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Saturn Vue Real World MPG



  • luvcars7luvcars7 Posts: 4
    Uga91 I am so glad you are amused that those of us who get the lower amt. of gas per mileage from our V 6 Vues, are upset, and "must not have done our research". Your amusement is offensive. Did "you" not read the posts that were talking about how "misrepresented" the figures are? Did you consider maybe that's a factor at our surprise at the "lower" mileage we ended up experiencing? And, yes I did LOTS of research and read LOTS of reviews. At that time, I did see any big negative reviews. I have always owned Toyotas (was that ignorant of me?) but this time, I wanted to have something different. It has alot of pluses, including passenger and driver side airbags, which are difficult to find, when you must choose a car that is less than $15,000. Or perhaps your amused, that many ppl can't afford cars more expensive than that. We all must be ignorant ppl. according to you. You are above us, please bear with us.
  • luvcars7luvcars7 Posts: 4
    I have a 2004 Vue, I start off from stop lights slowly, and don't go above 65 now.
    I still only get 20 mpg.
    Has any one used any gas treatment products or have any other ideas on how to get better gas mileage? I love the car, but like many, not happy with the mpg.Thanks for your ideas! :) Oh and P.S.if you are interested in buying gasoline at stations that buy theirs from American owned companies and NOT the middle's a few...Valero, Conoco/Phillips, Murphy USA (Walmart), Flying J (truckstop).
  • I had the 2003 v6 awd vue. Gas mileage was not that great.

    Prob 19 - 23 mpg maybe 60% freeway 40% city but it probably was less than that

    Got rid of it because I wasn't going to put any more money into repairing it, oh and now get about 32 mpg and using half the amount of fuel

    It wasn't uncommon to use a quarter tank of gas in one day, just driving to from work, and I don't drive aggressively.
  • luvcars7luvcars7 Posts: 4

    You said you get 32 mpg...what is the vehicle you drive? VW? Prisis? I would love to get a hybrid and "go green" but the price tag is still too high for my budget. When I was shopping for an SUV last Spring, professional reviewers...several of them gave the RAV4 a bad review, (I've always had Toyotas) and without spending alot more gas and time, the one dealership I found that had a used CRV Honda- was actually sold before I got there, they are so popular! I love my Vue, it's just the mpg. Oh, well at least it's supporting Americans since it's built in America. :)
  • I traded the vue in for a 2009 toyota matrix (1.8 Liter base model), a hatchback. I have had too many reliability problems with Saturns so they did not get me to look at the Astra or Aura that I could have purchased. I have owned two Saturns, and the long term reliability isn't there in my experience. Also the trade in / resale values are really low for Saturns.

    My 2003 vue was built in spring hill tennesee but they are now made in Mexico. (see wikipedia)

    A Ford Focus will get you similar gas mileage. There are several small cars that will get you 30-35 mpg (estimated freeway) if you need an "american" car. But if you need an suv then yes you won't get that kind of gas mileage.

    The Hondas are made in Ohio and Canada though.
  • gkonradgkonrad Posts: 2
    Hi I just read your blog and I am having the same problem.I just purchased a 2006 vue and was promise better gas milage .I am only getting 11mpg city.that stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I am so upset.I have change my air filter and still not any better.I was wondering if you have been able to fix your problem.?
  • deucedowndeucedown Posts: 4
    11 mpg would upset me too no end. How many miles on your 2006. Once I made sure my tires were inflated to 35 psi I improved my gas mileage...a little.

    I would take it back to dealer, it still is under waranty right?
  • gkonradgkonrad Posts: 2
    Thanks for the tip.I have 27000 miles on the car.I bought the car used from and indepenant dealer.bergeys.can I still take it back.It is not even a month old.

  • 2004 4-cyl fwd Manual 108k miles.

    Normal city driving around 20.5-21.5.

    I've been trying to shift with the dummy light - at barely 1.8-2k RPM. Seems crazy. Fairly slow starts :( And also staying around 45-55 on freeways and open roads. And lowering the temperate control so it's not dialed to far left. After the cab cools down, I usually have it about 10 o'clock.

    This has got my mileage up to 23.5.

    LONG freeway driving is great. I get some 30+ mpg, but that's just for the long constant speed drives, even at higher 65+ speeds! Once in the city, it goes back down very quickly.

    So obviously, it's not the air drag of the car, it's the way I drive in the city. I love driving stick, but somehow gotta learn to drive it leaner on the gas.

    About to change the spark plugs. The mileage hasn't declined over the life of it, so not expecting a boost with new plugs. I'm not sure about these Pulsar Spark Plugs, at $25 each. Heard a reliable car guy / mechanic have lots of very happy customers. Or might just do regular ones for $5 each. I've got to decide quick.

    Anyone been able to find a Haynes or Chilton manual for the 2004 and later Vues?
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    I'm always between 24 and 28 MPG on every tank - 2004 Vue, 4 cylinder, 5 speed manual trans.

    Don't bother with the Pulsar plugs, you won't notice the difference except for the lightness of your wallet.

    There are no Haynes or Chilton books for the Vue/Equinox/Torrent. You have to buy the factory service manual from can also find them on Ebay cheaper...
  • rube125rube125 Posts: 1
    I own a 2008 VUE with a V6. Car makers lie about the mpg you can expect. They have written many stories about that, so why the surprise attitudes. I am getting 18.333 After filling the tank and driving 200 miles I am 18.333 MPG. They claimed I can expect 22-24 MPG.
    In there defense at the change of the light I move quickly, I do not drive slow. On the freeway I mostly drive about 70 MPH. I have driven faster at times. But, its a real nice vehicle. I previously owned a 2002 Toyota RAV 4 which is not soft riding and no power when I need it. I paid about the same price cause the Japanese companies don't give bargains. They may now cause auto sales are down. I went to three Toyota Dealerships in Ventura county and felt I couldn,t wait to get out of there. The Saturn dealership made me feel comfortable and not pushy. I am not getting great mileage and but I would choose the VUE over the rav4 any day and I love ONSTAR.
  • At my last oil change, I happened to only get a chance to fill up 1/2 way, but still used a full bottle of STP. And my next fill up was from Shell, when I've been exclusively using Exxon.

    Somehow, I found a combination that did something and upped my mileage to around 25 mpg overall, up from the 22 I was able to get thru driving slower.

    I used the same oil (75k+ Castrol Synthetic) and oil filter (Fram). So pretty sure that's not it.

    But the only differences were using STP on a half tank, ~8 gallons instead of 16, and using Shell instead of Exxon.
  • Hi all:
    This is about mileage and shifting. I have an 08 Vue XE 4cyl FWD with about 5000 miles.
    I have been VERY disappointment in the mileage. The best I get around town is 18 -- the best highway 20. This seems to be WAY off from the sticker. Folks I know who have the old style pre-08 Vue seem to get a lot better mileage. I took it to the deal and of course they said that everything was OK. Is this what you all have experienced in terms of mileage?

    Shifting: Every little molehill or overpass I come to in the road causes my Vue to downshift. The engine revs very high. This is very annoying and it can't be good for mileage. Is this normal for the 4 cyl or should I have the dealer check it out?

    I guess I should have bought the 6 cyl engine.


  • susv2005susv2005 Posts: 2
    Hi everyone! We recently have been trying to improve the MPG in our 2005 Saturn Vue. We were averaging 16 MPG city and high 18s MPG highway. Because of cost in gas pricing, we started to add on after-market parts to the vehicle for more gas mileage. So far it's been successful. We added a K&N intake, which increased gas mileage in the realm of high 19s and just the other day, we added a performace chip and surveying how much more we're going to get from this. Any thoughts? Comments? Recommendations? :shades:
  • susv2005susv2005 Posts: 2
    Hey there, we've also have been using shell and it did make a big differance in the MPGs. shell gas has been the only gas that get the most MPGs out the car. but still is lookin to improve. :shades:
  • :( I bought the 4 Cyl looking to get at least 18mpg around town - In the first 600 miles it is averaging 12.6 MPG - What's the deal? Anyone have similar experience?
  • It's possible that in Austin, TX, they switched over to 10% ethanol around March/April. At the same time, and since, I've had a decline in mpg of about 15%.

    But I have also changed to a job that is only 2 miles away in Nov last year. So it's possible that in combination, such short trips are hurting the mileage, also.

    I'm having a hard time finding out concrete info about the ethanol in Austin.
    Could be the fuel your're using. Then again, the vehicle is supposed to average anywhere between 15-23 in the city and 21-31 on the highway according to the Malroney Label.
  • Just picked my Saturn VUE (07) last week. Love it so far; how do you like a V4. My husband wanted me to hold out for the 6, but I only work five minutes from my home and we don't go on alot of long trips, very, very few. Your gas mileage sounds great to me. What color is yours? I wasn't crazy about the light silver; but it was a good deal; overall.
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