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Honda Civic Hybrid Transmission Problems



  • bobguynnbobguynn Posts: 11
    If money's no it in on a new Prius would also work!
  • wds13196wds13196 Posts: 8
    I'll offer up my reasoning. I believe Honda dropped the recommend change interval from 30k to 20k. I think it shoud be even lower due to the fact there is only 4-5 quarts , can't remember exactly, in the transmission. Similar to wants in the crankcase and just as thin. These issues are not limited to the hybrid but the GX, HX and Insight as well. Any with the early cvt.
  • Did anyone ever fix this issue permanently? Did anyone have any luck with Honda or with the dealership? Did anyone ever find out about a Lawsuit against Honda for this shudder/ judder issue?
  • we dont know about the shudder/judder problem but we do know the cure for a failed honda civic hybrid cvt....the "cure" is to replace the flywheel...we replaced it twice...the original we had from new with 182,000 miles on it...the second one we installed last september (2011) and that lasted about 7,000 miles....the third one we put in this july (2012) and the car worked...BUT we forgot a part when putting back the cvt which caused a fluid leak, so the car doesnt work now because of driving w/out fliud....thats besides the point, though...all im saying is that the flywheel Might be related to the shuddering problem...btw you can check out my youtube channel "mb013962" for videos about our 2004 hch's cvt problems
  • The flywheel has nothing to do with the shuddering problem. The problem with the flywheels is that the splines strip in them, causing a no-drive, no-reverse situation. The 1st generation HCH had a 4 disk start clutch, they had a bad shudder problem. The 2nd gen HCH start clutch was re-designed with 5 clutches. The rest of the transmission went essentially unchanged with only minor valve body recalibrations. The shudder problem disappeared. Also haven't heard of any flywheel stripping problems. Other problems have shown up such as the input shaft bearing on the drive pulley in the intermediate plate going bad.
  • meg51meg51 Posts: 1
    Hi all--I know this is an old thread, and I've read all 48 pages of it and learned a lot, but was hoping I could still post here for some advice as I'm still not sure which way to go:

    2004 HCH, 160K miles. Drove it a *lot* the first couple years so I first experienced judder back in ~2006/2007; dealer confirmed they were seeing a lot of cars coming in with this issue but they didn't know what to do other than flush the trans. By the time Honda extended the warranty, I was past the 100K mile mark. A couple more flushes have kept the judder (which was always worst starting from a stop) at bay but in the last few months I've experienced a whine, especially when accelerating. In the last several weeks there's been a helicopter noise under the hood, as someone else described. Took it in and they say I need a new CVT for $4100, which mysteriously dropped to $3900 after I expressed doubts about wanting to do it. Dealer says this would be the last major repair I'd need to make on the car since I already replaced the battery pack in early '11. I was surprised to hear him try to talk me into the repair as opposed to trying to sell me a new car. Any thoughts on why?--is it indeed because they make more on repairing the quality defects Honda manufactures, or would you all in this position go for the repair? After reading posts on here I'm inclined to tell the dealer that I don't trust that their rebuilt transmission will last another 150K miles. On the other hand, this car is paid for, so I'd really prefer not to be stuck with car payments again and I'm the type of person who drives my cars til they can't go another foot. Any thoughts on which way to go? Any point in contacting the national number? Thanks!
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    Don't bother. I maintained my motor and trans on my '03 HCH immaculately to no avail because of the Big battery and cat converter/O2 sensor issues & problems. I am dumping this lemon since Honda Corporate will not respond to my inquiries regarding these problems. Honda is not a good company and allows its dealerships to abuse customers by leveraging design/engineering flaws into big money. I've had enough. :lemon:
  • wds13196wds13196 Posts: 8
    edited October 2012
    :lemon: Glad to here you got some miles out of it. Mine started having major issues around 50K. I would sell it, that's what I did with mine. Even with a new tranny you will be replacing it again in 30,000-50,000 miles because they still sell you the flawed design. Major issues on these models with CVT or Hybrid, the cats, the IMA battery and the tranny. If you wanted to fix the tranny, I would have the valve body inspected and fixed and then the starter clutch and decrease the drain/fill interval on the tranny to every time you change the oil. :lemon:
  • koctailzkoctailz Posts: 65
    edited November 2012
    I have an 07 and this is the only BIG problem I have not run into YET. Maybe in my model year some of the issues with the CVT have been solved. I am at 89K miles and no issues. Of course I am on my 2nd IMA battery and had the rear control arms replaced due to the cupping issue on rear tires. I will say that these repairs that total about $4500 cost me $0 due to warranty and fighting with Honda America. Now my A/C is working intermittently for the past few months, more off than on. Im about done with this car. Has everyone seen that the class action is open now and we have 6 months to get our claim forms in. we basically get $200, warranty extension of 1 year/12k miles and up to $1500 off of a new Honda if we sell our Hybrid and trade it in.
  • I have a 2005 Honda Civic..the car just began to slip from time to time After warmed has 088514 miles. Mechanic said I need a new Transmission. I have not been notified by the dealer on the recall YET I have received a letter from Honda with a note saying they wanted to buy as many of the 2004 & 2005 Hondas--including mine--why? I s there a recall on the year of 2005. IF SO What is the number to call? Thanks
  • Got the bad news from the dealership today. The damage is $4,700 for
    the transmission and $800 for labor. I had no idea that this was an issue
    until I found this forum using Google. My car makes a grinding sound at
    lower speeds and when starting and stopping and a high-pitched whine
    when I hit 60-70+. This does not happen every time, but enough that I
    knew something was wrong. The $4,800 is for a refurbished part that
    offers a 3YR/36K warranty. I don't have $5,500 laying around the house.
    So am I screwed? Ideas? Thanks to everyone that has contributed on
    this thread.
  • Here's a breakdown of the costs provided by the dealership.
    Does this look right? Any alternative ideas? This is going to hurt.


    $2,100 CVT (used w/ 90-day warranty)
    $550 flywheel dampener (new)
    $880 labor

    Total = $3,690


    $4,120 CVT (refurbished w/ 3YR/36K warranty)
    $550 flywheel dampener (new)
    $880 labor

    Total = $5,550
  • Sorry for the multiple posts, but I neglected to mention this is a 2006 Civic Hybrid.
  • wds13196wds13196 Posts: 8
    edited November 2012
    The rule is no more than half what it is worth. 7 years old and a repair that either way is a patch at best, the trannies are flawed. It's not worth it, sell it as is and get away from the civic hybrid. You'll be due for a new IMA battery, 2k-3k very soon as well, and cats can't be too far around the bend.
  • You can check out my little web page to see inside this transmission. Can you describe the problem you are having in more detail?
  • Finally gave up on our '03 Honda Civic Hybrid. It never gave us trouble (183k miles) until about two months ago when transmission went. Decided to replace with rebuilt one, didn't work. Should have given up then but wasn't ready for committing to buying a new car. Went with new transmission and spent way too much money. Ran great after that, but then the hybrid battery went. Replaced that because Honda was running a "special", then the front left axle broke. Fixed that, then the radiator went this week. Should have given up on it long ago. Looks like the radiator might have ruined brand new transmission. Trying to get it flushed and running enough to use but done putting money into it. Might have to junk it. It didn't save us money in the long run when I figured the gas savings. If I were you I would just call it a loss and not risk going down the slippery slope we took.
  • Oh, I feel your pain. I've put SOOOO much money into this lemon. Almost exact thing happened to me as happened to you, but I'm at the stage where the IMF battery needs replacing and don't have a thousand bucks, much less three thousand. I'm keeping it in my carport in hopes that some day a lawyer comes across and beats the crap out of these thieves one day, but I'm not holding my breath. I have a 2003 as well, and that was the first year they introduced the hybrid. They rushed it, they didn 't have the technology down, and they won't admit they made a car that is complete rubbish. I'm holding on to it for now, the cars are just Such complete jokes, that someone, somewhere, has got to be moving forward to do some kind of legal action about it at some point.
  • My girlfriend's mom is having the same issues on her 04. Maybe if enough people are aware of these issues they will abstain from purchasing these factory lemons in the future and Honda can fix the issues or find themselves not being able to sell their cars to educated consumers that check the ratings on a vehicle before they purchase one. The internet is a powerful tool of information. Thank you so much for your post cause now I know what I am dealing with.

  • peggy1058peggy1058 Posts: 4
    My Honda is at the shop right now and I've been told that the "chatter" in my transmission is not fixable because it's a CVT and nobody knows how to fix them, not even the dealership!! Seriously! I've been told I need a new transmission and I don't have several thousands of dollars for this. I'm really bummed as I have less than $100,000 miles on my vehicle and I was told that Honda's drive for several hundred thousand miles if you take care of them. Maybe there should be a recall action on these vehicles. Seems to me like a major part like a transmission should last for more than 100,000 miles!!! Any advice out there?
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