wires connect it was melted/burned.

    Any suggestion on what I should do/replace?
  • Hello,

    I have the same exact problem as Chaz6.

    Reading through the posts I did not see an official resolution.

    Any advice on fixing would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks !!!!
  • Has anyone had this problem? The temp. control on the drivers side works fine and the passenger side will blow cold air sometimes. My wife will freeze and then, not touching anything, it will blow out hot air for awhile. :mad:
  • chrytcchrytc Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Town and Country touring. The blower for the front works fine but the rear blower does not function. I checked the underhood rear blower fuse and relay and they are ok. What else can I check or replace. Thanks.
  • leschinsleschins Posts: 2
    We have a 1996 Town & Country Mini-Van. The heater and air conditioner blower stopped working recently on all but the highest speed. A friend told me that this is actually an electrical problem (apparently it's called a regulator or an actuator or a resistor . . . but my friend doesn't remember exactly what it is called) and the part can be replaced. Does anyone know what the name of the part and part number is??? Also, would you know if it is necessary to have a mechanic replace it or can I attempt to do this myself? Many thanks for your help. P. Leschins
  • I forget the name of the part, but it is a simple fix you can do yourself. Look on the air system/fan housing under the dash board on the passenger side below the glove box door. Up behind the glovebox, you will see a plug connector on the housing. Remove the plug, then remove the 2 screws holding the electrical component to the housing. Carefully wiggle the part while pulling it out of it's mounting opening. If I remember correctly, it may be a daealer only item. Just slide the new one into the opening, and reattach the connector plug and your problem should be solved. Make sure when you put the new one in, the gasket is in place to prevent any water leakage from comming in around the part.
  • leschinsleschins Posts: 2
    Thanks so much! P. Leschins
  • dons425dons425 Posts: 1
    I have a 04 Pacifica that the blower just quit in. After changing the blower after a reputable shop did some quick troubleshooting on an didn't fix I have jumpered out the blower to the appropriate fuse and have a blower on high till I can get it fixed. I wonder if the same FET is in my 04 Pacifica control module?
  • suzjsuzj Posts: 3
    I'm now a member of the Rear Evaporator Replacement Club. Yes, "Club." It sounds like there are enough of us out there to form a club.

    My 2006 T&C with 50,000 miles on it needs the rear evaporator and lines replaced, and it's a minimum $800.

    I'm trying to decide whether to have the dealer do the repair, or my local repair shop. I called Chrysler, and they said for them to even consider a claim, I must have it diagnosed at a dealership. That's fine, but has anyone had any positive results with Chrysler taking responsibiltiy for this on an out-of-warranty T&C? I don't want to get it done at a dealership unless there's some hope of Chrysler paying for at least part of the repair.

    It sounds like this is a vulnerable part. Am I going to need to repair this expensive part again in another few years?

    I bought this van used in April '08. So far, I'm not very happy.

    Maybe it's time for all of us affected by this to start writing Chrysler.
  • suzjsuzj Posts: 3
    I was told my rear evaporator needs replacing as well, an $1,100 fix, and the parts are on huge back order, so a long wait.

    I took it to a trusted mechanic, and he said there's another option -- disconnect the rear air and recharge the system, just use the front a/c. That was done, and so now the front air works fine. It just takes a little longer to cool the back. The fix was $375.

    My '06 T&C is out of warranty, and I didn't want to pay $1,100 for a rear evaporator for fear it might happen again because I've heard it's due to vibration and possibly a design defect.

    No recall by Chrysler so far. They should take responsibility for this. One dealer I called said there are 4,000 requests per week for rear evaporators, so it's a common problem.

    Rear air was not standard in minivans in the past, so it's not so awful to be without it.
  • rjmtripsrjmtrips Posts: 1
    My father has the same issue as you. Is the evaporator core located in the back passenger side of the wheel wall. Is this something anyopne can fix if they had the parts. Thanks
  • Suzi, Can you please tell us how the mechanic disconnected the rear evaporator. Non of the mechanics here say it's possible. I would rather do what you did than spend more money for the problem to reoccur. Thanks (
  • suzjsuzj Posts: 3
    I can't tell you how they did it because I know nothing about cars, but I can direct you to my mechanic's web site and phone number if you want to contact them.

    Even my brother, who is not a certified mechanic, was familiar with disconnecting the rear air conditioner/ evaporator. Maybe it's a problem with semantics.

    It has been working fine since I had the work done a few months ago.

    Good luck
  • what was the problem/solution, i am experiencing the same thing right now. thank you
  • Hey everyone new to the forum...
    Just wanted to let everyone know what happened tp me recently, I own a 2006 Grand Caravan SXT and back in JUly 2008 the rear evaporator started leaking (38,000 miles). I couldn't afford the $900 to replace it so i just lived without it. Anyway on Saturday November 14th I received a letter from Chrysler LLC that stated they were going to "extend the warranty on the rear evaporator and tubing (aluminum) 7yrs/70,000miles."
    On monday november 16th i called my local dealership and advised them I wanted to get the work done on my vehicle, they weren't aware of the letter or warranty extension, and asked me to fax my letter to them, they reviewed the letter and on Tuesday the 17th they called and said they had spoken directly to Chrysler and they would honor the letter.
    I dropped thmy vehicle off that same day and they replaced everything free of charge
  • Maybe I did not read far enough but can I test this unit? Mine is from a 2006 TnC I do hear servos moving but no air flow at all (just what I get at 65mph). Mine has coils and 1 resistor running in the middle and this will stop the blower motor?. Reminds me of tubes in TV's! lol
  • OK got the resistor from behind glove box will check on cost at AutoZone. Is there a way to test this unit first?
  • Any chance you still have that letter with the address to send receipts to. We paid to fix it this summer and also received a letter. I can't find the letter now and want to send in my receipts.
  • The letter said to send evaporator receipts to:
    Chrysler Customer Assistance Center
    P O Box 21-8004
    Auburn Hills, MI 48321-8004
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