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2002 Buick Rendezvous Class Action?



  • juliaomjuliaom Posts: 29
    Dump it, you will be money ahead. Four years and $11,000 later I am still paying my credit card bill of $3100 for the blown head gaskets from the dealer. Not to mention all the other repairs.
    I to thought Buick, being an AMERICAN car was Patriotic to buy, however, after purchase the RDV paperwork stated this car was made in MEXICO.
    I sure could have used some of thier Marguarita's but this time.
    I LOVE MY 2007 MURANO, white, four door, beige leather seats, new 18 inch tires, drives like a dream, 58,734 miles now.
    Never again will I buy and American car, even as a Patriot.
  • My grandmother bought her 2002 Buick Rendezvous CXL brand new in 2002. Almost immediately, she experienced problems with this vehicle. The electrical system went out completely. She was actually locked in the vehicle. Computer was replaced. Next was the air conditioning compressor. Replaced. Then, overheating. Head gaskets replaced. Heater won't blow out hot air. Fixed. More electrical problems, to the tune of $3000.00. My grandmother passed away in 2010. She very lovingly willed this car to me. Immediate problems. Overheating, again. Leaking water, antifreeze AND oil. And the air conditioning compressor went out, again. The fans stopped working. The car overheated yesterday, took it back to yet another shop. Cracked head gaskets. $3300.00 to fix. OR $4100.00 for a new engine. Did I mention this car has 71,000 miles on it? What a NIGHTMARE. Why hasn't there been more recalls on this vehicle!!!!! The mechanic told me today this vehicle is known for the head gasket issues. Not happy AT ALL. GM needs to stand behind these cars.
  • billohbilloh Posts: 5
    I'm also a rendezvous owner. Also same problems and repairs. Also was a ford minivan owner with similar problems. Never again American cars. Very sad.
  • I've had the same problem, been left stranded 7 times. also have a problem with the dash lights flashing on & off when I cut the car off. Gotten a new key, had the electrical to the ignition replaced, & the body control module replaced. Still not fixed. If you find a solution please let me know.
  • Sorry, I can't help you only to say that I went ahead and dumped mine shortly after that post. I really lucked out and got like $3k trade in on it at a B lot, this guy sells rendezvous for a buttload of money in Mexico I guess and had a Texas connection to get them across. I ended up with a Ford Escape a couple years newer than the buick. It was a good choice. Love the escape, minus the fact that this one has a bit of rust as it is a Canadian car... The only thing I miss on the Buick was the stadium seating in the back seat and it was slightly roomier, but otherwise, the transition to the Escapae was great. I paid off the lien, got the $3k trade in and financed a few k from the bank and it was still probably worth it to not have to dump major money into the buick.... good luck.
  • wjeterwjeter Posts: 1
    I am having major issues as well. I bought my Buick 2011 and every since I had this car there has been issues. I have replace the drums, the radiator sensor, my electrical wiring is acting up. The windows get stuck and sometimes do not want to come back up. Now I am having issues with my differential and transmission. I am still stuck in this loan and owe more than 3,600 dollars. I am so angry and frustrated with this. This needs to be looked into for a class action lawsuit or something. I should of read the complaints before I found myself purchasing one. This is crazy!!!!!!!
  • nmatamorosnmatamoros Posts: 2
    I am going through the same thing. I have a 2002 Buick Rendezvous CX, purchased in 2006. I have had one problem after another since I purchased it. For the last three years I have had to go without any air conditioning. We have replaced the condenser twice since it purchase. Most recently, I called the BUICK dealership to report my latest nightmare with the car. I was traveling on the freeway at 65 miles per hour when the lights in the instrument panel went off. Every light imaginable started going off. The needles on the odometer, gas gauge, and temperature malfunctioned. The horn then went off and the radio displayed the word LOCK on the front. My windows would not roll down, the radio shut off. My hazard lights would not work as they were already flashing from what I think was the alarm system going off. I had many people honking at me. I did not know what to do. I started losing power as if the system was shutting off on me. Mind you, everyone is traveling 65 mph or higher. If it were not for some of my window already being down due to no air conditioning. I would have been killed. I placed my arm and hand out the window motioning for people to let me get into their lanes so I could pull over. This took almost four minutes. The worst four minutes of my life. I thought it was all over for me. BUICK said they have no RECALLS out and that my Warranty is expired. This does not seem right. It is a SAFETY issue as far as I am concerned. Any help please. I have been told it is a Body Control Module. Please advise. Do I call BBB?
  • Thank goodness you weren't in an accident! I just went on a 700+Mile RT and about 100 miles into it all of my gauges and needles were going haywire just as you have described. All the dash lights blinking on and off, needles moving right to left. I drove a couple of times briefly at night and when this happened the headlights would also blink on and off. When I parked and locked the car a few minutes after the alarm system would go off. I have it in at the shop right now and they suspect a loose ignition switch and are replacing it for $275. After reading these posts I am afraid that is not the problem and I will have to pay that regardless. Last year I had the over heating problem. Cost over $3000 to repair. It was a cracked head. I bought my rendezvous brand new in 2002 and have been very happy with it otherwise.
  • Update on my 2002 Rendezvous electrical problem...after reading the post #284 by nmatamoros I called the service department and told them to check the Body Control Module and not to replace the Ignition Switch. Turns out it WAS the Body Control Module! It will cost nearly $600 to replace but thank goodness I read this post or I would have had to also pay $275 for the ignition switch which I did not need. Why don't the mechanics read this forum? All I did was google my issue and landed here. I really know nothing about cars!
  • I had my body control module fixed and I am still having the same problems. If you read posts here you will see lots of people have replaced the body control module and it doesn't fix the problem.
  • I am so sorry to hear about your issues. After speaking with General Motors and notifying the National Safety Highway Administration I got no where. Approximately one week later while my Buick sat in the drive way, I allowed my daughter to go to the store. Within one mile from the house the head gasket blew. That was the end for me. I had not choice but to sell it on Craigslist as a Mechanic Special. About 3 weeks ago I finally bought a new for me, but used Isuzu Trooper. I should have done that along time ago. So far so good. I wish the best for you. Be safe.
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