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Infiniti G35 vs. Lexus IS 250



  • mshefmanmshefman Posts: 5
    Friends, I am in the market for an IS 250 AWD. Yesterday, I was given a quote of 15K miles, 36 months, $1349 due at signing and $474/month. Also, the dealer will pay the last 2 months of my current car, which amounts to $750. This is w/out Navigation. With Navigation, I was given the quote of 15K miles, 36 months, $1440 due at signing and $556/month. They will also pay the $750 for my current car. I have not begun to negotiate yet. Just curious if this is a good starting point and where I may expect to end up? The dealer told me this is the lowest price for this car that he has seen (although I have my doubts). Thanks for the help. MJS
  • jennmajennma Posts: 40
    Nice choice, I have the same colour. It's good to know there's some other 6MT owners around apart from myself. :)

    In the 7 months I've had mine (has it been that long?), noticed only 1 other "S" on the road and it was a G37. I survived the Winter in Chicago this year and it was a pretty bad one in terms of the amount of snow using Winter tires too.

    Today I'm switching back to the performance tires. :shades:
  • Found this blurb today online:

    Premium or Regular?
    Lower octane costs less, but should you use it? Most modern cars that call for premium fuel can run on regular gasoline without knocking or any long-term penalty. Technically, this makes the car less efficient, but not to a degree that negates the cost savings from the cheaper fuel grade. NOTE: This is true of cars for which premium is recommended, not required. If in doubt, look for terms such as "for best performance" and "recommended" as opposed to "only" or "required." If your car has a turbocharger or supercharger, you probably should stick with premium fuel. Of course, if your car calls for regular gasoline, there's no reason to run it on anything higher in octane.
  • armaniusarmanius Posts: 4
    I actually have seen a few G35S here in Houston. But it appears that most of them are automatic G35S, as opposed to the 6MT. If you go on the board, which is primarily composed of enthusiasts, you will find a lot of 6MT drivers there.
  • sweendogysweendogy Posts: 1,108
    g35s manuals are out there --i live in boston and see them-- also most dealers have one or 2 on the lot-- for the coupe its a different story up here - see manuals all the time.. I have a g35x and im waiting for an Manual AWD to come out == please infiniti -
  • robyn64robyn64 Posts: 1

    I'm looking for a 05, G35 coupe

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