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2002 Buick Rendezvous Class Action?



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
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  • I am hoping someone can help. I have 2002 Buick Rendevous. The interior lights will not shut off after you start the car. I have changed fuses without sucess. Currently running without dash board lights because cirucuit is same as interior lights. Any suggestions?????
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    Hhmm if this were the Pontiac version, I could guess maybe the interior lamp control had been turned to 'on' instead of 'door',not sure on the vous though.
  • :lemon: I have all the same problems listed in this blog. I just spent $2,000 getting the head gasket fixed and now I find the air conditioning needs to be fixed for $1,000. I've already replaced the gas tank, which I found became a recall item. I think the car is a lemon and poorly engineered. It's a shame Buick won't be more responsive. :lemon:
  • I do not know how many miles you have on this 2002, but my suggestion is get the extended warranty, quickly. My 2002, bought in 2004 with 29,000 miles has cost me $9000 in repairs, and tomorrow is going in for a new hum as the AWD light has been on for two months, and now the tie rod is going out.
    The head gaskets were repair a few monts ago for almost $3000, and both front window motors, and the driver side switch, and the first year I bought it the AC went out when I was out of town, that was over $2000.
    If you can, get rid of this car asap.
  • Welcome to my Rendevous 2002 world, first the AC, then the hubs, then the head gaskets, both front window motors, and the window switch, now the AWD is out and they found the tie rod is going too.
    The lemon laws do not apply unless you are the original owner and bought it from a dealer, which I did but it was in 2004. The dealer has been good but not much help to intercede for me.
  • I would love to join your class action law suit. I bought my 02 Rendevous 11 months ago with 60 thousand miles on it. First the transmission went out then the AC then the fuel pump and not the BCM is out. Please send me info on what I need to do to join. My Email address is

  • I am not positive there is a Class Action suit, I saw a reference on this board.
    Friday I reached $10000 in repairs in 4 years on this Buick Rendevous. The dealer and GM paid for the AWD system failure of $454.00, after a month of haggling, but the tie rod breaking and of course the front breaks and rotors were out.
    The front breaks could have been exacerbated by the failure of the AWD system, but GM said tough.
    If I were I would find an after market warrenty (cheaper than the dealers) and get it quick. You have just begun you disaster with this car.
    GM kept telling me my milage was too high at 114,000, but the car started breaking at 45,000 with the AC system.
    I suggested to the GM person, who by the way was in Argentina, that they should say they cars are only good for 60,000 miles and save us some trouble.
    The first GM customer service person I spoke with was in the Phillipines.
    So much for GM outsourcing our jobs.
    This company is totally stupid, and they make a crap car.
  • Have an 02 CX. All in all not a bad car. Had Gas tank issue(leak) fixed prior to recall, got recall notice, GM covered entire cost. had 80k manifold problem. Dealer says it is 'common' in this car, sounds like a design flaw to me, should be covered by GM). Now having issue with car just going DEAD. Drove yesterday about 50 miles, went to lock car with FOB, no response. Went back and tried to start car DEAD totally.
    came back 40 mins later, started right up, clock did not lose any time, so it was not the battery. Drove car home, turned off, every light and indicator started to blink,
    could not shut off, finally stopped, car was now DEAD again, 10 mins later started up, but everything blinking again. Trio to dealer next action. Anyone have DEAD car issue
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    Really sounds like a cable connection problem, loose or corroded, could also be battery/charging system issue.
  • Dealer replaced battery and checked charging system abot 6 weeks ago. Charging system OK, or so dealer stated. I hpe it is something as simple as a bad cable
  • on my 02 , i was having problems with the car stalling out on me. this was after fixing all the the other crap on it 1st. i have a friend who pays for mitchell manuals and let me look up the tbs for my 02 . to my surprise i found one about gas. it had said that certain gas stations gas would cause stalling and other things to happen with how the car runs.i switched to kwik fil rather than hess. after 2 bottles of lucas gas treatment and 3 tanks of high test A ok. so check this site out. maybe this helps you.. good luck
  • SassyVSassyV Posts: 1
    I would like information regarding the class action suit for the Rendezvous 2002. I am having the same issues as everyone. I can't afford to pay the repairs anymore and am almost done paying off the car in 6 months. I hate to have get another car and make payments for 5 years again. I just want the problem taken care of once and for all!!
  • Given the symptom that every light and indicator started to blink, wouldn't it be the Body Control Module (BCM)? My folks have a Rendezvous (hopefully, not for long -- trading it in) and the lights started blinking when the BCM went.
  • hi i have a 2006 rendevous since january 2007 my belt has broken 5 times right know i am still in warrenty the belt just broke last night and the belt before that broke dec 9 i have took it to 2 different dealerships to try and solve the problem i have called buick every time since the 2nd time it happen when it happen the 3rd time i got free oil changes and tire rotation til my warrenty ends i havent even put 8000 miles on it in a year because i am scared to take it that far because i might get stranded :mad: :lemon: :sick:
  • Please include me in a class action suit if one forms, Ive had all the classic problems
  • If there are any Canadian Rendezvous owners on the forum, the class action settlement agreement has been approved. You can get info and claim forms here -> link title

    The settlement itself isn't great but at least it puts a little bit of money back in our pockets.

    With the junk that GM has been pushing out for the last number of years and their total lack of responsiveness to customers, is it any wonder that they are in the toilet and getting flushed? If it weren't for the fact that so many people would be out of work, I would tell the governments in Canada and the US to GM fail. Good riddance to bad rubbish. :mad:
  • juliaomjuliaom Posts: 29
    Does this only apply to the Canadian owners??
    My POS goes into the dealer again tomorrow, it is now leaking coolant. I took it to them the other day, and they looked at the fluid I took in, and said it was OIL.
    DUH, they think I don't check my oil, and know what it looks like??
  • We have an 02 CXLOn Friday the service engine soon light came on (the two front seat heaters were on). The light then went off while continuing to drive. Parked the car and left it run for about 30 minutes while wife waited for son, moved the car and then the power windows wouldn't work, next was the doors wouldn't lock and the rear hatch wouldn't work. Just went out to check fuses, car alarm started going off then car went completely dead.
  • We thought it may be battery - took it to Walmart. Explained to the guy what was going on, he immediately asked if we had a Rendezvous, then asked is it an "02"? We asked how did he know that, he said he used to work at a Buick dealership and said it sounds like the BCM. He suggested the dealership he used to work at. We ran up there and they said same thing, sounds like BCM. They called a little bit ago and said it was NOT the BCM but a bad connection with the underhood fuse box and that we did need a new battery. Since buying this car (used from a dealer) about 2 and 1/2 years ago, we have put rotors and brakes on twice, calipers this past summer and a new gas cap and fuel filter. We do have that "sound" in the back of the car when we turn the wheels (parking). We still have about 3 years left on payments - payoff on loans is way more than the car is worth, so basically stuck with it.
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