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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 4x4 Questions



  • ldl3ldl3 Posts: 5

    Still not solved. Local mechanic with top-of-the-line code reader/scanner could find no trouble codes. Chilton's manual is no help either, though it gives a good description of how the 4wd system is supposed to work. I'm hesitant to start replacing components in a hit or miss fashion. Can anyone offer advice?

  • null
    Look in the engine bay fuse box find the fuse called Etc if your truck does not have the Atc fuse like mine doesn't. I replaced the 4 wd selector switch on Amazon for 30 bucks as mine was bad. Then I looked for the ATC (automatic transfer case) fuse but couldn't find it I then found ETC fuse (electronic transfer case) pulled it and sure enough it was blown. Replaced it got iny truck started it up and all my lights were back on (on the 4wd selector switch) I found I was in 4hi. Put truck in neutral Pushed 2hi and bam it changed then tried all settings out works like it used to good luck
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