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2007 Nissan Altima



  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    Please post your thoughts after you've had it a week or two. I'd like to compare notes.

    Since she drivers over 400 miles per week, she'll have a note or two by then... :)

    Despite the recalls, my mothers '03 Altima hasn't had any problems (besides a hit-and-run at a parking lot that did over $4K worth of damage). I'll agree that recalls are frustrating, but we shall see...
  • I haven't been so happy with a car since 2000. I just traded in my 07 Civic EX, which used the cheapest interior material of any car that I've own. It had less than 4500 miles on it and the driver's seat had creases and just looked worn out. Most of the plastics in it scratched easily.
    As far as Nissan quality and reliability. We had a '00 Maxima SE and it held up very well. Only issue I had with that one was the oxygen sensors went bad in it's 4th year. Which I believe was pretty common with that generation.
    We'll see how the Altima handles a 4 and 6 year old.
  • torque converter? it's a CVT, i think it's just 2 pooleys and a steel belt..
    are you saying that it will acpually force the upshift? hmmm...interesting

    I talked to Nissan service and they said it does, indeed, still have a torque converter. If you'll notice, when you're going along, even in "D", with not much pressure on the accelerator, the tach needle will tend to stay put, but if you step into it, it will "slip"--I think that's a combination of the torque converter unlocking and also the belt moving along on the pulley. When you're in "+/-" Manual mode, whatever you shift to, 1-6, the belt stays in that place on the pulley--when you press the accelerator in this mode, the RPM increases only to the extent that the weight of the car will allow (as it would in a car with manual shift), but I believe the torque converter will come unlocked, too. Shifting back to "D" allows the belt full movement up and down the pulley once more--at least that what it feels like to me. And I have to say all this with a caveat--it's all very complicated to me and I may have the mechanics of it wrong, but it's the way it seems to work.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    I wouldn't base any car purchase on what I read on message boards, wheather to buy or not. bassed on what you've been posting, the car your looking at (specific car, not model) sounds like its been abused. I'd test drive another, or shop for something else. I will say though, I haven't experienced any rattles, creaks, noises or problems with mine. Its been perfect so far. Its the 3rd nissan I've owned. the first was a 90 sentra that went 220,000 miles, and was still running when I traded it in for a civic in 2002. never did any engine work to that car. not a radiator, water pump, altenator or anything else. My second nissan was is a 98 200sx. It has 146k on it, is sitting in my driveway, and is driven everyday. I kept it when I bought my alti so my 15 yr old would have something to drive when she gets her license. total repairs on that car is, 2 sets front brakes (1 at 79k, 1 at 130k) and 2 batteries. that its. everything else (including the rear brakes) are factory installed parts. It's why I stuck with nissan for my last purchase.

    But, your the one who has to live with it. If your not impressed with the car after the test drive, don't drop 20-30k on something you may not be happy with.

    and I wouldn't pay too much attention to whats said at nissan club. Most of those guys start modifying their cars as soon as they get them home, and drive the hell out of em. the way most of them treat their cars, I have no doubt they have rattles and such. they also (IMO) tend to exagerate things, and have unreal expectations. after all, its a 20k family sedan, its not a lexus or infinity.
  • rps1rps1 Posts: 13
    I don't understand how you can evaluate any rental car that has 10,000 hard miles on it. You say that you did everything possible to it and heard a noise inside the cabin. If everyone that rented the car before you, drove it the same as you did I'm surprised that it only had one noise in it. No one drives a rental like they drive their your own.
  • I ordered mine in Dec 06 in Toronto, got it in late Feb 07, started getting the latch unlock issue since last month, had the dealership look at it last week for my 12000 Km service, no worries, they ordered the part and its obviously covered under warranty.
    I would suggest you get it replaced as well, at no cost!

    Otherwise, for a thing or two its a Perfect Car! so your love is seriously justified :-)
  • stingitestingite Posts: 1
    I've been noticing when the auto-light feature is turned on, and the vehicle is just turned off, the headlights are on for an excessive period of time. Any tips on how to adjust that time duration?
  • redjackalredjackal Posts: 8
    I drive much too much. 14000 miles on my 07 Altima 2.5S within 4 months. Here are my comments.

    1. As did happen to another person here, my center console cover has seemed to have worn out and pops open on its own sometimes. They need to make the latch a bit more secure.

    2. I do here rattling from the compartments sometimes. But upon close inspection it has always been due to an object sitting in them. I just reposition the objects. (re: door compartments and center console) You can actually take out the center compartment containing the cup holders by pulling it straight out. It then becomes a square shaped compartment if you don't use it for cups. I can see how this might rattle if it becomes loose, but mine seems to be secure.
    -Some of you might not know this. The top of the center armrest slides forward towards the gear shift about 6 inches if you apply the right angle and pressure.

    3. I'm not sure how accurate the onboard computer display of the average gas mileage is, but mine is at 26.1. This is in accordance with weaving through traffic/passing driving style 80% of the time and 20% driving normally. My foot seems to put the rpm at around 4500 when passing most of the time and only occasionally does it go past that.

    4. The CVT seems like a technology step in the right direction. I don't know the particulars about it though. I used the onboard timer and got a 10s time for 0-60mph in drive mode and 9s in shift mode. But I suspect my use of that timer may have a +/- 0.25s error or more. I should have a passenger in the car with a stop watch next time. I think Nissan states that the CVT allows for an increase in horsepower (statistic) with an increase in gas mileage (statistic.) I notice it likes to stay around 2000 - 2250 rpm while cruising on a flat road.

    5. The keys have that issue with cell phones for which I hear they will have a recall. Mine allows access and ignition start, but the actual buttons on the remote are non-functional. It seems to understandably disallow the trunk to open via the button on the trunk itself if the engine is on. So I have to go push the button on the dashboard since my remote button is inop. Only a minor inconvenience and soon to be rectified.

    6. The front seats are uncomfortable for rides longer than 10 minutes. Well... I can only speak for the driver seat hehe :) I can only assume the passenger seat to be slightly better due to the ability of the passenger to be more at ease since they are not driving and can better assume a relaxed pose.
  • vikariousvikarious Posts: 15
    I found another thing wrong - the auto up feature on my driver's side window button doesn't work. Auto down does, and the passenger side one works, though.

    These are minor things, but I'd like to keep a running list so I can have them all fixed at one time.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    I found another thing wrong - the auto up feature on my driver's side window button doesn't work. Auto down does, and the passenger side one works, though.

    consult your owners manual. there is a procedure for resetting your power window. it is not broken.
  • I used the onboard timer and got a 10s time for 0-60mph in drive mode and 9s in shift mode. But I suspect my use of that timer may have a +/- 0.25s error or more.

    Are you sure you pushed it to the limit? Car & Driver did a performance test in September of 2006 and they recorded 0-60 in 7.4 seconds and a 1/4 mile ET of 16 seconds, top speed of 87 mph. Their car had 5344 miles on it.
  • talkappertalkapper Posts: 1
    Our '07 Altima 2.5 SL jerks & hesitates, slightly, around 1500 to 2000 rpm under a light pedal and going up a slight incline. I started noticing it at about 3000 miles or so. I've had two local dealers look at it. After driving it with me, both techs noticed it.

    The first dealer I had look at it is where I bought it. A service advisor & I went for a test drive. They then ran diagnostics and couldn't find anything. On my second visit, a tech took a drive with me and noticed it. The service advisor said he'd call the Nissan Tech Line on this. He called me just over a week later and said there wasn't a technical bulletin out on it and couldn't do anything to fix it.

    I took it to the other dealer, went for a drive and he "reset" the CVT. The tech claimed that it is a "learning transmission" and with two different drivers, its harder for it to learn both driving habits. I find that unlikely.

    I'm not sure if this is an engine or CVT problem. It was driven about 200 miles from another dealer, all interstate, to mine before I bought it so I don't know how it was broken in, if at all. I rarely use the manual shift. It was built Feb '07.

    Anyone have any ideas or have noticed this, too?
  • rps1rps1 Posts: 13
    The last button on the rear view mirror turns the compass on or off.
  • rps1rps1 Posts: 13
    I only have 1000 miles on my 07 altima 3.5sl and have not noticed what you described, but I'll certainly keep it in mind and get back to you if I do. Could it be that the 4 cyl. is straining on an incline?
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    The tech claimed that it is a "learning transmission" and with two different drivers, its harder for it to learn both driving habits. I find that unlikely.

    that is true. the computer that controls the cvt is programmed with 300 or so algorithms, and will select the ones that most match the way you drive. It's not as far fected as it sounds, because most new cars today record things like speed, acceleration lenght of time and force that are applied to the brakes ect. all that information is saved, like a black box does on an airplane. that data can be obtained by insurance companies and law enforcement. the cvt just uses that info to learn how you drive.
  • hell606hell606 Posts: 7
    I bought the 2.5 with the SL and Tech package and I didn't get the compass on my mirror. I have called Nissan and they tell me to contact my sales person and when I contact the sales person they tell me I need to contact Nissan because it came from the factory as is. I now it is not a big deal since I have navgation but if it is listed I should have it
  • rps1rps1 Posts: 13
    I have the 07 3.5SL with the tech pkg., and have the mirror compass which I like very much. You have to keep on the dealer and nissan and make a pest of yourself if your pkg. called for the compass. Unless you keep on them nothing will be done. Seems as though someone at the factory goofed. Good luck.
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    If it is noted on the window sticker " automatic dimming mirror with compass" Then you deserve one because you paid for it.

    But the sl package only states that it comes standard with a "Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror" It must state with compass.

    If it does state compass then your dealer should have no problem switching that out for you. They might need to order it. Check your window sticker to be sure of actual wording.
  • If you're at about 65-70 and aren't accelerating, most likely the car will already be in 6th. By popping it over to the manual shift mode, it drops it down a gear generally (to either aid in braking or acceleration), so in reality by putting it back in 6th you aren't doing too much...besides keeping it in 6th at all highway speeds. When passing, why not just shift it into 5th and accelerate? - if you're in manual shift mode already.
  • I've had a 2007 Altima for 2 -3 weeks and put 900 miles on it. I still have not found a comfortable driving position, and the more I drive it, the more my right leg hurts! Otherwise I love the car, but my tiny little Corolla was more comfortable than this car. This was a very expensive mistake on my part! Has anyone else experienced this issue with the cloth seats?
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