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2002 Buick Rendezvous Class Action?



  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    If the brakes are being applied while your foot is in gas tank it sounds more like traction control is being engaged, usually because it thinks tires are slipping.
  • jml14jml14 Posts: 2
    Well, i just tried first experiment, I pulled Mini Fuse 6 - ABS Control Module fuse. Started the car, and dash lights up message ABS Disabled, and the warning beeper in the car beeps constantly and does not shut off. Obviously I cannot drive like this.

    I plugged the fuse back in.
  • pjk2pjk2 Posts: 7
    My sister bought a Honda Oddasee and had to replace all the brakes and tires after 10K miles... not under warranty... my Buick brakes lasted 42K and my original tires lasted 60K... total repairs for my Buick Rendezvous for 8 years 90K in Pgh ... $101.
    While my sister continues to repair and replace parts in her Honda and see paid $10K more than my Buick.
  • First of all, you claim is wrong unless your sister bought old honda odyssey....Any new car regardless of brand is covered under warranty if you have drove only 10k miles unless normal wear and tear. Paid 10K more???? Unbelievable.. Did she donate some money when she bought her Odyssey? unless you comparing to way higher end model with lower end model.

    And your another Biggest lie, Buick introduced Rendezvous in 2002. How did you get 8 years old Rendezvous????? Plain & Simple, Get your fact right first...there is no credibility in your post.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    The Rendezvous was introduced in the spring of '01 as a 2002 model per Wikipedia.

    Let's calm down a bit and stick to talking about the cars please.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • I am having a starting problem with my 2002 RDV. I bought the car new, have loved it but now the repairs are taking the joy out of owning it.
    It's recent history is not starting for a couple of hours when I drive short distances. If I try to start it too frequently it strands me even longer so I just wait it out. Now it won't start at all.
    At first I was told it was the fuel injection first so got some of the stuff to put in the gas. It did help but not for long. It kept doing the same thing and leaving me stranded.
    I took it to a private auto shop for 4 days and they could not replicate the problem.
    I had it took it to a Buick dealership for 2 weeks and they could not replicate the problem.
    When I picked it up and went to the market for 20 minutes. When trying to leave, I was once again stranded. I was also stranded on a short lunch break many times from work and recently on several occasions. This has been happening for about 3 months.
    I've recently had the fuel filter, fuel pump switch and now the fuel pump replaced w/new parts and it still won't start. AAA towing just picked it up to take it to the dealership once again. What on earth is keeping this car from starting???!!
    Battery is new, cables are good, spark plug wires are GM and new but my mechanic found a cracked spark plug. Could this stupid spark plug have been the culprit and no one even considered that? He didn't replace it or even put it back in, so now I won't know, which irritates me too.

    Meanwhile $600 later, the dealership will do a diagnostic now that it won't start and Service Engine Soon light is on. They said they couldn't do a diagnostic before because it always started for them.
    Does anyone have any experience with this for me that won't cost an arm and a leg at the dealership?
  • I have had a lot of repair problems with my 2002 RDV. I bought two of them new and one ended up being returned as a lemon.

    How do I get more information on this Class Action Law Suit for repair reimbursements and maybe get rid of the car for a new something else?
  • I have a 2002 Rendezvous that I just love. I have had issues with it but nothing like what I read in these forums. I have the ABS issue. I got stuck in the snow once and my ABS system hasn't worked since. I had the tie rods replaced but the pigtail needs to be replaced. That's my only issue other than the Manifold gasket replacement 2 years ago. My question is, Gloria as I lovingly refer to her, has 124K miles and I've never owned a "truck" before. Is this really a truck or is it a car? Should I be thinking about sending Gloria off to the great scrapyard in the sky or will she last longer. I have not been faithful with the oil changes but I have had fairly regular maintenance. The body looks pretty good considering her age and I just wonder how much longer this car will last. Any thoughts???
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    You never know, some will contiunue to be good others not. I know of one or two Pontiac versions of this vehicle that have over 200k miles on them and still going.
  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239

    Knownig "if" / "when" unexptected repairs will hit one's RDV seems to be a random thing. And, it's a hit/miss for each specifc vehicle as well. With this in mind (since it sounds like you love Gloria so much), I'd "drive her until she drops and cannot be rebuilt anymore". The "Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall" saying...

    If wondering, my wife has an '03 RDV (FWD basic model). Only repairs / replacements to date is 2 x front wheel bearings and 2 x front brake rotors - which seems to be a common "wear / tear" items with these front end heavy weight design vehicles. Our "Blue Thing" (which we call our RDV), always starts in the deep cold, always gives us a great smooth ride, has firm steering and overall, it's a "fun vehicle" to drive. Especially for a local "run about" vehicle - where MPGs savings isn't a high priority.

    For our "Blue Thing", we plan to "drive her until she drops - and isn't worth fixing anymore". Actually, we're hoping to keep our RDV for another 5+ years - since it has no external rust and is still running great. And when she does need to be replaced, we'll probably replace with simular shape "pre-owned" mini-SUV vehicle shape - like Torrent or GM Equinox. Or, perhaps a Santa Fe.

    Hope this helps with your Gloria....

  • Hi There
    I am having a major problem with my 2002 Buick Rendezvous. I have already had a part on both sides of the rear replaced, the dealership said that this would fix the problem but to no avail. While other cars on the road can go 60 - 65 miles per hour in very mild snowy conditions, I cannot go more the 30 or I will spin out. I absolutely cannot control the vehicle on ice, snow, or loose gravel. The rear end just sways back and forth. I am at a complete loss, I have no other vehicle and three small children. It is just a matter of time before a disaster happens. I dont know what to do. This car is too dangerous to drive in the winter months but I got to get to work and I cannot afford a new car. If anyone has any insight, please repond.
    Thank you
    Concerned Mother
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    Number one on my list of thoughts is tires (those 4 little patchs of rubber on the road are the first thing to ensure control is maintained not matter what vehicle you are driving), do you have winter tires and are they in good shape? After that proper tire inflation, proper alignment could be a consideration. Is yours FWD or AWD and do you have traction control turned on if FWD. Any lights indicating problem with AWD or ABS?
  • I had the same issue with my 02 Rendezvous, the issue was that the people who owned it before me had put the wrong size tires on it. I put all new tires on it this fall, which cost about $550.00, and I have had no problems this winter on the roads. The car is actually a dream in the snow, as for any car ice will always be an issue.
  • Hi,
    Yes, I got new tires two months ago. It is a FWD and there are no lights indicating any issues with the ABS :( The traction control is on. I truly am at a loss as to what is wrong, The dealershiip is not able to help. I bought the car in 2005 and did not have a problem with it until last winter. The rear tires were severly warn on the outsides and the dealer told me that the part they replaced was causing the tire wear and would also cause me to be unable to control the car in winter road conditions. Well.... it did take care of the tire wear but I still cannot control the car on snowy roads. It is more severe then just that the roads are bad. I have lived in Michigan my whole life so I am very experienced with winter roads. In very mild conditions I cannot go more then 25 - 30 miles per hour when everyone else is still going 60 or more. I can feel the back of the car just swaying back and fourth. It feels the same as bald tires on snow and ice. :lemon: Does anyone know if there is a chance that the rear tires could be a different size then the fronts? I have never heard of that but maybe for this car that is the issue? They put the same size tires on all four wheels
    Thanks and any more input is much appreciated
  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239

    My wife & I have 2003 FWD RDV and if driven with normal winter driving TLC, our vehicle holds the snow/icy roads well. Actually, our RDV holds my winter roads better then our "lighter weight" mini-van.

    For your 2002 RDV, stock tire size should be: 215/70R16. During winter time, some folks upgrade to slightly wider 225/70R16 rubber (on all 4 tires on their own steel rims). Regardless of stock size or +1 wider rubber size (only for winter months), all rubber must be the exact same size (and same brand - if possible). With cloth and water/soap in hand, you may want to wash the outside of your RDV's tires. Each tire must have the same numbering. re: 215/70R16. And ask your local auto shop to insure each of your tires are inflated at the same air pressure as well. Even 5 lbs LESS air in one tire could make it sway.

    As a test, drive down the paved road (while no others are around you) and let go of the steering wheel. Does your vehicle want to wonder to the left, wonder to the right? If so, your RDV needs an aligment. (or perhaps its wheel bearings is gone). With hands off the steering wheel and no one around, hit the brakes. Does your brakes pull your RDV to the left, or pull to the right? Does your steering wheel shimmer back and forth under hard dry braking condition? If so, you need the brakes looked after. If steering wheel shimmer while braking hard also means a warped rotor. If one rotor needs to be replaced, replace both at the same time.

    Another common problems with RDVs is front wheel bearings wearing out. When front wheel bearings wear out, the vehicle gets way too much "over steeer" and "under steer". Lots of road wondering as well. Approx 2 years ago, my wife's RDV felt sloppy in the corners. After lots of tests, we got both its front wheel bearings replaced (with higher quality replacement parts). Today, its steering is now firm and tight. No more sloppiness on the corners. And, no more wondering down the straight road either. As a suggestion, get your RDV's front bearings inspected. If needed, replace with higher quality replacement parts. Glad I did this repair (upgrade) on my wife's RDV.

    Also... If you lost faith in your current dealer, perhaps visting a specialist alignment shop is better? Especially if you feel the problem with your RDV is an alignment or perhaps a support/stablizer bar issue - not a core mechancial issue.

    Hope these ideas help....

  • Thank you for your answers. We jacked the car up and looked at it ourselves and saw that both of the springs behind the wheels are broken right in half. I called a new mechanic and have it set up for service. How could they have not noticed this? In any case, I already placed a complaint with the dealer. They asked me to bring it back in and I said NO WAY!!! Taking my business elsewhere.
  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239

    Good find. re: Broken coil springs in the rear of your RVD. Good eyes!!!! Yes. It amazes me that your dealer missed these broken rear coil springs as well. When replacing tires, you'd think they'd do a simple visual inspection (like you did) in that area as well. Definately look for a different auto mechanic. Your blind mechanic should NOT be working on any cars - especially on vehicles that transport kids around...

    If you tow a trailer or tend to put lots of cargo in the rear of your RDV (like we do), you may want to investigate the addition of Timbren SES units as well. If wondering, Timbren SES units fit inside the coil springs and replace factory bump stops. When rear of vehicle is compressed down too much, they come in contact with the Timbren SES units. Vision air bags filled will soft rubber - instead of compressed air. If wondering, we have Timbren SES units on our vehicle and love them. They do NOT impact empty ride comfort or change "empty" vehicle stance. But when loaded down, the rear of our vehicle is much firmer - without worry of air shocks or air bags blowing. For more details, surf:

    Hope this helps as well....

  • wifey2uwifey2u Posts: 1
    Yes, include me in the '02 Class Action Suite. I bought my car new in 2002, and the ABS light comes on every time we go over a bump, called GM, and they said that this is the first time that they heard of this, so I went online, and I am not alone. So, please include me in. Thanks.
  • dlhoffmandlhoffman Posts: 2
    Hello, do you have any information regarding the class action suit.
    I just purchased a 2002 rendezvous and now the power to the windows and raio are locked can't roll them up on the radio it says locked. I took it to a mechanic he says take it back where you bought it from, but I purchased as is. I got a diagnostic it says I need body control module replaced, intake manifold gasket, air conditioner condenser, what is wrong with this vehicle, 2 days and now I am screwed. Does anyone have any advice.
  • dlhoffmandlhoffman Posts: 2
    Hello, do you have any information regarding the class action suit.
    I just purchased a 2002 rendezvous and now the power to the windows and radio are locked can't roll them up on the radio it says locked. I took it to a mechanic he says take it back where you bought it from, but I purchased as is. I got a diagnostic it says I need body control module replaced, intake manifold gasket, air conditioner condenser, what is wrong with this vehicle, 2 days and now I am screwed. Does anyone have any advice.
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