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Ford 2001 Heavy Duty F-250



  • This is the rail service they use from the Kentucky plant.
  • s2480s2480 Posts: 5
  • Hello everyone: I am new at this message board thing, Please bare with me if i sound like someone just learning. I am debaiting about buying a new ford F250SD. I have heard good things about these trucks. I have always owned a 4x4 truck, mostly chev. I really like the way the ford looks. But looking at this board in the last few weeks i find a few problems with these trucks. Things about the front roters and somthing about the antifreeze creating pitting.
  • Can anyone help me out on this info. And does the diesel really take more maintenance to keep up.
    Please help me decide on this truck or do I stay with the chev with the duramax diesel.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    All diesels require more maintainence than gassers, regardless if its the powerstroke or duramax. The antifreeze thing is only an issue if you do not check the level/concentration often enough. The duramax may be a good engine but really has not been tested in the real pickup truck world. For that matter, the entire HD series truck by GM is new and unproven. I would look and see how well they did in '99 when they released the new silverado. It may give an indication as to how well the HD series will do quality wise.
  • Just got my 2001 F-250SD SC4x4 SB yesterday with the PSD, 6sp! I absolutely love it so far. Ordered on 12-06-00. Personally, I would go with the PSD over the Duramax, because it's a proven engine. Also the Duramax has aluminum heads, which made me nervous. This is my first diesel, and I plan to do frequent oil changes, etc, but I figure it's an investment that will last a long time
  • leea3leea3 Posts: 1
    I own a 2001 F250 SD V10 4WD, would synthetic oil improve my gas mileage any? Does anybody recommend synthetic?
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    Any diesel motor costs more in general maintainence. If you check the antifreeze concentration every 5k miles or so, that would prevent the possibility of cavitation.. As to the front rotors warping, I've heard of cases with the early 99's having some problems but that was corrected by the 99.5 models.. The other rotor problems I've heard of have been mostly attributed to overtorquing the wheels.

    leea3: synthetic and mpgs. I switched to quality synthetic (Amsoil) about 7k miles ago.. I have not seen any measurable increase in mpg's.. I'm getting ready to send in a sample for oil analysis to make sure that Amsoil is living up to its claims.. I'll reserve making any recommendation until then..
    On my 89' Ranger, I just ran plain old Texaco Havoline and changed it every 3k miles.. That engine has 200k miles on it and still runs great and doesn't burn any oil at all.

    So if your plan is to always change your oil at every 3k miles, then just stick to the normal stuff.
    I'm pretty convinced that Amsoil can provide equal or better protection and support longer drain intervals. So I'm choosing to try that route.. I change the filter every 3k miles, and plan to change the oil every 15k miles (1 year). The oil is avertised to support drain intervals of 25k, so I feel I'm still on the conservative side..

    If the synthetic doesn't support extended drain intervals, then in my opinion your just wasting money.
  • I just got my 01 7.3 4x4 lb auto and I love it. Plan on pulling 33' 5th. wheeler any experience with exhaust brakes or added tranny cooling for the hauls out west? Any help would be appreciated.
  • you may be interested in checking out this discussion: Petroleum or Synthetic for my pickup truck?


    Hope this is helpful. ;-)



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  • The 2001 F-150, F-250 / 350 Ranger E - Series Ford model book, page 44 has the following text referring to a long overhead console for the F250 Super Duty.

    "3. Handy overhead console includes a compass, garage door opener, exterior temperature readout and a place for your shades, standard on Lariet."

    I have a Supercab Lariet with a small "overhead console: trip computer (compass, distance-to-empty, outside temperature), general storage bin". as listed on page 47.

    What do others F250 owners have in your Supercab or regular cab?
  • I was lucky to receive an '01 F250 SC SD HD XLT 5.4L 4x4 SB as a company vehicle. I could do a lot worse. But the lease company ordered the optional:
    "Heavy-Service Suspension Package
    NOTE: Recommended only on vehicles which will permanently utilize aftermarket equipment such as heavy-duty winches, brush guards or other apparatus which loads the front axle to the specified gross axle weight rating (GAWR), heavy-service front springs."
    My truck will have none of these recommended items. Rough ride! What can I do to tame this beast? Must I get kidney belts, like moto-cross riders wear?! I love the truck, but...! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    Other folks here have switched to bielstien (spelling) shocks and they claimed it made the truck ride much nicer.. This might be something to try..
  • lazejlazej Posts: 8
    Have an 01 with the General tires(LT 235 85R 16) and no problems so far. Only 4600 miles.
    The fuel milage so far has been 17.0-17.8 mixed freeway/highway. Can't belive I can go 500+ miles on a tank of fuel. My 460 wouldn't pass a gas station.
    Only rumor I heard was the Cummins will be avilible for 02.
    Anybody wants to check out the TSB's there is a site at that has recalls and lists all the TSB's.
    Love this truck
  • Thanks for the response. Do you recall if the Bilstiens (spelling) were directly in response to the Heavy Suspension Option having been ordered, or due to other issues? Are there any other ride taming options that you (or anyone else out there) have heard of? Thanks...
  • Feb 3 bought an F-250 SD Crew Lariat with 7.3 Powerstroke & 172" wb. I was told it could take up to 12 weeks to come in. Anyone know more realistic delivery time?
  • My F250 4x4 SC SD HD XLT 5.4L came with basic General tires. In snowy conditions, the effectiveness in 4WD is terrible! I don't mean to sound sacreligious, but both my Explorer and my Blazer are much better on snow. They'd both leave it in the dust. I love my F250, but it can darn near get stuck in a flat parking lot and 1" of snow. Not that it matters, but I have manual locking hubs and manual transfer. Yes, the hubs are locked. ;) I do not have any weight in the back, but I'm not exaggerating, it darn near gets stuck on a flatlot.

    Any ideas? Could the tires be that poor in tread design? The truck only had 5 hundred miles on it. It doesn't even seem to be pulling from the front tires. Anyway, help?

  • I was just checking out the Edmunds "New Car" section for pricing on a 2001 F250 SC V10. It had been my understanding that the only axle ratios available were a 3.73 or a 4.30 but it looks to me like there is now a 4.10 also available. Does anyone know if this is correct and if it's a recent change?
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    To the best of my knowledge the 4.10 is not available withe the v-10, only the diesel and the 5.4.
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    For an F250:
    Limited-Slip with 4.10 Axle Ratio
    NOT AVAILABLE with 99F, 99S, 446, 449, X31, X32, XC1, XC3.
    4.10 Axle Ratio
    NOT AVAILABLE with 99S, 99F, 446, 449, XC1, XC2, XC3.

    99F and 99S are the V10 and PSD engines..

    If you go to an F350, (w DRW) I think you can get a 4.10 with PSD.. but still not the V10.

    I hope this helps
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