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Ford 2001 Heavy Duty F-250



  • skihoserskihoser Posts: 12
    Thanks for the great exchange and information/opinion by bess and bemis on ratings. It was a good exchange and I learned a lot from all the inputs. I agree that it would be great to know all this ahead of buying time, but the one ingredient that is missing is how much your particular truck weighs. And, until you order it, get it, personalize it, and finally weigh it, this is the unknown item.

    Having said that, when I ordered our 01' F250, PSD, SC, 4X4, 141.8, auto, etc. my dealer said it would weigh about 6500 lbs fuel full. I had to rely on their truthfulness and knowledge to know if I needed the 250 or 350. What else can one do? Regardless, we tow a 32' 5th wheel with a hitch weight of about 2000lbs, a dry weight of 9900, and a GVWR of 13,000. These weights are within the max payload rating (3135) and max loaded trailer weight (13,200) of the 250, barely, and unless the truck weighs more then the dealer said, or I put a lot of "stuff" in the truck and trailer, I should be OK. I am sure there is a fudge factor in all this of at least 10 percent and as long as the tires and axle ratings add up to much more then the 8800 lbs GVWR it should be OK. Like bess said, my "E" rated 265's are at 3415 @ 80 psi and the axles are rear-6084 @ 70 psi, and front 4400 @ 55 psi. Since it seems the single limiting factor is the spring rating of 8800, I am not worried. Happy towing to all.
  • I was looking for a truck to tow both a two-horse trailer or a one car trailer. The local dealer steered me to the F250 over the F150. As has been stated, the F150 is being sold as a light duty. and it does have a softer ride - I preferred the ride of the F250. The 150 felt too carlike - the F250 felt like...a truck! He also said the F250 would be far more durable and would should last far longer. The clincher was when the F150 was priced out, it was only about $1k cheaper than the F150.

    I've had it now for about a month (got it in six weeks! The dealer said it would be eight) and could not be happier.
  • barry401barry401 Posts: 5
    I ordered a 01' F-250 Lariat CC LWB PSD on Feb 3. The factory claims it was shipped March 3 with an ETA to the dealer of March 28. Presently, it has not arrived & the dealer does not know where it is. They say they tried contacting Ford with no results. It will be 12 weeks in 3 days. Aren't these vehicles trackable? Perhaps Ford could learn a thing or two from Fed-X. I need to be assured that it will be delivered.
  • rividichrividich Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info and glad to hear that your happy with your F-250. What kind of gas mileage do you get when you're not pulling your Prowler? I'm more curious than anything else because I'm definitely getting the V-10. Since it's pretty close to the end of the model year, I'll be ordering my rig as soon as the dealer will take orders for the 2002 model.
  • rividichrividich Posts: 4
    Anyone have anything good or bad to say about spray-on liners like Line-X or Rhino liners? How about roll top covers like Roll-N-Lock or the one that Pace-Edwards makes? I like the fiberglass covers but it seems like they'd be a pain in the neck if you had to haul something tall.
  • I am waiting to see the new 250 SD '02s to replace the 1990 150 with 322000 miles. While waiting, I wonder what use the reverse sensing system would be, or is it an expensive toy that I don't need. Just dreaming.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    Nice way of preventing you from backing into things, and it's a handy parking aid.
  • frankno1frankno1 Posts: 68
    Waynew2, I also own a 1997 Jayco 25ft with a front slide out. Last summer I pulled it thru Colorado and New Mexico mountains with a Toyota Tundra V8 1/2 truck. It had all the towing package and transmission coolers etc. etc. I now own a Ford F250 SD V10. The half ton body and frame was to light. The engine did well on the flatlands but in the hills it was a nightmare, there was times when I really sweated out getting over some of the passes. The GWVR of the trailer is 7300#'s and was too much for a 1/2 ton, anybodys half ton. I would recommend a 3/4 ton Ford minimum. Hope this helps.
  • ottografottograf Posts: 3
    Was trying to decide between 150 and 250---don't do any real hauling but just wanted a truck that looks the part---the 150 just doesn't look like a real truck like my old 87 Chevy Silverado---Really want the V10 of the 250---when are the 2002 Super Duty 250s coming out---would really like to order the next model if not too long from now---thanks for the help!
  • ottografottograf Posts: 3
    Not sure from the way it was posted whether you got the idea---does anybody have a date for the new 2002 Super Duty trucks and any info on changes or addition of options from the ones offered in 2001? thanks!
  • 187ms187ms Posts: 4
    I've decided on everything else, but I'm still debating on the engine size. Does anyone have any recommendations with regard to this?

    I'm inclinded to stick with the stock 5.4L V8, but I've read that the only difference between it and its larger V10 brother is maybe 1-2 MPG and that it's actually better to get the V10 simply because this is a whole lot of truck.

    I'd sure appreciate any advice.


  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Posts: 262
    I saw a site last week that had the changes for the 2002, I'll see if I can find it and post it, but from what I remember, the design of the headlights are changing, a power seat for the passenger, a new security package. I have a Y2k CC with a 5.4 with 4.1LS it does what I ask of it in pulling but I may go to a 2002 V10 or go into Dodge's new crew cab, haven't decided, but one thing for sure I'll not buy from my last ford dealer.........
  • 187ms187ms Posts: 4
    You might check out if you're unhappy with the local dealer experience (I know I am). You can build your own rig and they simply take $600 over invoice as their cut which, I suppose, is reasonable. A hell of a lot better than trying to haggle with sales guys trying to get it down that low.


    edmunds @

    PS: Thanks for the engine info
  • ottografottograf Posts: 3
    I order any GM/Ford/Dodge I want from a dealer in South Georgia at $300 over invoice and never give them any $$$ until I see the vehicle and tell them I want it---fact is the last vehicle I ordered he gave me the keys and thanked me before I reminded him that he needed to be paid---great experience---have done business with them for 14 years---they work by salary and not commission---I am sure you should be able to find such a dealer where you live---I would ask around

    PS---If anyone can tell me where to find the new options/changes on the Ford Super Duty F250 for the year 2002 please email me if possible---thanks! Tom at
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    Engine choice should really be based on what you want to do with the truck..
    Although the SuperDuty is 'alot of truck', in some configurations the SuperDuty weighs about as much as an Expedition SUV which runs just find with the 5.4L.

    More opinions of mine:
    - if your towing needs are light (by superduty standards)
    - if your towing needs are infrequent
    - works really well with the 5sp manual. (and I hear a 6sp tranny will be available in 2002).
    (I'm not a fan of automatic trannys anyway. The 4r100 seems to take up more of the 5.4L power, causing it to shift more often than I prefered).
    - 4.10 ratio is a preference of mine. mileage is excellent (better than an Expedition), power is excellent.. (Think of an F150 with the 4.6L).
    - is not 'underpowered' as some folks might claim.

    - need to tow heavy
    - need to tow often
    - works well with 5sp and auto tranny..
    - 3.73 works for most folks, unless you really need extra towing capacity or you plan to install larger aftermarket tires)
    - is an awsome engine with more power than the 5.4L (duh), but at a price of 2 mpg's city and 1mpg highway (best case)

    Again, the above is just my opinion..

    00 F250 xlt SC 4x2 5.4L 5sp 4.10LS overall mpg for life of the truck 15.5
  • 187ms187ms Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info. And please forgive my ignorance in the subject, but in this realm, I am a complete newbie.

    What's the difference between the 4.10 and the 3.73 axle ratios? And what benefit, if any, does the limited slip axle provide?

    Thanks again for all your help.


    edmunds @
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    Good honest questions.. no problem..

    3.73= for every 3.73 revolutions of the driveshaft, the tires go 1.

    so, when you go to a higher rear diff ratio (numerically) the engine will be at a higher RPM for a given speed, than a lower ratio..
    Rpm at 65mph: (stock tires)
    3.73 = 1900 rpms
    4.10 = 2100 rpms

    The higher ratios (numerically) give more of a 'punch' and increase towing capacity, but if you run too high of a ratio it can use more fuel and affect mpg..

    The lower ratios can increase mpg's (if you do alot of highway driving), but if your towing or doing alot of city driving, the tranny may have to shift down a little more often if the rpm's drop too low.. (thus negating any mpg advantage in the city or while towing).

    Limited slip: (this is an oversimplified description):
    With a normal diff (open diff), basically only as much torque is applied to the ground as the wheel with the least resistance will support.. Ok, in english, only one rear wheel spins, the one thats on the slipperier surface).

    With the limited slip diff, even the wheel that on the more solid surface gets some extra torque. It doesn't get as much as if the diff was fully locked up (like if it was a solid axle), but more than an open diff.

    So, if one wheel is in mud, and the other on dry pavement: with the open-diff, your stuck.
    With the limited slip diff, you might get out..

    To summarize my rambling:
    4x2 without LS = 1 wheel drive
    4x2 with LS = 2 wheel drive (both rears)
    4x4 without LS = 2 wheel drive (1 front, 1 rear)
    4x4 with LS = 3 wheel drive (1 front, both rears)

    I hope this helps
  • 187ms187ms Posts: 4
    Thanks again for all of your assistance with this decision making process. You've been a great help and I really appreciate it.


  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493

       Here's a link for the changes to Superduties for 2002.

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