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Mazda CX-7 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • I found it really frustrated after talking with dealerships. I read those buying tips online for months, and it turn out useless. Those dealerships deliver almost the same price here. For 2010 i sv, OTD is around 22900-23100. I do want to get it below the MSRP (22400 or so).
    I am in Michigan. Anybody think 22900 is a good deal? :confuse:
  • sevaseva Posts: 5
    Today Mazda gives $1500 rebate on CX7 + $500 for Mazda loyalty -- if you have previous Mazda.
    And you still have to bargain with them -- CX7 is one of the worst cars in CR reviews,
    and these rebates should be at least $3000 if they really want to sell this thing.
  • Hey, what do you mean $1500 rebate? I thought dealers were offering 1,000 in lieu of 0% financing and $500 if current mazda owner.

    Whats the deal with the $1500?
  • Anyone have any suggestions on who to or not to deal with? Wesley Chapel Mazda, Ferman Mazda, etc?
  • miadrmiadr Posts: 2
    Ijust got the CX-7 i sport w/ c.p. here in miami...out the door price was 24000 w/ a new tag. Did I do good or was there a better deal out there? I went thru outside financing and got quotes from all the other dealers in the area which is not many. The dealer was nice enough to throw in the tints on the front.
  • ylzylz Posts: 45
    Hello there. I currently own a 2009 Mazda 3 which I absolutely love so I have been looking at the 2010 CX7 for some more room. I'm a little turned off by the recommended premium fuel on the turbo model. I test drove the 2008 turbo engine and it was a blast to drive so I hope this year is just as fun. But my question is do you think I will damage the engine if I fill up this car with regular fuel. I know I will get better performance with the premium but as long as I do no damage, I am fine with the regular. I mean geez, this car already is pretty peppy with that turbo. I have seen friends put regular fuel on a premium recommended car and their cars are just fine but not sure how different it is with a turbo. I plan to have this new CX7 for like 8 years or so, so I wanna take care of it. Let me know what you guys think? Thanks.
  • miadrmiadr Posts: 2
    i would be real careful putting 87 on that model. We have had 2 turbo cars in our family.
    1992 mr-2 and 97 gsx eclipse. There is no way we would put <91 octane. It tends to lag. Dont know abt long term since we never went that route. But look into the naturally aspirated model. We've put in 1k miles on it already and havent had any issues with it. If you are someone that needs to be going and out of lanes and has to merge a lot into the highway then turbo is the way to go but if you can spare 5 extra seconds for the car to pick up then non turbo is an option. Also I have played w/ the manual tranny and have found that if you lower the gears the motor does come to live. good luck on your purchase...
  • des5des5 Posts: 88
    This topic has been discussed endlessly. The fact is, since 2008 the turbo was tweaked (ECU and cat) to permit operation on regular gas, with reduced performance. The non-turbo version was introduced because dealers squawked about the poor mileage numbers. If you want the turbo's kick in the pants, then the small price differential on the fuel shouldn't put you out.
  • rico23rico23 Posts: 29
    what dealership in south flo is this? and is this the i-SV model?
  • billgunbillgun Posts: 1
    I'm about ready to purchase a 2010 CX-7 GT AWD and would like some information as to what I can expect price wise in the NJ, NY and Conn area. I've looked at Truecar andEdmunds but have seen prices stated here lower than what Truecar and Edmunds says. Is there going to be any advantage in waiting until August?(incentives, 0% loans) Is a price of under $30,000.00 without TTL a reasonable expectation. Thanks for your help.
  • warde333warde333 Posts: 7
    Hello Alex,
    I am having issues with my 08 CX7 - had the timing belt and serpantine belt replaced at 57K - motor mount on 60K - at 62500K turbo died...Mazda EXPP (i have coverage up to 100K) denied the claim because of sludge siting i did not change the oil enough or follow maintanence schedule...i supplied the info for when serviced outside of the dealer and followed the 7500K schedule....I am out $2500 for repairs and i'm concerned if the engine goes next that they will not repair....are you have ing any similar issues with consumers on any of the Mazda's? I see 100's of blogs regarding loss of turbo or engine and the EXPP is denying payments...what do you suggest...? do you have amechanic that can offer some insight to help me prevent future please tks
  • kiramakirama Posts: 15
    edited October 2010
    I'm looking for a 2010 cx-7 AWD touring. The truecar dealer that is closest to us shows up on the truecar list of 3 dealers, but there is no price, instead it says 'this dealer will provide your price'. I contacted them today and they said their price is calculated by subtracting any dealer incentives ($1500) from the invoice and then adding in a profit of $600. He said they can't discount the car by the $414 holdback because they might not get that money, he said their truecar price was $28,761. The other two truecar dealers listed offer the car for $26,661. On truecar, MSRP is $30,615, Factory Invoice $28,761, and dealer cost $26846.

    Have any of you ever seen a truecar dealer displayed without them listing a price?
    How can two dealers offer this car for $26,661 when dealer cost is $26846?
    Is it even worthwhile to try to use this service to negotiate price?
  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 66
    I own a Mazda CX7 2008 GT AWD.
    1. I've driven 49k miles in 3 yrs. I put 87 octane, what ever is cheap, no specific brand of gasoline either. I was told I can put regular gas by dealer in NYC / Long Island when I bought my car. I bought my car Dec 2008 for invoice price at that time.
    2. I love the turbo, oh did I mention I own a Honda CRV 2007 LX? Now if you want to know about borrrringggg, I can tell you how my crv drives...
    get the cx 7 with the turbo engine, you will have fun.
  • Has your Mazda Cx-7 been as reliable over the last 50,000 miles as the Honda CRV ? Obviously the Mazda with 250 HP will blow the doors off the Honda, but how has the reliability been on both cars?
  • I have 62,000 miles on my 2003 CX-7 GT. Only problem was the AC which blew out last spring and was covered by recall. I have NEVER used anything but 92-93 octane gas. My #1 complaint is that it has a wimpy AC system. Gas mileage = 21 due largely to the fact that 60% of my driving is hiway. It's been a great car. :)
  • matomato Posts: 1
    Is an auto maintence contract $ 695.00, 4 yr /50.000mi worth it. It seems to cove ronly oil/ filter /tire rotation balance at 5000 mi schedule. One brake adjust . Atotal of services and multi point checks.
  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 66
    I bought a 2008 GT AWD out the door with the standard options for 29,500.
    includes tax, title and registration.
    You should get a better deal because there is not a large demand for the car.
    Gotta say I love my Zoom Zoom
  • Just paid $20,900 with zero % financing and 4 year extended warranty for $700, plus they gave me high book for my 2005 Envoy XUV that I could not sell myself! I was totally happy with my experience at the Mazda dealer in Anchorage. If you send anyone to that dealer and they buy AND mention your name, Mazda pays you $250 minimum towards a one month car payment! In fact when I bought I used my friends name and her payment is only $199 but she got the $250 credit! I am so sold on the CX7 and this dealership that I will be back. I love my CX7 :) :P :blush:
  • I just need 48 friends to buy a new Mazda and mention my name and my CX7 is paid for! ;)
  • Most dealers' prices are way below pricing that I am not sure what is really the lowest price on this vehicle. I'm looking at a 11 CX-7 iSport FWD with the convenience package and fog lights. MSRP 25745. My pricing has been around $21695. I'm in Chicago so hope someone can chime in. Thanks in advance.
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