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Ford 2001 Heavy Duty F-250



  • mcgrathmcgrath Posts: 11
    I own an early 2000 F-250SD Crew Cab and got stuck with the non-telescoping power trailer tow mirrors(probably because Ford needed to get rid off all the '99 mirrors). I recently crunched my drivers side mirror and the only replacement Ford has is the telescoping. I am having a heck of a time getting a mirror ordered from my local Ford dealer. I am wondering if anyone out there has either a drivers side non-telescoping mirror or a set of telescoping mirrors for sale....


  • 2001 F 250 v8 4x4,auto.4.10 -14 70 I never tow over 3500lbs. and live in wi. if I had it to due over again I would get 3.73 gears.
  • jay107jay107 Posts: 9
    I have noticed that on some 350 and 250 SD's that the front sits almost level with the back and on others the front sits aboput 2-3 inches lower. Is this a suspension upgrade you can order or are the trucks that sit level using an aftermarket front leveling kit. I have ordered my 350 SD SC SWB v10 with the snow plow prep package that includes the highest front springs. Will my truck sag in the front or will it be level. If it does sag which method or wich leveling kit is most complete? Any info will be appreciated, thanks.
  • jay107jay107 Posts: 9
    I was also wondering what are the largest tires I can put on my stock rims. I believe they are 16x7, they are the stock wheels that come on 2002 350 SD Lariat models SRW. I will have the 4.30 ratio. If I put on 285/75-16 will I need to adjust the speedometer or transmision shift points. Will the bigger tire size noticably affect acceleration or will the v10 with 4.30 ratio still pull haqrd?, Thanks
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    I'm running 285's on my 2WD and they're fine. Haven't adjusted anything. I'm assuming you have a 4WD.

    I think I'm getting old because in the past I would have bought the $1500 Fab Tech pre-runner suspension,(extended radius arms, shock hoops etc.) wheels and some 37's and pretended it was a Baja runner. The truck is just too big to hammer off road so I've left it stock with the front end a little lower than the back. The 285's do look better though(black side out)

    The 4WD's in stock form do sit a$$ up also but I don't think I've seen one with the snow plow package. Maybe the stiffer front springs level it out??? I also know the first Super duties were so high in back the dealers would put lowering blocks in the back for free. I think this was to appease the 5th wheel crowd.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    If you happen to get the PSD the additional weight tends to drag the front end down even more. Some of the PSD guys put Xtra HD springs in the front to help balance out the weight better.
  • bobh12bobh12 Posts: 140
    The VIN will tell you some info, such as if I remember correctly where built, engine, etc, but you need a "codebook" to figure it out. A couple of years ago1999-2000 when this thead was very active, some one posted all of the conversions, but by now it is probably archived away, still wmight bea ble ot do a searcha nd find it though. Someone like "bess", who was around at that time may be able to help.
  • Hope it helps,the VIN contains 17 numbers (sample below is from a Hummer)


    Deciphering the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):
    Digit Definition Code Definition
    X 6.2 LITER DIESEL - GM - 8CYL
    E 3 SPEED, AUTO/LHD - GM - 3L80
    83 HMC4 - TRUCK-4 DOOR
    89 XLC2 - TRUCK-2 DOOR CAB
    8 G.V.W.R. 3 10,001-14,000 POUNDS
    10 MODEL YEAR N 1992
    P 1993
    R 1994
    S 1995
    T 1996
    V 1997
    W 1998
    12-17 SERIAL NUMBER - -
  • bobh12bobh12 Posts: 140
    The thread I was refering to is "Ford Super Duty Trucks", now part IX. Should be in late 99 or early 00. Good luck
  • Gentlemen: Thanks for the response. I appreciate all the information I am able to get from this site. I check weekly for topics and useful information insight.

    I'll let you know what I think of my 2002 F-250 Super Duty 4x4 with V-10 once it is delivered and I have a chance to put a few miles on her.

    This will be my first owned Ford. My last vehicle was a GMC Suburban 1500.
  • Decided to check back with this forum after being away for about 1-year. The ford-diesel site has a section dedicated to "gassers", where I have been lurking. To re-introduce myself to the new crowd, I have a 2000 F250 XLT 4x4 V-10 Auto 3:73..all options EXCEPT the electronic shift on the fly(esof). Mods I have added are Jet Performance Chip, Borla Cat-back Exhaust, K & N filter, RHINO liner. I have also added a sonnax shift valve and tri-cummulator springs to the transmission. I only have about 15,000 miles on the truck and have had few problems. Replaced 1-steering stabilizer, 1-power steering pump due to leaks. Recently had the IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE replaced. For you gassers out there, especially the V-10's, if you truck exhibits vapor lock symptons on hot days, or stumbles in reverse backing, this is most likely the problem. Mileage in town averages 9-10 with heavy foot, short trips. Mileage on road 13-15 if speed kept under 75-mph.
    For JAY107, one of the reasons that some trucks sit more level than others is the snow plow package. The snow plow package gives you the highest rated springs(called "X") 6000#'s, and brings the front end up about 1-2". I believe there was a TSB for some of the earlier trucks because of spring sag. Several guys over in the other forum just ordered the "X" springs and had the dealers install them. I have them on mine and have NO problems with the ride. I even keep my tires up around 70-psi and still rides better than wifes car. Now as far as tires on the stock rims, the 265's are about as big as you can go "by the book". I believe the 285's take a .5 size bigger. Many guys over in the other chat room have done it, while others have run into problems with the tire dealers not wanting the liability.
    As far as the auto hub locking feature, there a couple of reasons I decided against it. First, as mentioned before, there were still bugs with them when I ordered my truck 2-years ago. Second, if backing a heavy load/trailer, you can take advantage of the lower gearing without engaging the front end. This can really save the automatic tranny from burning up. However, if you do suspect your tranny is getting hot, there is a TSB for some late 99 early 2000 trucks for extra tranny cooling. The TSB adds a water cooler in addition to the air cooler that is already there. I have had it done and noticed a change in every day in-town driving temperatures. Congrats to all those with new trucks, I already have my next one specked if I can only convince the wife.......
  • Hey everyone... My dad has a 2001 Platinum Edition with the limited slip 3.73 rear and the 7.3 diesel engine.. It's a very sweet truck!!!! Anyhow, what I am wondering, is there any way to find out which number truck this is.. I think they only made so many of this edition truck to commerate the 1 millionth super duty to roll off the lot.. Can anyone tell me any info of this truck?? It is greatly appreciated.. :)

    PS: I have a dicsussion on the 2001 Platinum truck started so you can have a look.. :)
  • Thanks for your valuable info., I found it very interesting about the snow plow package as I will have that on my 2002 F350 that I still have about 5 weeks to wait for. I saw a 2002 on the lot the other day and I saw the new reflector headlights and they do look good. My truck was ordered a Lariat supercab, short bed, V10, auto., 4.30 ls, snow plow prep, and I did get the ESOF, because after my last couple of trucks being Ram 2500's with shift on the fly, I was spoiled as to not having to get out in the snow to engage hubs.
  • bobh12bobh12 Posts: 140
    Gossamer, welcome back, I remember when you were a regular on the Super Duty site. I was lurking around then, didn't have one had an F-150 on order, but used to watch the Super Duty thread for good info and humor, remember "Crazy Elvis" and some of the others?

    As for the Platinum Edition I don't believe it is limited production such as the Lightning, it is an option package that was available on 01s and is still available on the 02s, so I don't think it has specific production numbers, such as 332 of 5000.
  • ...Glad I can share some of the knowledge gained from this site and others, in addition to owning the truck for about 2-years. Has anyone heard from Crazyelvis??? Does he check in from time to time?? If I remember correctly he was down in florida. Yeah, our discussions got pretty comical at times......

    As far as the platinum edition, it is like the "LE" version of the dually. Alot of it depends on the dealer knowledge for these special option groups because most of the time they are not in the regular brochures....then again, I have not yet seen the 2002 brochures to see if the Platinum option is mentioned. I have seen one from a distance, and they had some pictures posted over in the diesel site....looks SHARP!!!

    If any of you are in the Illinois area, I do have a good dealership and salesman that will help make those dreams come true. They are right in the middle of farm country, so they have a high allotment for truck ordering. What is the average time you guys are waiting now?? 2-years ago, it was 8-weeks to the day that I got mine into the garage.

    Speaking of picking up new truck...for those of you doing this....check over the paint VERY carefully for little specks of what looks like dirt. It is actually what is known as rail-dust. There is a dealer TSB on this, but maybe they are protecting the trucks better now than they did in the past. See attatched thread, scroll down to the Z-18 clay bar and happy reading.

     I have been using these products for almost a year now and this stuff ROCKS!!! I thought that I kept a clean truck...but after using the clay bar, I was almost embarrassed. If others have questions, please don't hesitate to ask....
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    Good to see you back.. I've been here the whole time.. I haven't seen elvis in a looong time..

    My SD is as great as ever.. 00 F250 xlt SC 4x2 5.4L 5sp 4.10LS, around 29k miles.

    Which of the Zaino products do you use? just the clay bar, or do you use the Z-02 as well?
  • I just recieved my VIN from my dealer and he said that I could have my truck any day now. I was originally told about 8 weeks wait time, but he ordered my truck on 8-16-01 along with another guys truck and the other truck was delivered yesterday. Does anybody know what the normal wait period is after recieving a VIN? Thanks
  • Bess....glad to see you are still you have like double the mileage I do!! I guess the 1.5 mile drive to work makes a difference!! As far as the Zaino stuff, I used Ajax to strip off the old wax. Then I used the clay bar lubricated with the Zaino car wash solution to go over the whole truck. Then I applied the polish lok, and have now about 5-coats of Z-2 on the truck and maybe one coat of Z-5. I also use the gloss enhancer spray about once per week between coats to keep things looking good. Have you used the products yet?? If not, GET IT!! A little pricey at first, but after you see the results it is well worth it. I am due for another coat this weekend, trying to get a good build up before winter hits. Although the heated garage in the winter time does make it a bit easier to do touch up coats of wax.
    Have you had any issues with your truck?? A friend of mine has a Y2K crew cab 4x4 dually diesel with about 30K and has had zero problems thus far. The only complaint he has is that his front tires are wearing a bit funny, but most of those miles is yanking around a gooseneck horse trailer......
    catch ya later....
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    I'll look into the Zaino stuff. Do auto stores carry it? It would be nice if they had a real online order system.. Ya'll make me smile with the mods you do.. My truck is about as stock as they come. The only mods are: Ford Lighted logos in the grille and tailgate and a penda bedmat.
    I've not had it in for any warranty work and the only minor complaints:
    -I sortof wish it sounded better.. The engine still has a air whooshy sound on acceleration, but I'm too cheap to get headers or exhaust mods.
    -On 90 degree+ days where the truck sits out in the sun all day, I will get some cab 'pops'. This is the cab mounting bolts issue that others have had TSB work done on.. It's not frequent enough for me to do anything about..
    - Thinking about aftermarket shocks.. Running with no load on washboard dirt roads does make the rear end a bit lively..I've heard others claim amazing results with Rancho's and Bielstiens.

    Overall my 'likes' far far far outweigh the minor issues I listed above..
    - plenty of room for bikes, gear, kids, wife.
    - Its a great looking truck.
    - I love the power (5.4L 5sp 4.10LS). It really is easy to drive..
    - my AVERAGE mpg is 16.0. And does even better when I'm on the highway..
    - Tires are still in excellent shape, (rotating them every 10k miles)..
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    Zaino bros products are only available direct, either by phone or internet. It is not avilable in retail stores.
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