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Mazda CX-7 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Just got a new Mazda CX-7 iSport with the convenience package and OTD is
    $24,042 (with 6% tax). Is that a good price?
    BTW: there is a strong burning smell coming inside the hood and the deal
    told me it is normal for the new car. Anybody has the similar experience?
    Thank you!
  • Not sure about the price, but the smell is cosmoline burning off and should dissipate within the first 1000 miles or so - nothing to worry about....
  • I got a new 2010 CX-7 Grand Touring FWD, White Pearl exterior, with scuff plates, for $29,600. MSRP was $32,280. We live in Northern California. We got it the 36-month 0% APR financing. I think the same deal is still going on, but it's now 48 months 0% APR! After taxes and registration fees and all that jazz, it was just under $33,000 out the door.

    You should use to get an idea of how low dealers are willing/able to go. Hope this helps!
  • That is an excellent price neal... not sure if you read my previous post, but my iSport was $26000 out the door (with 9.75% tax in CA). AND mine does not have the convenience package! You did a great job!
  • Need to buy a new car. Decided between CR-V and CX-7 iSV base model. The dealer is offering $21,223 with 0 % Financing for 48 Months.

    Is this a good deal ?
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    I recently purchased a 2007 CX7 grand touring model (awd) with the turbo four. I am really disappointed with the mpg. My commute is nearly all interstate with few stops. I set the cruise on 70 mph and it is just awful, probably 19-20 mpg. Does anyone get better than this or do I have to live with it? I just ordered a K and N air filter to try to eke out a little more. I traded my MB C300 to try and save a little money, but it's not working out. This may be the shortest time I've ever owned a vehicle. Any tips?
  • Thank you.
    I got the car in the end of the month, so the deader might be willing to
    negotiate the price.
  • Thank you. The smell is getting weaker...
  • am being quoted 21,875 OTD on a 2010 CX-7 in S.Florida.

    price includes tags, taxes, dealer fees, delivery, ie. "everything", it is an out-the-door price for total payment.

    color is optional, ie. price is good for any color.

    anyone with better OTD in S.Florida ?
  • price is now down to 21400 OTD, same dealer in S.Florida
  • Thats a great price. I am trying to get one in SF Bay area and I am able to get $22,500 OTD with 0% APR or 21,500 without 0% APR. Is that a good deal. This is the base model.
  • I'm looking for a CX-7 - GT w/nav and a dealer just sent thsi to me "Mazda just added $1250 lease money to their program which would lower payments about $35 a month on the 36 month lease and your first month payment is now waived!"
  • Have the same vehicle- getting 19~20 in town // 22-24 on the road. Don't forget , you are driving a nearly 4000 lb. all wheel drive Mazda.. They aren't , nor are they sold as economy crossovers.
  • Do you get this one? what's the sale tax in your state?
  • Yes. I did get it. Sales Tax in CA is 9.75% looking at the posts, I think I might have paid a little over as I ended up paying 21100 for base model. with 48 months 0 % APR.
  • alexsunalexsun Posts: 1
    Hi guys I work in a Mazda dealership and has been driving the awd 07, 08, 09 cx-7s for years, Love how the car handles and looks. Don't like the noise, gear box and interior quality. Real world mpg: 2-3 persons drive very carefully on highway, 19-20 mpg. 1 person drive in town, 15-17 mpg. If you want to have some fun then the mpg will be close to 10-12. NEVER achieved more than 22 mpg on highway no matter how I keep the rpm below 3k.

    And keep in mind the CX-9s I've driven for years easily gets 22 mpg on highway.

    the gear box ratio is too high...
  • leogleog Posts: 4
    Hey dfordhiraj
    Im purchasing a Cx-7 in a couple of days. Where did you get this deal and I thought the 0% APR was only for 36 mths. Send me an e-mail with his contact info. Thanks.
  • sdcrvsdcrv Posts: 2

    The Best price I am getting so far is $24,900 OTD for Best Price CX-7 Sport w/CP in Southern CA. Is this a good deal?

  • sevaseva Posts: 5
    "best price upfront" means "best price for them".
    In my understanding, "best price" should be for them and for you.
    that's why you have to negotiate anyway, if you feel this price is high.

    I test drove RV-4 at the Toyota Bloomington in Minneapolis.
    It was used car with less then 3000 miles.
    When I said what I was going to make the offer, the sales guy proudly told me:
    "Here is one price and we don't take any offers".
    I left without any further conversation.
    One week later he sent me email -- this car now $1000 less.
    What about "one price"?
    we always have to make analiyses, to look around, and to negotiate.
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    Complaints were filed here in Minnesota about car dealers charging different prices for the same new car model. Now,atleast here in Mpls./St. Paul, most new car franchises have adopted the "one price " strategy for almost all new AND used cars. It is a clever way to make more money and end the "traditional" bargaining sessions made so famous or infamous known throughout the new car dealer landscape.

    Salespeople are now paid on salary and their job survival depends on volume. They have become "automotive information specialists" so to speak--and just simply point to the tag on the windshield when asked about price. I think a dealer trade in is still subject to "negotiation."

    As far as your one week later price "reduction"--just a little dealer "trickery" to get you to buy the car. I bet if you came in to buy that Toyota now--they wouldn't give you $1000 off-probably would offer a "free" extended warranty or "free" oil changes for life--or some "promotion" that equals $1000 in dealer jargon.
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