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Infiniti G35 vs. Lexus IS 250



  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    People who whimper about gas prices shouldn't be buying any performance vehicle, including the G35.

    I'm getting low 20's in my G and I'm more than happy with that.
    Also, a lot of owners who I've spoke to who have hit the 3500 mile mark are now reporting mid 20's.
  • neil0311neil0311 Posts: 8
    wes_888, there is no IS that you can buy that costs $50K, and that includes the IS350. Most IS250's are running mid to high 30's OTD depending on model and options, and IS350s are high 30's to low 40's depending.

    I bought an IS250 AWD and shopped the G35x as well. The G35 is a very nice car and is a bit roomier, and I'm sure you'll be happy with it. The additional HP really isn't something I need, given I'm not in a rush to make it to the next traffic light 2 seconds faster. If I was, an IS350 would have gotten me there quicker than your G35 anyway.

    For me, the poorer gas mileage around town (and yes, when gas is $4/gallon it matters), somewhat funky looking rear end, and IMO cheaper looking interior in the Infiniti were enough to tip the balance for me to the Lexus. To say that the IS is a "Camry" shows that you're either unwilling to be honest or you never actually drove an IS. I have driven an 07 Camry and the IS is about as far from it as you can get. The ES350 is much more like the Camry if you must make that comparison.

    BTW, I've also driven a new 07 Altima SE 3.5 with leather and nav and you could save $10K and buy that because your G35 is essentially the same vehicle with nicer seats. See, that sounds silly too, huh?
  • wes_888wes_888 Posts: 38
    Yikes! I seem to have caused quite a disturbance with the Camry comment.. :surprise: lol

    In regards to a 50K IS, the reason why I say 50K is cuz I live in Canada, and thats what I'll end up paying after taxes :P

    and now the camry comment... haha.. now, I didnt mean that in the truest sense. I meant it in a way of.. in world of sport sedans, such as, comparing the G, the BMW, the IS, etc. I just didnt find the thrill of a "sport sedan" when I compare the IS to the BMW 3 series or the G35. It just didnt give me that... "feeling" or that sense of.. "wow, im driving an amazing car". It just didnt bring a grin to my face the way the G did or the 3 series did.

    I just didnt get the sporty edge from it.. hence, the whole camry comment. THat comment could be applied to any other family type cars.. like the accord and such. I mean, dont get me wrong. The IS is a WONDERFUL CAR. Its hot. It certainly looks great and it has lots to offer. But if we are saying.. in terms of.. how the car performs and feels in the world of sport sedans, I just dont see it comparing to the G or the 3.

    I find.. the G and 3 to be.. a sport sedan first, then lux thrown it after. Whereas with the Lexus IS, it feels more like, lux was the priority, and the sport was thrown in after.

    As a stand alone car... I think the IS is quite a stunning car. No doubt about it. I really really really considered buying one. NO offense to IS owners. Cuz I think, you have an AMAZING car. Its only when, I compare it to the G, that I find, it doesnt perform as nice as the G.

    Thats just my personal thoughts about the matter. THe whole camry comment was not suppose to be taken literally.. just a fancy way of getting my point across with more flavour ;)
  • wes_888wes_888 Posts: 38
    thats what my dad tells me all the time.. :S lol
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    As a stand alone car... I think the IS is quite a stunning car. No doubt about it. I really really really considered buying one. NO offense to IS owners. Cuz I think, you have an AMAZING car. Its only when, I compare it to the G, that I find, it doesn't perform as nice as the G.

    Don't really get this board the first place anyway. Why is the G35 being compared to the IS250? Wouldn't the IS350 be a better suited competitor?

    I test drove both the G35S, 335i last winter and own an IS350. Be honest, out of the 3, both the 335i and IS350 give me the thrill once I step on the gas but not the G. The G, however, felt more confident (as well as the 335i) going thru corners. For some reason, even though both G35 and IS350 are rated at 306HP, it just felt that the G is less "punchier".

    Overall, 335i is still the leader of the pack but that ugly interior is still very hard to be overlooked (at least for me that is). The interior of the G is a huge upgrade from the previous model but still inferior compare to others like 3er, IS and TL. For an enthusiast who doesn't want to pay 335i kind of money a G35S with manual tranny is probably the only way to go. For a guy who wants luxury and go fast on highways, nothing is better than an IS350.

    At the end, to each of his/her own. :)
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    The IS is an upscale Corolla
    The G35 is an upscale Altima.

    These are facts.
    But to say that a G is essentially the same vehicle as an Altima with nicer seats?
    That's like saying the IS is a Corolla with wood trim.
    It's completely absurd.

    I've seen the 07 Altima 3.5, my friend owns one.
    Yes, it's a nice car if that's what your budget allows.
    It is not, however, a G35 and it'll take more than a seat swap to get it there.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I also love the IS.
    I started considering the IS250 AWD back in very early 06.
    I was in the showroom with deposit in hand.
    The only thing that stopped me was the fact that they were playing games and didn't seem to want to supply me with the exact model I wanted, special order or not.
    I wanted the Mark Lev package and they couldn't deliver.
    I left upset and without my beloved IS, and ended up buying our "family vehicle" Acura MDX instead. (Same weekend)

    I sat and waited for my wallet to grow again and by the time I was ready to buy again, more options had arrived.
    I again wanted the IS but now wanted more performance in my vehicle. IS250 and performance don't really go together.
    The IS350 is great, but I really needed AWD and wanted a slightly larger backseat for my daughter's comfort.
    The TL never did anything for me and the G just showed up at just the right time.

    If it wasn't for the horrible service at my local Lexus dealership, I'd be driving one right now.
    I'm very happy with the way things turned out though. :)
  • cheerioboy26cheerioboy26 Posts: 412
    The G35 is certainly not an "upscale Altima." It's not even built off the same platform. I assume the same is true between the IS and Corolla.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    That's just the point.

    Lexus is the upscale Toyota, Infiniti is the upscale Nissan, Acura is an upscale Honda...etc.
    Take the Acura TL. It's an upscale Accord.
    90% of the parts are different, but it is still an upscale Accord.

    We're not talking about literal scalings of the same car, but if you follow the lineups, most luxury brand companies follow a similar lineup.
    They add luxury and in most cases, performance, to the lower end lineup.

    They are, by no means what-so-ever, the same cars... in any way.
    If they were, we wouldn't be willing to pay the extra buck for the luxury brand.
  • neil0311neil0311 Posts: 8
    Scottm123, of course the G and the Altima are different cars and the comment, if taken seriously, is absurd. That's why if you read my comments, which were made tongue-in-cheek and in reference to the Camry comaparison to the IS, I said:

    "BTW, I've also driven a new 07 Altima SE 3.5 with leather and nav and you could save $10K and buy that because your G35 is essentially the same vehicle with nicer seats. See, that sounds silly too, huh? "
  • newcarmannewcarman Posts: 55
    Good day.
    I have a service question for someone that hopefully can help me regarding my 07 G 35X.

    I was reading my owners manual and it says at 7500 mile service this is done oil change, rotate tires, check fluids check brakes etc etc.

    The first question is when you tell them you want the 7 500 mile service hopefully i would expect all this to be done?/

    Second question say if i dont want to bring the car to the dealer for the 7,500 mile service and want to bring it to my mechanic and i tell him to rotate and balance the tires first of all.
    I was reading the owners manual and it said that the Tire pressure warning lite will come on when you change the rim or put another tire on. Will this lite come on and stay on if i rotated and balanced the tires not done at the dealer??
    Does it have to be done at the dealer because of that lite?
    Also will the lite come on and stay on if i changed eventually all 4 tires or if i got a flat and had the nail taken out and re inflated??

    thank you.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    The maintenance on any car, not just the G, can be done by anyone, anywhere.
    It is not required to bring it back to the dealership, although that is just what they hope for.
    The dealership will make more $ in your maintenance visits than they did on your purchase.
    Most of the stuff in those suggested service intervals in nonsense anyway (cost) and can be done yourself.
    Don't be afraid to go elsewhere.... just get the suggested fluids and rotations done.

    As for tire sensors, they are registered to your car's computer.
    If you install new wheels with new sensors, the new sensors would need to be registered.
    Rotating tires is not a problem though.
    You can rotate your tires and no work to the sensors will be required.
    Since the sensors are installed in the wheel, and not in the tire itself... changing tires after a flat is also not a problem.... as long as the hack doing the work doesn't break the sensor while mounting the tire.
    The sensors are actually pretty delicate.
  • newcarmannewcarman Posts: 55
    Thank you kindly. So then i will take it to myu mechanic and not infiniti for the tire rotation. Im not changing the wheels and never will just hope that the sensor isnt broken.

    In addition what about the transmission fluid?? The manual said to use only nissan brand fluid for that but all other fluids you can use equivalent.

    One last thing what would you use for the power steering fluid?? Dextron 2 transmission fluid which the cap of the power steering fluid says or Power steering fluid which the manual says?? Somewhat vague.

    Thanks again
  • bread8bread8 Posts: 16
    G35 is rear wheel drive, Altima is front wheel drive. IS is rear wheel drive, Corolla is front wheel drive. This is a major difference and requires a different platform.

    G35(at least 2006) was made in Japan and imported into US. Altima is made in America. Size is similar, options are similar, but make no mistake...the cars are quite different. I had an Altima and it is nowhere near the car that my G35 6M is.

    A better analogy is the Accord and TL. Same platform. Camry and ES. Same platform.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    The 07 and 08 G is built in Japan as well.
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    I thought this thread was dead, and for good reason. The G performs much better than the IS250, the G has more room. The IS has better fit & finish but thats not to say the G has poor fit and finish, the fit & finish in the G is at par with most of the ELLPS. Given this, the better buy would be the G. I have the IS250 & within the coming year will be trading it in for the G or IS350.

    There is no reason why any man should drive a car worth +35k that is slower than an Accord or Honda Civic si for that matter.
  • There is no reason why any man should drive a car worth +35k that is slower than an Accord or Honda Civic si for that matter.

    ...thinking the same here. :mad:
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I guess it would depend on if "fast" was "any man's" only criterion! ;)
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,210
    the meat, it's the motion. (That, by the way, is a song title from a couple of decades ago, not a wish to cause trouble)

    Some people appreciate fine handling & put acceleration in the second tier of what they're looking for.

    Others clearly don't.
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    like i said, for 35k, you should have power, even if you do not need it. I learnt my lesson when I bought this car. The funny thing though, the car delivers in everything else but the power. I test drove the G and you can see what you are giving up in terms of fit & finish & overall quality. But there is no doubt, the G makes up for all that with the bigger engine. For someone who does not care about power (this was my view when I got the IS250), there is no doubt the Lex is the better buy.
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