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Ford F-Series Rough Idle/Vibration Problems



  • genefdnygenefdny Posts: 1
    My first ford was a 1990 f-450 dump truck I did notice this problem at speeds over 50 mph but did not pay much attention because this was a work truck and rarely approached this speed. My next was a 1999 F-250 pick-up the shaking was extremely dangerous. It seemed to occur most commonly at a speed over 55 while driving over a storm drain. Such as the left lane of a highway. This problem was corrected by adding a suspension kit to the front end. I currently own a 2005 F-250 still the same problem. I cant believe Ford has not addressed this problem after all these years. This week alone I have had two terrifying episodes of this violent shaking . Seems to occur as the tires begin to wear. Ford dealer told me last year to be sure to rotate tires every 3,000 miles to prevent this. They will not accept any responsibility for this
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757


    Airbags only deploy under specific circumstances. When you put that lift kit on you are changeing the specs of the vehicle. I don't think the air bags would ever go off unless you drove into a wall.

  • ambersambers Posts: 1
    I bought this truck brand new March '07. Back in December '06 with roughly 22,000 miles I was on the way home from out of town doing about 70 mph and hit a bump in the road. My front starting shaking so badly it was all I could do to hold onto the steering wheel. It has happened 3 more time leading up to March '07, I took it in and they replaced the steering stablizer. This past weekend with customers in West Texas it did twice more coming home. Dealership said they could not find a problem and blamed it on the tires which have sufficient tread. has anyone heard of this?
  • Go to National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration Web-Site it is click on problems and issues especially consumer complaints. If you really want to see a cover up by Ford look up recalls for Ford F-Series trucks. There was a mandatory safety recall in 87 and 88 but Ford ignored it! I was very severely injured by the violent shaking in a newer truck. It was so violent that it caused me to have multiple herniated discs in neck and back and an axonal-shear brain injury(from rotational forces) plus other multiple spinal,neurological and orthopedic injuries. If you have injuries you need to hire a skilled products liability lawyer. Ford has been in litigation for faulty air-bags,seat belts etc and suspension. There is a design defect in the steering and suspension!
  • I have been having fun with the vibration issue myself. Well since I had the truck and shop for the 3rd time today They told me Ford has a list of things to do. BUT..... They will not pay for it. Since I am not over my 36,000 miles. But what they dont understand is I have been having this problem before the miles ran out. But that is not good enough for Ford. So I am going to create a website and yes people think this is a long shot but I am going to collect as many names of people having the same problem and contact the BBB and Attorney Genrerals Office and just about everyone else who will listen. I feel is Ford wont listen lets make enough noise so other people will and not have the same problem we all have. I will post when the website is done. :mad:
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

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  • I have an '04 F-150 Pick-up with 38,000 miles. About a month ago, the front end of my truck started a bad vibration while I was driving on the highway. I thought at first that I had a bad flat tire when it happened, so I pulled over to check and nothing.

    Then we thought it needed a wheel balance, so that was done. within 3 days, the vibration was back. the vibration occurs at highway speeds starting at about 65-70 mph. the entire front end starts vibrating. I thought the wheels were going to fall off.

    When I took it back in they thought it was the driveshaft. luckily, an extended warranty was purchased so I was only out $100 deductible and a new driveshaft was put in.

    AGAIN, a few days went by and the vibration is still there. This morning I took it back to the dealer and I'm STILL waiting on a fix. I got a call that they added spacers to the carrier bearing on the driveshaft. And plan to keep it overnight for further driving tests tomorrow. They also had it hooked up to an analizer to try and figure out the problem. They still don't think it's in the wheels or tires.

    Any thoughts from anyone?
  • tops299tops299 Posts: 1
    #4 miss firing intermittently (according to error code). Pressure is good. Have changed plug, wires. Could it be bad injector? high voltage coil? what are the symptoms.

  • giturdone1giturdone1 Posts: 5
    i have just recently bought a newer truck. i have had for a few weeks with no problems. until i pulled my boat, once in a while i get a vibration when traveling down the road. i took it to the dealership they couldn't find anything wrong. it did it again after i unhooked the boat, then it stoped. i am so confused.......does anyone have any idea's?
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    Trailer brakes dragging slightly?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    This is a post from a guy who put a lift kit on a F-350 then drove at high speeds.

  • neilsen1neilsen1 Posts: 1
    I have an 06 F350 super duty. So far everything has broken. THe shift on the fly switch just turns, the dumb storgage holder on the dash doesn't open and this thing shakes at 55, 60, 65 and up. People next to me on the road look at me in horror as I just have to slowly wait it out. It returns back to normal when you reach slower speeds. The whole truck rocks and bounces of the ground. I too have been to Ford, it' not your lift kit, its the truck period. I have gone thru two sets of front tires and also have been told to use max airThat's just stupid. Max air! fix the design, don't make the customer have to do something funky to get by.
  • i recently went off roading in my 1999 ford 150 2wd 4.2L. at the end i bottomed out. now when i start my truck the exhaust sounds a lot louder and the engine makes a noise. now i have no power, accleration, or torgue. also when driving around 45-50mph the truck starts to shake. anyone have an idea what is wrong with my truck?
  • wormrotwormrot Posts: 1
    2004 XLT 4x4 bought new, 50K miles. Rotated tires last summer (~36K miles) had the steering wheel shakes at speeds >50MPH, got new tires, still shimmies at 75+ MPH, but fine most of the time. Also developed a squeaky right front brake (wear indicator?).

    This morning at about 70 MPH the whole truck started shaking - so much so that the wiper blades were bouncing and my bottled water tipped over in the cupholder. Slowed to 50 MPH, exited highway, and it felt like I had a flat rear tire. Checked it out but the tires are fine. Noticed some slight scalloping.

    Called my mech and will bring it in Monday, but I'm not optimistic. Out of warranty for sure. Still owe $7K. How f-ed am I?
  • i just got my truck back from the mechanic. it turns out all i needed was 6 new spark plugs and the coil replaced. he didn't give me the bill yet but how much can spark plugs cost. the truck is now back to normal. good luck with your truck.
  • rondo77rondo77 Posts: 2
    I just replaced my plugs because my truck was stalling and puttering in 1st gear and now when Im driving while giving it gas it starts to jerk and putter when I try to accelerate and my check engine light starts blinking.Any suggestions please.
  • rondo77rondo77 Posts: 2
    :cry: I just replaced my plugs because my truck was stalling and puttering in 1st gear and now when Im driving while giving it gas it starts to jerk and putter when I try to accelerate and my check engine light starts blinking.Any suggestions please.
  • waythoswaythos Posts: 1
    Thank you for your comments and your action. I too have experienced this lack of responsibility evidenced by the Ford Corporation's. I recently contacted an attorney and plan to file a "Small Claims" lawsuit to recoup my repair expenses. Let's motivated others to join us in this pressurization for responsibility.

    Ford fraternally :mad:
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