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2007 Nissan Altima



  • dotsyncdotsync Posts: 19
    everything i've read say that these dealer addons are a joke. the paint on the new altimas is actually pretty high quality and any high end leather cleaner should do. also, if these are things that concern you, im sure you can purchase them later from a third party for a lot cheaper.
  • lili1lili1 Posts: 44
    In pursuit of improvement/'better idea', not do things the same way, 'thinking outside the box'.... therefore changing to another design/materials change/tweaking something for reasons such as solving the whatever problems of the current design, for cost cutting, emission parameters or emission induced parameters, fuel consumption criteria, horsepower/P performance requirement, weight parameter, life reason, reliability reason, technology change enabling some changes in design and now manufacturability,supplier constraint in suppying the ring, new technology in the ring design area, supply management find cheaper supplier but does a different design, a different designers intuitively/egotisitcally/professionally/personally/inherently want/need to do things differently, etc...who knows what in this particular situation.....or supplier's offering better idea for the same reason(s), ..... and compounded by screw up or oversight such as lessons already learnt from years ago/knowledge not passed on due to generation change,......and this new idea is then all on paper and who know what the rings will actually do in the cylinider and therefore will be tested to see what surprises come up, and if the test plan/concept is not done well, not tested enough, often not able to reflect real life situation, or not even know how to define or simulate new life situation,not tested enough for reasons including the company's product launch date allowing shorter than traditional lead time, then the result or compromise concluded with some judgment to be good enough....then you have things and conditions beyond what anyone can anticipate at that time, you have this kind of surprise (you are effectively extending your testing in the market believing that you dealership newwork can change parts in same day until but once in a while you have a crisis. Hey, same touch as the foan pieces falling off the space shuttle rockets and any less pumped person will just not wish to be on board. )

    So, philosophically, all in all, it is for the sake of changes and improvements which often brings better and better things (but also worse and worse things) in some ways, may be not for the bettering which you need or care for but they often do for the company's needs, not need, or bottom line.... and consumer can fall victim to these things. I for one will not buy products made in the initial batches and let problems cleaned up first, which including manufacturing problems at manufacturer or suppliers, be they discover themselves or failure in teh field. If you look at it another way, it is OK if you are one of those who such hassles don't bother you, you enjoy being the first to have the new toys, your local dealer in combo with Nissan is believed to be top notch in learning fast and in reaction, then there is nothing wrong being the the earlier users and often paying more.
  • I tho't the purpose of chrome was to look "garish" as compared to the paint! What's wrong with garish? My '07 3.5 SE is the burgundy (they call it some fancy name, Carcinoma Sunset or something like that)--looks burgundy to me. The appeal of the dreary colors of today is a mystery to me--the next time you see a silver or gray car, especially on a rainy day, notice how closely it blends in with the pavement. The car I traded for the Nissan was an '04 VW NB TDI--in Sundown Orange--it was one of the most visible colors in the spectrum. So far as I'm concerned, only two real colors are offered--blue or burgundy, the rest are the bunk. Fifty years ago, 1957, a parking lot of new cars looked like a collection of Easter eggs such was the array of colors available.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    LOL!!! Carcinoma? That was funny. I guess
    you meant Sonoma Sunset!!!
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Voripteth, I had a 2002 Maxima in the majestic
    blue color (the car was totalled in an accident back in July (RIP). The majestic
    blue looks very nice when clean. But like the
    black color it shows the dirt and water spots
    and such. I would also agree that the Sonoma
    Sunset color looks very nice on the Altima.
    I have to say, I also like the pearl white color. These new "White" colors on today's cars have that pearl sheen to it that I think
    looks really nice.
  • jautojauto Posts: 3
  •'re exactly right--I just couldn't resist! BTW, several years ago, I test drove an Altima 3.5 with a manual in a beautiful color called Gold Mink--a light, slightly metallic creamy gold. Coincidentally, as I was driving up to the dealership in Temple, TX to pick up my new car, there was one of that color going along--I would have loved to have had my new one in that hue.
  • One wonders which of the things in this exhaustive list inspired the Vega engine...
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi - you probably want to check out the Altima Prices Paid & Buying Experiences discussion for that information.

    Let me suggest that you turn off your caps lock. All caps make a post very hard to read so many people will just skip it. Also it makes it appear that you are yelling at us. :)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi - the Altima Prices Paid & Buying Experiences discussion is probably the best source for that information.

    Let me suggest that you turn off your caps lock. All caps make a post very hard to read so many people will just skip it. Also it makes it appear that you are hollering at us. :)
  • Actually I'm still trying to decide on color. I heard something interesting from a dealer today. He said there might be a harder time matching the "limited production" colors if something had to be replaced. He was talking about the Jade and Red colors.

    Someone else pointed out that the Majestic blue really shows dirt easily. For that matter I guess that is true with any of the dark colors such as black, blue and dark gray. Of course on the other extreme the white color will have a similar problem, leaving silver, light gray and taupe as the only "dirt friendly" colors.

    I'm interested in a 3.5 SL which seems to be in the minority already. Seems that my best chances to get a car without ordering it from the factory is to go with Radiant Silver. Am I going color blind?
  • On the Altima with navigation and 6-cd changer there is a small compartment just in front of the shift lever and below the 6-cd changer. I opened it and saw a small velvet depression for holding something but I have no idea what. To the right of the depression is a power socket. I have a Creative Zen MP3 player but it's too large to fit in the space. :(

    Even if something could fit the door rotates so far that anything in that depression would be leaning nearly horizontal towards the shift lever.

    The owners manual doesn't say what the compartment is for. The salesman I asked had no idea. It isn't for coins since there are coin holders in the center console. Anyone know the purpose of this mystery holder?
  • Had no idea the red was considered a "limited production" color--what a novel idea and how typical for today. Makes me even gladder that I chose it--I operate from the cheerful and optimistic assumption that nothing's going to happen to cause something to be replaced. Good luck on your choices, 'tho. Like I said in an earlier post, the blond interior is much nicer looking, especially with the wood-grained binnacle cover vs. the black metal mesh one--I don't worry about dirt, either--anything that is used is going to eventually show some wear.
  • This may seem a superficial item to consider when buying a car, but it's a real pet-peeve with me. In the late 70's, with all the other down-grading extant in the auto industry, the factory AC systems began to be designed with a sensor to cycle the AC clutch on and off, as opposed to the earlier use of expansion valves that let the compressor run all the time the unit was on, resulting in a continuous supply of dehumidified air. The newer methods resulted in what I called "muggy lapses" when the compressor clicked off, and annoying variations in engine speed. I always tho't it ironic that at the center of the most expensive climate control systems beat the heart of a '59 Frigiking hangdown unit--this situation existed until recently. I was gratified to find out only a few months before I traded in my '04 VW NB TDI that it employed a variable displacement compressor which ran all the time once the system was turned on. As much as I admired the new Nissans with their CVT transmission, it was critical that they not have the cycling clutch system. I had driven a 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 several weeks ago and it had the dreaded cycling compressor--on/off,on/off,on/off,click,click,click--on an 80 degree day--so it was marked off. I don't know about the 2006's, but I was gratified when I took a test drive in my first '07 3.5 that its compressor ran all the time--delivering an unbroken stream of dehumidified air. Apparently several other brands are going to this deisgn, too. I don't know if it's strictly a variable displacement compressor, or the use of an expansion valve in the system, but at least it beats the earlier types used from about 1978 'till recently.
  • If the AC compressor runs all the time would this negatively affect gas mileage?
  • I meant only when the AC system is turned on, or is in the "Defrost" mode--otherwise, the clutch is not engaged. I understand, tho', that some makes have a compressor that has no clutch, when the motor is running so is the compressor--I think this is the true variable displacement type--the stroke has been shortened by a sensor via computer feed-back to the extent that the compressing effort is virtually zero. Seems like it's still going to put unnecessary wear on the unit--we've come full circle to the very first factory units of '53-'54 which had no clutch.
  • It appears that Nissan may have been the first to use this system: I do know the Nissan compressor has a clutch, it does not run all the time the engine is running. (For whatever reason, the darned article doesn't show up after posting, but did so on Preview. It's accessible via Google: variable displacement compressor Nissan.)
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    I wouldn't believe any words coming from a salesperson's mouth.

    Sonoma Sunset (aka the RED) is not a limited production color. Sonoma Sunset has been avaiable on the Altima model since MY 2003 (in which it replaced the Noveau Ruby from MY 2002)

    That color, has been one of the longest running Altima colors in the Altima's 3rd and now 4th Generation history. The ONLY color that has been around longer than Sonoma Sunset is Super Black, which was available on the Altima since MY2002.Salespeople will say anything to make a sell. L :)

    Now, Jade I am not so sure about, but if it's anything like last generation's "Mystic Emerald" Which was also a bright emerald-y looking green color, it's not limited Production either.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    After reading many of the posts about Nissan's lack of colors, I have to agree. Nissan is supposed to be the "Bold" Japanese company amongst Toyota and Nissan, but yet it seems that this generation of vehicles are too evolutionary and too soft this time around. I would like to see a deep Burgandy for the Altima (or a color similar to what's being shown on the Rogue SUV) and I'd also like to see some type of deep greeen as well. Even bring back something similar to MY2002-03 "Seascape" would be nice on this current Gen IMO.

    Interior fabrics for the car are bland as well. The Aura offers a "Morocco" leather and I think Nissan should consider this type of leather as well. THe "Morocco" is neither flashy nor funky, but does look quite classy on certain colors of the Aura (White, dark blue and black in particular)

    Hopefully Nissan will drop some of the gray colors (Precision Gray, Dark Slate and Radiant Silver) and offer something more provocative in the next couple of model years.

    The car already looks too mainstream now as is...boring colors and too small wheel choices (those 17s on the SE look like 16s) would help the styling. I get the feelin this next generation Accord is going to be "Sportier" than the Altima is...if so, Nissan is in serious trouble.
  • Appears Nissan was one of the first to use this device. By golly I got that sucker to work this time--I'd included the "." after the address was the problem:
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