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2002 Buick Rendezvous Class Action?



  • We just had the same problems as you did. At 51,000 miles, had to have the intake manifold gasket and head gaskets replaced ($1,680). Two days later noticed fluid leaking and took it back in to the local Buick dealer. The a/c condenser was cracked. Had it replaced. The estimate was $851, and after making inquiries with GM, etc. GM finally agreed to pay for the part (condenser) but we paid the labor ($423). They won't help us at all with the intake manifold gasket and head gasket repair costs. Sounds like you are in the same boat as us, with you only having 46,000 miles. We found that most had close to 80,000 when these problems cropped up.

    GM said they would not help us with the first repair (sounded like they said no as soon as we said we did not get the extended warranty). The extended warranty has nothing to do with anything because this happened after the extended warranty would have run out. We don't put very many miles on our vehicle so the time runs out before the miles.

    We are pursuing our crusade to get GM to step up and do the right thing, even if we have to try small claims court.
  • whitefamwhitefam Posts: 3
    I bought my Rendezvous last April after my 1992 Dodge Caravan(3.3L engine) with 200,000 miles and rarely any problems was totalled in a car accident. So far only have paid for lower intake manifold gasket. That was a 700 dollar repair and the mechanic accidently cut the cruise control but they went good on that. The mechanic put in New Formula antifreeze in it when doing this repair. Said the Dex Cool coolant has been suspected of causing the issues with the gaskets. I just realized some things we concidered just odd flukes with the car may be potential problems. The gas guage goes up and down constantly after the bottom half of gas. It's pretty good staying right where it should be when the car is full but because of this and running out of gas once we just have been watching the fuel used monitor on the driver information. Also, recently the rear parking aid stopped beeping when backing up. The lights are still working to notify me that I am getting too close to something, but the car no longer beeps as it get closer to the object. My car has 105,000 miles on it. I am hoping alot of these things have already been replaced.
  • cwebercweber Posts: 10
    Im up for a calss action lawsuit!!!! About a month ago my rearend on my Ren went out, almost 4k in repair cost luckly I purcased extended warranty. That might be what is causeing your Ren not to shift properly and seem sluggish. Have your Rearends looked at by someone else other than a dealer.
  • timmestimmes Posts: 1
    2002 rendezvous. We need to get the ball going on a class action suit. Called buick and they refuse to do anything with my $900 bill for intake that seems to be a 1. design issue and 2. dexcool issue.

    How can we get this organized?
  • there is a class action suit going in canada look it up on google search. i believe a court date is set for this month. save all your bills for your repairs , i feel that if it suit goes in canada the states will have to do them same. the us will not do a thing given all of the troubles gm has at the moment . could be wrong , but i have no other options
    at this point...............
  • jaygee3jaygee3 Posts: 2

    I own a 2002 RDV with the 3.4L. I just picked my car up from the shop yesterday after having my engine rebuilt because of the problem with the gaskets and the dex coolant mixed with the oil but no leak. The repairs along with a rental I had to get to back and forth to work totals over $3100.00. I am in the process of trying to get GM to reimburse me or talk to an attorney to see if I can do anything. The engine started with a knock and in the fourth chamber followed by chamber 2. I had 83526 miles when the engine died. Now that I have had the engine rebuilt with everything new I plan to keep it for a while. :mad:
  • jaygee3jaygee3 Posts: 2
    Sorry to hear that. I have the same problems with the wheel bearings 3 X's just had the engine replaced the starter was replaced A/C condensor is messed up to because I had the Ac recharged and the next day it blew out hot air. I am gonna fight with GM to get my just deserves. :mad:
  • for those of you having troubles w/ your ABS lights & it having nothing to do w/ ice...have your intake manifold & head gasket checked. I had/have problems w/ the ABS 3 times...first 2x's was becasue of the intake manifold (within a 1 1/2 years of each other) now it is happening again except this time it is the head gasket. I am convienced that the ABS problems are related to the engine troubles caused once I fix the engine ABS are fine until the next time...............:cry:
  • vani2004vani2004 Posts: 9
    I am not saying this.......According to Consumer Report, Buick Rdvz. labeled as worst used car to own. Here is the link to survey & report:
  • You did not read report very good. It says that the all wheel drive models are the Worst of the Worst. The years they are talking about are 2002 thru 2004. The article is in Consumer Reports April 2008. We have 2006 Buick Rdvz. FWD good car so far. :D
  • elizwelizw Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 Rendezvous. My car has 60,000 miles on it and it started a clicking noise a couple of weeks ago. I told my husband that it sounded like my lifters. I did some research on it and it landed me here. Called my Buick dealer and since it was out of warranty the couldn't offer me anything but they the first thing they said was that it could be, was the intake manifold gasket (surprise, surprise). I did more research and found this web site On March 20, 2008, the California Superior Court granted preliminary approval to the class action settlement reached with General Motors in the GM/Dex-Cool class action lawsuit. This settlement affects people who purchased or leased a "covered vehicle" anywhere in the United States other than Missouri. A separate settlement has been reached for those who purchased or leased their vehicle in Missouri, which will offer the same benefits but will be separately approved by a Missouri court.

    The lawsuits were filed on behalf of owners of General Motors vehicles, which were factory-filled with "Dex-Cool" coolant. In summary, the lawsuits alleged that Dex-Cool degraded certain vehicles’ intake manifold gaskets and other engine sealability components, and that in certain other vehicles, Dex-Cool formed a rusty sludge, clogging the vehicles’ cooling systems and causing vehicles to overheat.

    Terms of the Settlement:

    You may be eligible to receive between $50 and $800 in cash reimbursement under the settlement if you have paid for a covered repair by May 30, 2008, and if you submit a claim by October 27, 2008. If you paid for multiple covered repairs, you may be eligible to receive multiple cash reimbursements provided you submit a separate claim for each repair.

    Please go to this web site to get all the information. I hope this helps everyone. It certainly helped my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please let everyone know about this. It may be a good idea to do more research on it to make sure it's legit.
  • elizwelizw Posts: 2
    Go to to review the settlement requirements. There is also a number to call to ask questions. It seems to be legitimate. They said that repairs don't have to be done by a dealer. You only have until May 30, 2008 to get the repairs done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good -luck.
  • shelby349shelby349 Posts: 13
    Gasket leaks?Try a OTC sealant.I did that 80k ago,and I'm still ok,using a universal coolant.A/C condensor?Steel core Napa,$250-75.Window regulator?Ebay..the switch might be burnt out after forcing regulator due to slider damage,also.Tire leaks?The "chrome"rims have peeled their coating on the inner edges and rust-pitted,leaking air.Replace rims.I changed headlight bulbs,serviced it for recalls.At 190,000 km on my '02,I can't say it's been a total lemon,great in snow and slush(AWD).I'm going to have my diff. fluid changed out today,good advice.Keep all fluids fresh!!!
  • h2oaquadogh2oaquadog Posts: 11
    I just received a phone call from the Executive offices at Buick. I sent them a nasty letter letting them know that I had to walk away from my 02 Ren with ONLY 37,000 miles on it because I could no longer afford to replace wheel bearings and intake manifold gaskets. Somehow they thought apologizing would make things better. However, she did state that people need to call the customer service number and complain about all the things wrong with this car. I know we have all called at least once, if not twice to complain and yet they still don't get it. But, please everyone start calling AGAIN! Call and let them know about your gaskets, your wheel bearings, your fuel tanks. Keep calling till they figure out this car is a LEMON! The woman I talked to just could not believe there were this many of us that had the same problem and they had never heard of it. By far the most obsurd thing I have ever heard! The number is 1-866-608-8080. I was fortunate enough to be able to trade mine in (at a hUGE loss), but the dealership turned right around and sold it to some poor soul....
  • I purchased a 2002 Buick Rendezvous from Pinebelt Chevy Dealership - about 2 1/2 yrs ago. First off- I fault myself for rushing into the purchase of this vehicle - I had never heard of the Model & also that I purchased it at a Chevy dealership were both mistakes. But I was excited as this was my first vehicle purchase on my own. Within the first month of ownership it had to put in the shop because it wouldnt start. Then within the 1st year it had to be put in the shop two more times due to trouble starting. It left me stranded at Newark Airport with my mother at 11 pm at nite - we had to sit for over an hour before it would turn back on!! Also I have had to have the A/C Condenser replaced as well as the drivers side window switch as well as both front wheel bearings!! I am putting it BACK in the shop tonight because the A/C Blower only works on the #4 setting doesnt blow on 1-3 or the 5th setting either! Also it has started giving me trouble on start up AGAIN!!!!! I am PETRIFIED of this car - although it drives beautifully (which is the reason I bought directly after the test drive) is very comfortable and roomy - I have had a myraid of problems and it seems that these will continue throughout my ownership. Which is what REALLY makes me nervous!!! My loan on this vehicle doesnt mature until 2012!!!! OMG!! I thank my lucky stars that I let the finance manager talk me into the extended warranty - even though I didnt want one. Because on my last vehicle (Saturn) I NEVER needed it!! My extended warranty is due to run out in 15k miles and I am shaking in my boots wondering what this will cost me to hang on to this car. I looked into tradeing in the car 1 yr after owning it and I owe more than what it is worth and would have to take a HUGE hit to get rid of it. Although it may be worth it. I will also look into buying another extended warranty before this one expires. DO NOT EVER BUY A BUICK RENDEZVOUS!!!! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE VEHICLE!!! :lemon:
  • h2oaquadogh2oaquadog Posts: 11
    As bad as it will hurt the wallet, I really would get rid of it. Unless you can get the extended warranty. There was seriously something wrong with the 02 model. I know by "the law" this doesn't qualify as a lemon, but I bet most drivers would say it is. I wish I had come to this website before I got mine!
  • I know it would be worth the HUUUUGE hit - but I just dont think I could honestly afford it - But I am going to do some research - I may have to seriously downgrade myself to an older vehicle so that when I tack on the 7k from the Buick it will cost me about the same - I owe about another 13 k on the Buick and I know they wouldnt give me close to that on it. My Buick is in the shop now as we speak getting the A/C blower fixed and investigating the 'hard start' problem AGAIN!! I just had the A/C condesor replaced last summer! I feel that this car will continue to have more and more and MORE problems as time continues. Oh yeah and Ive recently noticed rust starting n the hood near the windshield on the interior of the rear hatch - the hub cabs have started peeling AND I just had to have my front brakes and rotors done - the mechanic told me that the Rotors were decaying on the vehicle - they were RUSTING right off!! Now Im not a mechanic BUT that doesnt sound normal cost me close to $400 for the brakes and rotors. I am scared out of my mind thinking about this car. NEVER BUY THIS SUV!!! :lemon:
  • wandakaycwandakayc Posts: 5
    I also have a 2002 Rendezvous and had the same thing happen with the problem of the engine stopping and then not being able to get it restarted. After being towed into the dealership four times, they finally found that it was the spark plug wires. Might try that.
  • ginnmillginnmill Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2002 Rendezvous in 04, I've had nothing but problems since! I've had to replace the rotors twice,the wheel bearings 3 times, the body control module and now my a/c doesn't work. The repair shop says it's the condenser and it'll cost $700.00 to fix. I'm sick of this car! I contacted the BBB and they are investigating my claim. Buick customer service called me to discuss my claim and informed me that because of the age and # of miles on my car there was nothing they could do. I have 68,000 miles on my car, what a joke! No wonder GM sales are down. I hope they never recover from this recession, I hope they go out of business completely. They deserve to be punished for all the suffering and expense they've caused. I will never support GM again, they are a bunch of crooks. Like many others, I wish I'd found this site before I bought that piece of crap but hindsight is 20/20. I would definitely support a class action suit against this auto maker - they're all a bunch of thieves, from the executives to the dealers! Because of Buick, I will never purchase another american-made automobile. They have no loyalty to their consumers!
  • vani2004vani2004 Posts: 9
    Ginmill sorry to hear your problem.....but watch out for that head gasket......its another major problem for Buick rendezvous. I replaced in 2006 & GM didn't take care of it and within less then two years my head gasket again went bad.....I called Buick again and they still can't help it although it went bad within two years....they told me parts have only 12 months or 12000 mile warranty on it when replaced. I don't have $1500 to fix my head gasket.....
    My condenser went bad too and GM don't want to take blame that its their condenser is i had to buy Condenser off ebay and went to local mechanic...i still end up paying almost 500 bucks. Dealer mechanic told i won't repair car if you don't buy parts from us........
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