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2002 Buick Rendezvous Class Action?



  • h2oaquadogh2oaquadog Posts: 11
    It is just mind blowing to me that Buick seems to think that their cars are only good for about 80,000 miles. I don't care how "old" a car is, with mileage as low as this, they should be standing up for their product. Mine 02 CXL only made it for 38,000 miles before I had it towed to the dealership and told them it was theirs, I couldn't afford to fix it anymore. There is a class action against GM/Buick but it is for gasket leaks that you had to have repaired by I believe May 30th. There defintely should be one for the wheel bearings on this, even though they did one of their so called recalls on them. I'm curios to hear what you hear back from the BBB because this car should not be on the road.
  • i have a question about the blower motor resistor, why did you replace this piece.
    was it because the 1-5 channels were not working? my issue is 1-3 channels does not work, 4 & 5 the air does work.

    any answer will help!
  • My ABS takes over randomly and occassionally the light will come on. I have had it in to the dealer 8 times now (it's actually currently there) and they have replaced both front wheel hubs and harnesses. Last time it was in they said it was a wire further up the frame rubbing. Now they can't replicate the problem and have no clue what to do. HELP!! :mad:
  • i replaced it for that very reason. the resistor reduces the current to the blower motor. pi bought it on rock . it was way cheaper that gm and you can compare the photo`s to the one you have. it is located under the glove box and takes a 9/32 socket to remove it. i had trouble get the 9/32 screws on the resistor out so i had to take the blower motor out as well.
    good luck
    p.s i have also done the window regulators and wheel bearings as well, so if you run into these problems i will be more than happy to tell you how i was able to fix them.
    thanks for the question , makes me feel good that i can help someone who owns one of these gems.
  • samjaysamjay Posts: 4
    We have had numerous problems with our 2002 Buick Rendezvous! We just had an AC condenser replaced last week and now our head gasket is leaking and in need of repair. The intake manifold has also been replace, wheel bearings, and who knows what is to come! We have 3 more years to pay on this piece of [non-permissible content removed]. I am planning on writing to BBB and to GM to see if they will help us recoup some of these repairs. There is no reason a car with 70K miles on it should have these HUGE problems! GM must be aware of these issues.
  • samjaysamjay Posts: 4
    I'm with you on that! Our 2002 has cost us 1000s in repairs!!! And I am sure there are more to come! We only have 70000 on it and we just replaced the AC condenser and head gaskets in a matter of a month! I'm beside myself and planning to write and call!
  • Samjay, you can call and complain BBB but will of no use. Only good will do is that BBB will keep track of how many complain they are getting for 2002 buick for same problem. I had the same problem that you had. First, AC condenser and then head gasket. I replaced both. I replaced Head gasket in aug. 2006 and spend over $1600 to replace them. Within less then 2 years i just found out that my head gasket went bad again. So i have to replace head gasket again in 2008. I complained BBB and you know what GM offered me to resolve the problem????? They are just using BBB as a selling point. Instead of helping me repair my car, they offered me $500 to buy new GM vehicle..can you believe that?...It was insulting....why would i buy another GM vehicle after terrible nightmare expereince with one of their Vehicle. I don't have money to fix a car and they want me to buy another car. In complain i repeatedly mentioned i don't have $$$$ to replace again head gasket and i need help. What kind of idot work at GM who offers $500 to me to buy another vehicle who don't have money to fix car. Let say if another car cost 25000 and they offered me $500 against buying another vehicle. I don't have money to fix head gasket on my 2002 buick. so i have to come up with $24500. I have to get loan to buy that another GM Vehicle. (who will give me loan when i dn't have $1000 to fix my car). Loan monthly payment will probably somewhere around $500 or may be more. Did GM think about any of that stuff....NO wonder if GM employee comes up with such idea to resolve problem, then no wonder GM is performing so poorly and just ruining all the reputation. I wonder all the big guns at GM are just bunch of Idiots. Wrong people at wrong place.
  • heidi13heidi13 Posts: 1
    My 2002 Buick Renezvous has a christmas tree dash board that the dealer says is not under warranty. The internal harness in the transmission has to be replaced I have no reverse. Both my ABS and anti-lock brake lights are on as well. HELP?
  • samjaysamjay Posts: 4
    You can contact BBB or send a letter directly to GM. I haven't sent a letter yet, but am planning on pursuing my issues further. This is out of control.
  • Well I am telling you after the mess we have been in with this and 2800 in a month with gaskets, hoses ,serpentine belt and pully, vacum hose, taking out that nice dexcoolant that may have caused this mess battery cables that about caught on fire and more guess what the ingine is blown 3 days after we picked it up it started knocking and we still owe on this ,. I am sending GM and reporting it as a lemon under the lemon laws this should be recalled it has been a headache from day on get rid of yours fast that was my next step but to late
  • samjaysamjay Posts: 4
    we're so frustrated!! 3000 in repairs in two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who has that $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ every month.
  • I don't think that any states lemon laws will still cover this car. I believe it had to have been defective in the first years it was on the road. Unfortunately for all of us who own/owned this vehicle it didn't really crap the bed till the lemon laws were expired. You can write a letter to GM, be sure to send it to the office of the CEO, and your dealership has an amount of " good faith" $ and they may be willing to help you out. I was able to get my wheel bearings fixed for free 2 times before they were recalled.
    The fact remains that the ONLY way to stop paying for repairs on this vehicle is to ditch it. EVEN if that means you pay for it without owning it. Seriously, it would be cheaper to make the payments than to pay for the repairs. I had to get rid of mine at 37,000 miles...a 2002! That thing should have run forever. I was lucky enough that my GM dealership was part of a Subaru dealership also, so that is what I drive now, and have never been happier. Good luck to you, I know how frustrating and sad this is. :lemon:
  • I'm also with you. I was just told this morning that my head gasket was blown and am going to need 2000.00 dollars just to fix it. Then I need to figure out what caused it to blow!!! I've also had the wheel bearings replaced! I have 1 more year to pay on my piece of [non-permissible content removed]!!!
  • Oh and I forgot to add that the traction and abs systems need repairing!!
  • juliaomjuliaom Posts: 29
    If there is a class action suit, I am in. This car is a nightmare, I have same prob with my 2002 RDV CXL, now with 114,000. Bought used in 2004 with 29,000 miles from a Buick dealer. This car has cost me more money than all my prior 4 cars, Izuzu Rodeo, Volvo turbo, Mercedes Sedan, and used Mercedes, all over a 34 year period.
    First year the AC compressor went, out of town dealer charged $2000.
    Then rotors, many other problems, then in Aug 2008, the engine head gaskets had been leaking, car overheated, dealer repaired engine for $3000, also same time the right driver window repaired motor for $550., then another window repair for $500.
    The service manager at Glenn Buick talked to the Buick rep, and they said Tough, its not under warrenty. The dealer knows all the repairs he made on this car for me.
    Now the AWD disable light on for two months, dealer charged $95 to tell me I need a new hub and sensors to repair problem, and it will be almost $600.
    This car has cost me so much I cannot afford another car.
    I bought it to be a good American citizen and buy an American car, turned out after I bought it, found out it was made in Mexico. I did not know there was anyone left in Mexico to work.
  • juliaomjuliaom Posts: 29
    Sign me up, this 2002 RDV CXL has cost me a fortune. August the dealer repaired head gaskets badly leaking, overheating, for over $2000. Two broken window motors, over $500 each, NOW, the AWD disable light is on, and the dealer charged $95 to tell me I need new hub and sensors to repair this for another $600.
    Why has this car not been recalled.
    I bought American car to be good American, never again. Toyota here I come.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,187
    Before they change the hub, I would ask them to check the integrity of the wireing to it. Many times it is a connection problem and not the sensor itself thats bad.
  • juliaomjuliaom Posts: 29
    Thank you so much for the reply, I will do that about checking the wiring. I am all about getting a second opinion. Just trying to find a reputible car repair place to take it to.
    I could have bought a Santa Fe, but NO, I was a Realtor at the time and thought I needed a large posh car with leather seats. What a mistake.
  • I have a 2002 Buick Rendezvous,And I to Have had nothing but trouble with it..Mine started with the air condition going out then the gas tank,the battery, constant fuses going out. And now my car is knocking.I dont know what to do ..Im a single mom with two kids and I dont know what to do..I will join you, on going after GM and reporting it as a lemon!!! please email
  • I want to join the class action.could you email me and tell me what I need to do...I have had the same problems as everyone else.And Im tired, angry and out of money..I cant afford to put any more money into this car and "TIME"!
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