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Toyota Land Cruiser Navigation System



  • here is the non dealer response to your question. the latest disk for your 2001 land cruiser with computer 86841 -50010 is a 2007 genration 2 ,3 disc . this disc is not available aT THE TOYOTA DEALER YET ONLY A LEXUS DEALER. TOYOTA HAS NO PLANS TO RELEASE IT YET . THE 2007 MODEL YEAR 6.1 MAP DISC.(ITS ALWAYS A YEAR BEHIND THE MODEL YEAR)has the toyota part number is 86271-22045 . the dealer accesory PT number which only is printed on the bubble wrap package is not even on the actual disc and is not the toyota part number.
  • Toyota does not have Greece as a priority and even that their sales reps make promises, they simply care only for the sale and do not intend to keep their promises. I have bought a Landcruiser in 2004 and have a history of emails that date back to 2004 with Toyota. Their excuse is that it is beyond their control and they do not give any date for inclusion of Greece to navigation maps. Very dissapointing given that all other companies now include Greek maps in their products... :mad:
  • rapsraps Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 LC 100VX witha built in Japanese EMV navigation system. Is there any way of converting it to english?
  • rapsraps Posts: 2
    Hi Fash, Did you have any luck converting your nav system to english? I have the same problem.
    Thx, Raps
  • syl1syl1 Posts: 6
    I have a 2001 LC. To upgrade to a more recent version of the map DVD disc, is it just a matter of popping the old disc out and inserting the new disc OR additional steps are needed to reset the system/update the programs to work with the new disc? Thanks.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    Just insert the new disc after eject the old map disc. The part number on the disc should be 86271-3303X - the higher the last digit the more recent the disc. Version 6.1 (86271-33036) was released in January of this year.
  • pjc1pjc1 Posts: 72
    Does anyone know how to eliminate all the icons from the nav? I traveled to Chicago a week ago and there were so many icons for restaurants and places of interest that I could not read the street names. I am having a hard time using this system....
  • chomp1chomp1 Posts: 1
    HI, can anyone assist in getting some technical information (mechanical alignment/repair info) for a Fujitsu Ten. Toyota 08662-00900. Thanks
  • steelcruisersteelcruiser Posts: 402
    Press POI and that shoud turn the icons off.
  • mdsdmdsd Posts: 26
    Does anyone know how to bypass the security system so that i can punch in addresses /new locations while driving, but still leaving the watching of DVD functional only in park ???


  • Hi,I have just bought a 2002 LC and wondered if the dvd 4.2 would upgrade my maps.Thanks very much.Gw
  • mdsdmdsd Posts: 26
    Does anyone know how to bypass the security system so that i can punch in addresses /new locations while driving, but still leaving the watching of DVD functional only in park ??? Also, how do I make the vehicle alarm chirp when enabling and disabling it ???


  • landman1landman1 Posts: 1
    Same issue, what was your solution?

  • jslate1jslate1 Posts: 2
    to landman1; we were lucky. wife travels a lot via landcruiser, so mileage warranty was over by 2,000 miles, though landcruiser was only two and a half years old. i called toyota of America, and they in turn called the dealer, and we had the navigation system replaced at no cost to us. the original replacement quote was $5,000 dollars. because they stood by their product, we continue to by toyota.
  • frannlyfrannly Posts: 1
    We bought a used 2004 Landcruiser and want to update the nav system. Where is the disc located?
  • greetings from Australia, i have a current model Sahara landcruiser with a Fujitsu ten 08662-00900 which must be similar to yours. just wondering if you had success with the questions you asked. i would like to know the button sequence to enter the settings mode to disable the motion sensor so it can be used while travelling. it can be done as i have done it before but can not remember button sequence to activate. does anyone have this information>??
  • mdsdmdsd Posts: 26
    Sorry....I am still waiting for someone to help out on this matter....if you find the answer please inform me...thanks !!!

  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    Under the front passenger seat. Access the navigation computer from the rear door after sliding the seat all the way forward.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    V4.2 is a GEN 4 DVD map disc which is not compatible with your vehicle. The 2002 LC is a GEN 2/3 system.
  • i know it can bedone and quite easy but the local techos in Australia wont part with the info due to legal reasons. Time will tell so stay in touch
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