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Mazda CX-7 v Toyota RAV4 v Honda CR-V



  • ingvaringvar Posts: 205
    Get Rav-4 2008 Limited in Hertz, bring it back at the evening after 50 miles ride because of back pain. Driver's seat is non supportive. Changed car to CX-7 and enjoyed 380miles ride.
  • tlongtlong CaliforniaPosts: 4,737
    We were looking for a small, reliable vehicle with a lot of space. Looked at RAV4 and CRV. Then we discovered the Mazda 5, a tall wagon/micro-minivan. We've had it a year and really like it for the following features:

    - It's taller than a sedan but lower than a CRV. No climbing up or stooping down to get in. The height is just perfect.
    - Three rows of two - seats 6
    - Handles like a Mazda 3 since it is on the same platform. Less rollover potential than a SUV. Really excellent steering feel and handling.
    - Same cargo space as the CRV with more seating flexibility
    - About $5K cheaper, similarly equipped
    - Sliding rear doors = get in easily in tight parking spots
    - Very tight turning circle makes it very maneuverable

    I know this is an SUV thread, those were the vehicles we were cross-shopping and the Mazda 5 defies comparisons; there is no other vehicle quite like it on the US market.

    I would have still bought the CRV as a second choice. We looked at the CX-7 but wanted a bit better mileage and didn't feel the turbo was as refined as the other engines.
  • Didn't even think of the Mazda 5 for the reason linked below.. Reliability issues for the long term

    CR-V was much better....

    Comparison...2009 models, not 2010 from link below... CR-V is now 180 HP with 21 mpg city and 28 mpg highway as well. Safety features listed on below link are way way off and in no way are up to date with some false none available items.[]=30- - 8099&trimIds[]=305968&trimIds[]=307572
  • I would have considered the Mazda 5 if they upgraded the drivetrain with the new 2.5L Mazda now has available.

    Otherwise, its' a much more cramped interior than the CR-V. But it does have more cargo room and flexibility, the 3rd row, and more car-like dynamics.

    The CR-V does have AWD available and better ground clearance and visibility.

    Don't be fooled by peak HP numbers. Always look at th torque number and where it's peak is located. the Honda 2.4L caompares well to the GM 190 HP 2.4L. But for comparison, the Nissan 2.5L is a much stronger motor across the whole RPM range, espeically the bottom end where you use it the most.

    An engine that makes 180ft-lbs at 3900 RPM is going ot feel much more pwoerful than one that makes 169ft-lbs at 5300RPM even if the first makes 175HP but and the later makes 180HP. Unless the 180HP motor has shorter gearing, the slightly less pwoerful but torquier motor will out perform it.
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