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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Transmission Problems



  • rick1999rick1999 Posts: 6
    I have an 01 sonoma 2.2 engine with auto trans. The problem I'm having now is that when I get on the highway the torque converter doesn't lock up like it should once I get into overdrive and the truck also will not downshift into passing gear, also when I get off the highway the trcuk is idling at 1500 rpm instead of the normal 900 rpm. If I shut the truck off and start it right back up it runs normal. It just started doing this a couple of days ago but today the check engine light came on when it did it. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    since the CE light came on have it scanned ill bet it comes back with a P0740 tcc performance code or a P0741 tcc stuck off....
  • tony2x43tony2x43 Posts: 4
    i went to motor vehicle for inspection and they told me i have code p1870 coming up on obd II. is this a transmission code? if so i am not noticing any thing wrong with trans. what is the cause of this code?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 869
    It is for worn out parts in the transmission, yours has to be high mileage.
  • tony2x43tony2x43 Posts: 4
    it has about 110,000. now that i failed inspection because of it, do i need to rebuild trans? do you think there is anything i can do to get it to pass?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 869
    Erase the code and don't go far to get it checked, it most likely will not set a code. Some day the transmission will over heat and damage the converter and clutches.
  • I have a 1995 S10 pickup with standard transmission. Around 230,000 miles. All I've ever really replaced is water pump, alternator, battery, u joint, etc. I drove the truck home one day from taking off the trash to landfill and parked it. The wife and I left to go out of town for the night and when I returned the next evening about 24 hours later, I got in it and the when I pushed down on the clutch, I didn't meet any resistance. I pumped the clutch and finally got it in reverse and backed it out of the driveway, but had numerous issues shifting it any more than that. I finally got it parked out of the way and have been trying to guess what is wrong with it. It will not shift even when the engine is turned off. The master cylinder is full of fluid and when I have my nephew pump the clutch there will be a few tiny bubbles come up to the top of the master cylinder reservoir under the hood. But the clutch still does not disengage for me to shift. Is this a slave cylinder issue? What do I need to do to correct this problem. Looking for cheapest possible solution. Old truck, but has much sentimental value. Thanks in advance, you have guessed, I am not a mechanic, but can do certain things.
  • I have a 1999 Chev S-10 4 cyl automatic transmition with 150K miles. I have had the truck for two years and have put 15k miles on it, during the entire time i have owned the truck it has run very well, despite having the ABS light lit on the dash. A few days ago i was driving on the highway for about 30 miles, as I was about to get off the highway the engine ran up to 4000 rpms and the overdrive was no longer working. I drove it home fine staying under 50 mph, after turning the truck off and making another trip a short time later the overdrive was working fine. I checked the trans. fluid it was a hair low so i added a quart. Truck is now running fine however from 50-55 mph the rpms go from 2000 to 2300 to 2000 to 2300 and so on until you go over 55 mps. Other than that the truck runs just fine. (ABS is indicator light is still and has always been on) Local mechanic says need new transmition do you all have any suggestions of what the problem may be? Thanks Kevin
  • You are going to have to rip the trans out and apart to get to the solenoid. If you are lucky you could just drop the pan and get to them. You will have to find out witch one b/c there will be two of them. If you plan to keep the truck for a while, you should just replace them both and be done with it.
  • It sounds like the clutch plates are going out so you will have to take out and rip the trans apart or you can always try to flush it out. It would be cheaper to flush it out first and if that dosn't work than you will have to rip it out.
  • I'm the original owner of a 90 S15 4WD, 4.3L V6, Auto Trans w/ 145k miles, that just started shifting into neutral after 2nd gear. 1st and 2nd seem to work fine, after that it's just neutral. Fluid level is fine, color was ok. I took it to a tranny guy, who said the tranny needed to be replaced @ $1,500 w/ a 12K 12mo warranty. He said this is common for this tranny at around this mileage after he looked under the truck and looked for a cable near the carb to verify what tranny it was.

    I didn't see any mention of this in here.
    Any suggestions or is this guy right on the diagnosis?
  • don't laugh too hard, but would it be cheaper to replace the auto w/ a manual?
  • anyone have anything?
  • I am experiencing a very disturbing problem when my auto transmission shifts to overdrive and I am looking for a possible diagnosis and/or a less expensive alternative to replacement or shop repair.

    When I ask the engine to get me up a mile long 10* grade incline, the engine RPM kicks up but no power is being delivered to the drivetrain. I immediately start to loose momentum and slow as the engine continues to try and maintain highway speed. When I let off the gas to allow the trans to shift back to lower gear, power is restored to the drivetrain, but not enough power to get me to the top of long incline above 35MPH.
    Appreciate any suggestions
  • vangaurd i wish i could help.
    this appears to be a dead forum
  • I'm not a professional mechanic, but have soime experience with this transmission. I have had limited success replacing the fluid and filter, but have had to abandon use of overdrive in my '98 S15 SLS. With the 4.11 axle ratio, that limits the top end, but keeps me moving. You didn't say whether you have kept up with fluid maintenance. If not, try the fluid and filter change. You may also want to try selecting 3 instread of D and keep the cruising speed below 60. I have bought a parts truck for the transmission and was looking for tips on how to get the upper bolts out of the bell housing.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 869
    Remove the transmission cross member and let it down a bit. When you get the transmission out of the the vehicle you are going to use, hammer the pinch weld near the bolts for future easy access.
  • This truck has about 108000 miles, Truck Jumps and shuts off (at stop sign) The brake pedal feels "hard" I even hear the tire screech like its stuck. This happens when first driving after it warms up it does not do that.
    Ive also been having problems with the gears shifting. It will drive ok in 1st and 2nd but sounds like it goes into neutral when going into 3rd it just revs with no power. If i let off the gas I can stay in 1st or 2nd..... The really weird thing is after I pull over and turn it off it will shift fine, but if I use the brakes then it will occasionally shift funny again.
    When I pull into my drive way and then shift to reverse (I can put it into reverse but it sounds like neutral again) it wont reverse. But if I shut off the motor then start it up and put it into reverse its fine!!

  • The problem was a catalytic converter of all things....replaced for a grand and running great now...Thank you for the reply all
  • Last week my son was driving my S-10 home from school and he made it about 100 ft out of the parking lot when the truck felt like it was in neutral. I told him to check the fluid and it was low. He put 2 qts. in and made it home. ( about 8 miles )Since then when I go to put the car in any gear it doesn't do anything.I checked the fluid and realized that it was over filled. I drained the fluid to the correct level and to no avail it still does the same thing.I also noticed that I can shift without having to push down on the brake. The truck ran perfectly fine before this and I know that I always had to push on the brake pedal to shift from park to drive or reverse.Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong. I'm baffled. It has a 2.2 liter and an automatic trans with about 80,000 miles. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
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