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2007 Nissan Altima



  • Just to comment on "ichd1340" about the Altima not being a good car.

    I have an '07 and love it. Yes, I had an issue with the AC but it was fixed immediately and everything else on the car is PERFECT. I also get great mileage.

    Let's keep an open mind here, there are lemons in all car makes. I had a Pontiac Grand Am for 12 years and had a few problems during that time but generally speaking the domestic brand was good to me, no major dollars spent. Others who've owned a Grand Am had numerous problems so to assume that ALL Altimas are garbage is an unfair comment.

    I did my homework for a long time before I gave up my 12 year old Pontiac Grand Am to buy the import and I'm thoroughly please with my Altima. It's fun to drive, it feels safe and I know it will last a long, long time!!!
  • jchd1340jchd1340 Posts: 13
    I stand corrected its closer to 99%. ps: next time you start your 07,08,09 2.5 altima after sitting overnight listen closely to your engines top end starving for oil 2-3 seconds. NOT GOOD!
  • wow you might be the only person ive ever heard that thinks the altima sucks go ask a chevy,ford or dodge guy how many of there sedans get sold a month the altima is by far the best selling car for nissan my 07 yes 07 35se gets 25mpg never has given me any headache living in new england never gotten stuck will outrun any american made crap box sedan and oh yeah i dont baby it i drive it like its designed to be that tranny you say sucks i can get 100 mph out of it only in 3rd gear have yet to experiment with any other gears so keep driving your worthless american rattle box :confuse: :surprise:
  • jchd1340jchd1340 Posts: 13
    WOW!!!100mph your so cool but clueless. your car does not have a cvt transmission and the last time i checked the speed limit in new england was 65 mph
  • :) I have an '07 Altima 4 Cyl. 68,000 miles. No major issues @ all! Consistently get 33 - 34 mpg hwy, @ 65- 70 mph. Live in Twin Cities area. Car is maintained (30K, 60K, and oil changes) at Luther Nissan, who I recommend highly.
  • hud94hud94 Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    The 3.5 V6 from Nissan used to be bulletproof, until 2004 when they changed the timing chain components. Go over to the Maxima forums and you'll hear about everyone having their timing tensioners & guides replaced anywhere from 50k-80k miles at a cost of $1k - $2k. It's not a safety issue so there is no recall and there very likely will not be in the future.

    I was going to buy a Maxima until I discovered this. I don't need that additional expense on the price of the car. Stay away from the 3.5L Nissan engine!
  • onavonav Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Altima 3.5 V6 and have just been informed by the dealer that I need my timing chain replaced at a cost of $1,700. I realize that this may not be a safety issue, but it is certainly a deffect. I am thinking of reporting this to the Illinois AG. I'm curious to know, has anyone tried to recoup the cost of this repair through this or any other avenue?
  • I'm no legal expert, but I doubt you will be able to "recoup" anything for a car that is 7 years old. You have probably reached the "statute of limitations", but I'm just throwing that out there. You didn't state your mileage, but I'm assuming that to be well over 100,xxx. You should consider the cost of replacing the belt, versus perhaps buying a new car. Yes, $1700 is much cheaper than a new car, but I question your motive for contacting the Illinois AG without knowing all the facts. With year-end incentives, you can probably get a great deal on any make/model, especially a 2011 model. Just my 2c worth.
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