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Toyota Land Cruiser Navigation System



  • boorugboorug Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 Toy Landcruiser and the touch screen on the navigation unit does not work anymore, I got a quote from a local dealership and they quoted me around $7000 for a replacement unit. Any suggestions out there would help to find a replacement or can the screen be replaced? The unit still works but I can't get rid of the caution screen when you first start the car.
  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    The navigation ECU under the passengers seat has probably failed... can you remove the DVD map disc? Or is it the display? What did they tell you was defective?
  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    You need an 86271-3304x. The '4' indicates that it is for GEN 4. If the disc is 86271-3303x then it is for a GEN 3. I hope this helps.
  • Anyone know where I can pick up a copy of the GPS Nav dvd? Have a 03 LC w/Gen3 system. Is ver 6 out yet? Thanks.
  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    V6.1 can be acquired from a Lexus dealer; Toyota dealers do not have the map disc yet. The Lexus part number is PT219-GEN23. Call around for best pricing as the dealers are free to establish their own retail price.
  • Thanks. Do you or anyone else know if there is a low-cost alternative to going through the dealer? Possible to buy the map disc directly from OEM or on ebay, private seller, etc? Thanks in advance.
  • I bought a new Landcruiser in November 2003; its navigation has the European maps but not Greece where I live and use the car. Toyota told me that until today there is no solution from Toyota to have a map for Greece. Can anybody propose a solution? Any DVD or software that may work with map of Greece?
  • if you can get map data from another gps map of cgreece you could possible use the firmware at the beginning of the european disc and then add the map greece map data where the european data was. the lexus 2007 is350 club members are doing it as the 6.1 5th generation update dosnt allow the overide button to be accessed anymore by tapping the screen. so they are burning the 5.1 firmare and then adding the 2006 data so they have the latest. of course both copies are obtained from lexus . copies can only be of legally obtained originals and for your own use keeping the originals.
  • q#15 and #20 both bought gen 2/3 update but the 2004 landcruiser went 4th generation computer. the only way to tell without having the dealer run your vin number is to actually get the toyota part number off the unit. the genration 2 unit for 2001 was 86841-50010. genration 3 installed in 2002 2003 and is 86841-33060. the 2 and 3 gen updates work on both generations. generation 4 installed in 2004 2005 2006 and is 86841-50090. generation 5 started in 2007 and part number not determed yet.
  • boorugboorug Posts: 3
    There is no dvd disc in the ECU could that be the problem? The dealer said the unit needed to be replaced. Thanks for your help on this!
  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    If there is no disc... yes that is an issue. The part number on the disc is 86271-33034; GEN 2/3 V5.1. No matter what just be sure the disc you get has 86271-3303#... the three is the key identifier.
  • I just bought the Landcruiser (January 2007) and they still do not give any map for Greece. I see that your messages is older. Did you find any solution?
  • I have a 2004 Prius that started giving me error messages and system not connected in Oct., 2006. Went to dealer and they want $4000 to put in a replacement. Bought a Polaroid that has the same size screen and also plays DVD for $400 and is more accurate in Yuma, AZ. The only problem is I cannot control my defrosters or Ac. The defrosrers are a safety problem and I am working on legally getting Toyota to fix it as they claim in their TSB Multi-display Functions inoperative Bulletin - EL002-5 that this problem is in the Highlander, Land Cruiser and Prius and cant be repaired but need a fix they came up with that will resolve the problem but you need to pay $4000 if the car has more than 30,000 miles. this electronic gadget is not mileage related and I feel the Dealer shold fix it no charge or a minimal charge. I dont want to pay $4000 to be able to turn on my defrosters or radio. Peteaz8
  • I got a 2004 Prius and started having problems in Oct.2006. Had 60,000 miles and they wanted $4000 to replace it. Went to Sam's Club and bought a better display for $400. Its a Polaroid and plays DVD's also. Problem is i can't control the defrosters, AC or Radio or Tape or CD. Don't figure on paying $4000 to turn my defrosters or AC on. Am going to fight this under Lemon Law and or other legal means. Too bad as we love our Piuis but the dealers are something else. Peteaz8
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,950
    Hi Pete, welcome. You probably should head over to the Prius group and find a similar discussion there; perhaps the Toyota Prius Dash & Instrumentation Questions one.
  • boorugboorug Posts: 3
    Where would be the best place to purchase the disc? Thanks again for your help.
  • fashfash Posts: 1

    I have a 1999 LC 100 series imported from Japan and the navigation system is in Japanese, is there any language selection option?
    Aside from learnin Japanese , what can i do??
  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    You can either purchase one new from a Toyota dealership or pick one up on ebay. The Toyota part number is 00110-DVD06-CY. Shop around for the best price!
  • is it a 2 piece system with a seperate gps computer? if so you may be able to switch whole computer and map data to usa version. usa land cruisers didnt have nav until 2001 and it was first year of dvd based maps. 98 to 2000 lexus had hard drive based computer. so it depends on whewther the 99 lc has actual factory jdm unit or just one iof those adzest aftermarket units common in japan. so if the nav has toyota 10 digit part number comnputer it can be updated with like plug in and play model. the 2 pice computer is mounted under the passenger seat on 2001 models.
  • i dont think replacing a 15000.00 list price system with a 400.00 one was not the best choice. the best choice would have been to get a 2005 screen from a salvage yard. none of the 2005 have that problem. a used screen would be around 500.00 to 750.00 and would get you the use of your 15,000.00 system back again. the extrea 2 to 400.00 more it would have cost for a used 2005 replacement screen will be more than made up at sale time . you will take a big loss if you try to sell it with the 400.00 nav system. future 2nd hand buyers will want the original equipment working if you want top dollar at resale time.
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