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Toyota Land Cruiser Navigation System



  • uwahuskyuwahusky Posts: 17
    I have a 2003 TLC. Nav system works just fine but would like to update the maps. I have been unable to find a DVD that is feading the Nav and figured there must be a hard drive somewhere with the information. Is this true or is there a DVD somewhere?
    Either way, what do I need to do to update the Navigation software?
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    The updates are available from your Toyota dealer. The DVD-ROM drive is located under the front passenger seat. Slide the seat forward and you will see the device under a plastic splash shield (if equipped).

    To eject the old DVD map disc, push the button down and slide to the left. When you have done this the DVD map disc will eject. Be careful not to scratch or damage the DVD map disc.

    The current version is V6.1. V7.1 will be released between October and December of 2007.
  • uwahuskyuwahusky Posts: 17
    Thank you. I see now where the DVD is and will be replacing it shortly. How much are the DVD's brand new?
  • uwahuskyuwahusky Posts: 17
    Generally how much is a new navigation DVD from the dealership? I have a very early version (2.1 I believe) and am going to wait and buy 7.1 when it comes out but am wondering about how much I'll be out.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    MSRP should be $250 if it follows the past pricing.
  • I'm selling my 04 Land Cruiser and want to reset the Nav system to the factory default setting. This way the new owner will have a clean slate to work with and it will not have any of my previous info stored anywhere. Does anyone know how to do this?
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    To erase 'My Places' do the following:

    Press the MENU panel button, touch 'My Places', then touch 'Delete' to eliminate registered addresses.

    Press the MENU panel button, touch 'Setup', scroll down to page 3 of 4, touch 'Delete' to eliminate old 'Previous Destinations'.

    Lastly, if you have registered a cell phone for Bluetooth you must press 'INFO', then touch 'Telephone', touch 'Settings' and finally delete any items you don't want the new owner to find.
  • I purchased a pre-owned 2005 (manufacture date is 09/2004) TLC and couldn't get the navigation system to work correctly for almost 4 months. We took the LC to the dealer to see if they could help and they indiated that it was a software issue. The disk that came with the vehicle was version 2.1 (86271-33031) and I purchased version 4.2 (86271-33044) on ebay, only to get the "disk read error, please check disk." message upon installation. I just need some help with which version/part number that the system requires. Can anyone please help me find my way...??
  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    You could also check Land Cruiser are their specialty.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    also search the general navigation thread on edmunds. I have seen a person post some details about toyota Navigations, version numbers etc.
  • I have just bought a 2004 landcruiser, the navigation sreen shows "EXTERNAL SYSTEM IS NOT CONNECTED" I can not get the screen to work, also the audio and climate controls are not operable since it it connected to the screen. I check for a dvd disc underneath the passenger seat there was a dvd in there. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
  • I bought one new in 2004 and just after the warranty expired mine started doing the same thing. The GPS works properly intermitantly. Most of the time NOT. Dealer quoted 5K to fix. Further discussions over 3-6 months yielded talk of SW fix becoming available. Gave up..Let me know what you find. Wes
  • pgillpgill Posts: 84
    I had the same problem on my 2004 Landcruiser just after the warranty expired. I had to have the navigation screen changed to fix the problem. Apparently it has to do with faulty connectors on the unit but the connectors cannot be changed by themselves. Talked to Toyota to see if they'd do a courtesy fix out of warranty but no luck. I found owners on other Landcruiser message boards who experienced the same. Dealer quoted $5k to fix...found one on eBay for $700 and had a local mechanic install it for $50. The installation took about 30 minutes and probably a do-it-yourself job if you are handy. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    This issue requires an out of warranty display to fix the error message.

    Aside from a brand new display, you can order an 86111-60250-OW from a local Toyota dealership. Call around to find the best price for the out of warranty display.
  • Can anyone tell me how to set the Nav system in a 2008 LC to be adjusted while driving. While I can half way understand my passenger can certainly make adjustments. Right now my wife brings her Nuvi along on road trips which is ridiculous.

  • I just bought an 02 TLC with 76k miles. The NAV system has the 2001 software and am wanting to update the software. The Toyotal dealer is quoting $250 for the new CD which to be fair sounds reasonable.

    Is there any less expensive options that anyone is aware of?

    Lastly, since the NAV screen also controls my A/C, I am a little concerned about the replacement cost of the screen or entire system once this unit dies.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to how long the systems typically last? What are the options for replacement other than buying a new system or screen from Toyota which I have to believe will cost big bucks.

    Let me know and thanks. Nelson
  • willy12willy12 Posts: 13
    after replacing the car battery, the nav sys went dark...local dealership stated it's either a problem with the nav CD player or display. My issue is that in the nav manual nor the car manual are there warnings/cautions about battery replacements effecting the LC computer and/or nav sys. I've checked any/all related fuses--nothing blown. The sys was working perfectly before the battery replacement and dark immediately after....what gives?? LC currently in the dealership--Help please, any remedy, legal course, etc. This is too wierd....need help ASAP. Thanks!!
  • willy12willy12 Posts: 13
    Hi Rashid1, i have the exact same problem having just replaced the original battery, the nav sys was working fine just prior to replacement and immediately after replacement the nav screen is blank.....all other sys on the screen (climate, radio) are working. Did you ever figure out or fix your issue. Our LC is currently in the shop with diagnostics being run. Please help ASAP. Are you out there Navguy? Thanks to all for help! willy12
  • The 2008 has a pretty descent voice recognition system. Just press the talk button on the right bottom steering wheel and say "address", then it will prompt you through to enter a destination while you are driving. Works pretty good on mine.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    2002 LC. I would suggest disconnecting the navigation ECU under the passenger seat for about 15 minutes - the large main connector. Reconnect after 15 minutes and see if the Toyota logo reappers with the I AGREE touch screen buttons. I really hope this resolves the issue.

    To confirm if the navigation ECU has failed try to eject the DVD map disc by sliding the button to the right and press the button down for 2-3 seconds. If the disc does not eject the navigation ECU has probably failed.

    If it has failed the dealer can order an 86841-47020-OW... a rebuilt navigation ECU. Or you can check some junkyards for this part number. Unfortunetely, it has probably just reached its breaking point after six years.
  • willy12willy12 Posts: 13
    Navguy1, you are the bomb......thanks so much for taking the time to help during this frustration--no news from the local dealer after having the LC there for 1 1/2 days now; you're suggestion appears quite simple. Yesterday early we spoke to the mechanic in person who reported he is running diagnostics to verify the ECU is bad, so at least they're on the same page, but not such great "service" right?! Yes, we pray the cyclying off/on will do the trick. If not, then how does one verify a junk yard unit is properly working and can you guess how much time it would take to r2 the unit starting from scratch? Thanks again for your kindness!
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    Removing the unit will take some time since it is mounted below the passenger seat. Once that is removed the navigation ECU and amplifier have to be unbolted from the car. Then the navigation ECU must be removed. The whole process will take about 20-30 minutes with the proper sockets and breaker bar - those seats take a lot of umph to unbolt from the chassis.

    How to verify if it works.... you need to give it 12 volts DC. At the very least you would need to connect a 12 volt battery capable of delivering about 3 amps for 15 minutes. That would at the minimum tell you if the DVD map disc would eject. To fully determine if it works you will need to connect to your vehicle. Be careful on the junk yard route since the unit could have been damaged by a collosion (if involved).
  • willy12willy12 Posts: 13 such luck with your recommended powering off. The powering off didn't bring back the display but they were able to eject the disk.. Sierra Toyota didn't charge me to drag me around for 21/2 days of "diagnostics", did remove the ECU unit and was happy to quote me some $5800 ($5587 for the part itself) and claimed they can't get the re-man part. I called the 1 800 Toyota and they said what did the battery guy do when he installed, cross wires? BS. There's nothing in the manual stating be cautious when replacing batt or, it's a dealer only thing. I'll try the internet to find a reasonable part. Liked your suggestion of the power to verify if the unit is bad...i'll try it since i really want to know if it is truly bad.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    What doesn't work? The display or the navigation ECU? What are the conditions?
  • willy12willy12 Posts: 13
    Hi again Navguy, the nav portion of the display remains dark, yet the disk ejected. Toyota says its the ECU that's broken and they'll replace it with a new ECU unit for a mere $5587 bucks......i've called the 1 (800) customer experience service and all they said was the battery guy must have reversed the terminal wires when the new battery was installed. Bull! If merely installing a new battery jacks up anything to do with electronics (lights, fans, stereo, nav) well then, that's a Toyota problem as far as I'm concerned. I told them I'm a long time multi-toyota car owner and they could care less. Any recommendations at this point?!
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    Just to confirm climate and radio display on the front monitor? And when you press the MAP button the screen is dark or says EXTERNAL SYSTEM IS NOT CONNECTED.

    If so, then a remanufactured navigation ECU can be purchased for a lot less than $5587. The part number is 86841-47020-OW. The ECUs have new internals and DVD-ROM readers too. Call around for the best pricing since Toyota dealers are free to set their own pricing.
  • willy12willy12 Posts: 13
    Hi again Navguy1. yes, the screen is dark. It's interesting that you report Toyota dealers set their own prices for replacement parts. When i mentioned the pricing to others they fell out, even the Toyota folks. I've called the local regional Toyota 1 (800) folks and all they would retort, oh well the guy that installed your battery must have crossed the wires!!! We'll give you a 10% discount--standard we want to please our customers' crap! Bull-s___!! Alas, my plan is to search the internet to see who has a used unit i suppose.....i can't image a new unit would be affordable (i'm willing to spend $500-700 to get the thing up and running again) but not much more than that. Any other ideas or souces? Thanks so much for your kind assistance, it has been a real Twilight Zone trip...... :P
  • Is the part # for the rebuilt nav ecu is the same on a 2001 LC ?
  • My Toy dealer quoted me $1,650.00 for a new (I think) ECU...$5,800.00 YIKES !!
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    Yes. The out of warranty part number (for most navigation hardware) is the same but with -OW for out of warranty. So the navigation ECU for an 01MY LC is 86841-47020-OW.
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