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Audi A8 and S8 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
What did you pay for your A8?

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  • qwazrqwazr Posts: 11
    I am curious what to expect to pay a dealer over their cost for an Audi A8. Is $2000 fair? How about $1000 over cost?
    Please let me know what you were able to negotiate
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    The price expected depends upon the market and how willing the dealer is ready to negotiate. I've got a friend who just purchased a loaded A8 @ cost. But he lives in NC, where the market may not be as hot as California or NE.

    I paid about $113k for my W-12, which originally costed $129k. Their aren't many W-12's around and people definetely weren't buying at full price, any luxury car for that matter.
  • jpvwaudijpvwaudi Posts: 139
    The situation at each dealer is different. We average 5-6 percent over invoice on our A8's. However, if its the end of the model year and we have a few left, 2k over invoice is a reasonable deal.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    We'll, your friends situation here in NC is rare one, or maybe he's a good friend of the dealer. That's were I live and a good portion of the dealers are sold out of A8's. A lot of them are going out at MSRP, or maybe a little under if it's something they have in stock.

    The W12 you bought was probably a left-over 05 at the end of the year. Most dealers will cut a W12 loose at the end of the model year for fear of getting stuck with it. And most dealers won't order a W12 unless it's a special order car.

    Some dealerships like The Collection in Miami and other high-end markets in southern California keeps several W12's in stock and have more A8's. Audi does things on an allocation basis, and the more you sell, the more you can order next time around.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    No, actually my A8 was a special order '06 model . I buy most of my cars this way.

    As for my friend, he has been buying Audi's from the same dealer connection for over 20 years, so they really deal with him to keep him as a returning customer.

    Audi doesn't import or sell many A8's to start, so there will be shortages all over, even in SoCal. The are plenty of "off-the-shelf" A8's to go around. But W-12's, not near as many. I know this as I receive updates from my Audi rep at Audi of NA. I recently just plopped a $50k deposit on a S8 for a NOV/JAN delivery, and received $5k off of sticker, so if you have the $$$, there are deals to be made.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I don't know what dealer is going to give you 16,000 off a brand new 2006 W12 A8. There's about 10 grand of dealer profit in that car. And maybe another 3K of dealer holdback in a car that expensive. Why would a dealer sell you a brand new 2006 12 cylinder and break even... or even lose money? You must be some kind of inside guy who gets everything at invoice minus holdback from some dealer friend. But thats a very rare situation and 99% of the people out there don't get those deals.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    The dealer gave me $16k off of the car for the same reason a '06 S500 now lists for $21k less than sticker, supply and demand. Moreover, I don't have to validate myself and explain every detail involving the transaction. The forum is called prices paid, not how and why you received a discount.

    I don't know where you get your info from, but Audi's doesn't sell very many cars, particularly A8's. Production went from 2700 to just over 4200 last year, and they import more supply than demand, so all of the holdbacks and profits don't mean thing when you're not selling cars. Mercedes and BMW doesn't have to worry about this as their big cars are going to move, no matter what. Audi does have to worry. Sure they sell a boat load of A3's ,A4's, and TT's, but even the A6's sells are off.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659

    I'm not meaning to dip into your personal business too much, but this forum is prices paid and buying experiences. If your deal sounds too goo to be true, I don't think there's anything wrong with asking some deeper questions on how you struck such a great deal on a brand new 2006 A8, or if there's something missing that needs to be explained. I thought the whole point of this forum was to try to help other people out in getting a good deal.

    And here's the sales figures for 2005 A8. It's 5430...not 4200 like you mentioned.

    Also, the A6 did quite well in 2005. They sold 18,074 in 2005 vs 14,905 in 2004. A 21.3 % increase.

    I like dealing in exact numbers, and not generalizations.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I stand corrected, altho those "adjusted" sales numbers are still quite below class sells, as whole.

    I don't mind questions, just not speculation and blasphermy. I don't mind explaining how I got a deal. W-12's are not popular in my neck-of-the-woods, A8's for that matter, despite the standard AWD in New England's harsh winter weather. Back to supply and demand.

    BTW, which Audi do you own?
  • georgev1georgev1 Posts: 14
    I was offered an 04 a8L with 10,500 miles (cpo)
    from Audi dealer.
    100K mile warranty
    $56K 6.9% finance
    whaddya think?
  • coloradoa8lcoloradoa8l Posts: 12
    I bought my for $83,000 loaded. Absolutely no discount and it was full MSRP. The dealer said there are shortages all over the country and if I wanted a black one it would take 3 months. The Audi A8 is a hot selling car and there are not very many around so why would the dealer need to discount. He wouldn't period.....
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    not a "hot selling" car. Very dissappointing actually. 500 cars is really pathetic. But I do enjoy the exclusivity of my W-12. Only 7 for the entire state of New York.
  • sschecksscheck Posts: 1
    I just bought an Audi A8L and am curious how the masses think I did. Let me know so that I can feel better that I didn't get reamed :cry: . Here are the specs.

    Audi A8L with a bunch of options
    MSRP: $81,560
    12,000 Miles and 36 Months
    $2,900 out of pocket ($2,695 was inceptions)
    $1,121.50 + Tax per month ($1,200 incl tax)

    I got mine from Prestige Audi in Miami, Florida. There were only 5 A8's in all of South Florida so I didn't have many choices. Let me know what you think.

    Steven ;)
  • coloradoa8lcoloradoa8l Posts: 12
    You did a good job, Very good actually.
    I leased mine in March $83K Loaded with all options and warranty's. 24,000 miles $10,415 Cash out pocket. $1,035 per month (tax $30) I got 68% residual and 0.00250 (6%) money factor. I put a lot down to keep the payment down.
    I would not have done the big down again, $5,000 less would have raised it $200 more per month. But it cash would have been in the bank. All in all it will cost me $36,000 to drive it for 2 years. Audi paid first payment so that was cool.
  • coloradoa8lcoloradoa8l Posts: 12
    Dude your dreaming!
    Try 26.6 Billion in revenue and 1.3 billion in profit! That's 14.6% more than last year. Audi has sold more cars each and every year for 10 years straight. It's not how many sell each month but the overall picture. A8 Sales up 4.1% from previous year.
    Would you like to Retract that statement that Audi is "not a hot selling car"??? If your dealer had more A8's would you still make this absurd statement I don't think so.
    My dealer wishes he could get 25 more right now.
    You own a very rare and well sought after vehicle that is so awesome. You can go down the road and people look in awe! You see maybe 1 or 2 other A8's per Quarter. Come on man! I have a 2006 A8L 4.2 and I see maybe one other on the road per month.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    You may want to re-read the post. I never stated that Audi is not a hot selling brand, just that the A8 is not a good selling car here in the states. In Europe, Audi is often the first or second in revenue/sales.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the Audi brand. I think that they're the best of the Germans.

    So no I won't retract the statement. I still stand correct. Audi has only sold a little over 500 A8's. And that's a good thing for me as I don't like to see a carbon copy of a $100k-plus automobile just like mine. And for this reason, Audi will continue to keep me as a customer, and that's why I purchased an S8 to be delivered in November.
  • coloradoa8lcoloradoa8l Posts: 12
    You can't sell more cars if there are none on the lots buddy.
    It's a simple formula, Audi sells more in europe than the USA because there are more to available. Ask any dealer and they will tell you they wish they had more. If Audi needed to sell more A8's than they would come way down in price and ship them like crazy. But because sales in europe and now other middle eastern states is so strong we just can't get them. Think about this for a second, I bought my A8 in March, One of only two A8L's available on the lot and they would not budge one penny on the price. Do you think they would have this attitude if the car was a dud like you claim? Nope didn't think so either. Enjoy your W-12 and I will enjoy my "Second year S8" Late!
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Where are you getting this stuff from? I never said the car was a dud. If so, why did I plop $115k for one? No logic whatsoever. All I said and all I will continue to say is the A8 is a slow seller, which again, is a good thing for we Audi drivers as the less there are, the better the resale and enjoyment of the ownership for us.

    The only reason I'm selling the W-12 is that I have a great friend of mine who totalled out his Phaeton V-8 and loves my W-12 powertrain so much that he's looked high and low for a Phaeton W-12 and came up with nothing. So the S8 comes along and the wife got tired of stooping her head under the roof of the CLS 55 and sold it and we aquired the S8. MY daughter and sister both drive S4 Cab's and my uncle is now in the process of trading his hard-as-bricks X5 4.4 in favor of the Q7. So Audi does get a lot of business from my side of the world.

    I couldn't imagine my garage without one now, and that is easy to come buy from the last year as the S65 AMG 760iL V-12, while nice, just didn't offer the full circle like the A8 does, with little to no compromise.
  • georgev1georgev1 Posts: 14
    good job...

    here is my deal, whaddya think?

    06 A8L Pemium, cold weather pkgs---MSRP $78200

    capped out @ $76600

    $7000 down

    24 mos. 21K miles/year

    $1278/mo. incl NYS sales taxes

  • coloradoa8lcoloradoa8l Posts: 12
    You did well, Opted for the New one eh? Good choice there is nothing like that brand new car smell. You did as well as anyone could have done. Those high mileage leases are great. Extend it 6 months and get the Second year S8 when your current expires That's what i am going to do.
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