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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Gasoline Engine Problems



  • my truck was hit pretty hard. it has the 5.7 tbi, what other trucks can i put this in motor and transmission in?
  • I am sorry if this has already been discussed here but I did not want to go through all the pages to see. I have a 99 and a 04 4x4 with the 5.3 v8. I am having the same problem with both. They are loosing water over time. I have been told it was the intake gasket. Does this sound right? The 99 is not as bad as the 04 and the 04 is smoking white smoke when first started. Is this related to the water problem? As you can tell I am no mechanic and I would appreciate any of your suggestions on this issue.
  • You can tell if you have a blown head gasket, start the truck and watch the exhaust, if white smoke comes from the exhaust then you could have a blown head gasket ! Also, check the dip stick, look for drops of water on the stick !
    Good Luck
  • What about the 99? It does not smoke but it does loose water over time. I have to put water in it about every couple of weeks.
  • cliff85jcliff85j Posts: 7
    I have an 05 chevy silverado with 55000 miles on it. I have the oil changed regularly and dont abuse the truck. I put on 2000 miles since the last oil change. what would cause the truck to start using oil now and would switching to synthetic ol make a difference?
  • You try replacing the catalytic converter?? if not that then check oil galleries on heads if that does not solve problem I do not know then I tried to help take care hope all goes well Mike
  • You might have bad valve guides or bad rings maybe an internal leak. how is oil pressure? if it is not high when giving it gas it is cam bearings needs to be around 35-60 psi at an idle. hope i helped you mike
  • Hello everyone I have a 2000 GMC sierra 1500 5.3 lt that backfires and misses while going down the road at low RPMs when it is high Rpms it cleans out or runs better changed maf sensor and didn't seem to help runs better with it unplugged has anyone else had this problem? I have thought of everything and can't seem to figure out what it might be. Thanks!
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,837
    you sure you swapped in a good MAF?
    does it idle rough in neutral or only while in gear/rolling?
    if rough idle in neutral, does it smooth out when you remove oil filler cap? if yes, maybe intake manifold gaskets & RTV-sealant? (even a good MAF can't adjust for an intake leak?)
    these are longshot ideas from an earlier GM V8s, maybe not relevant to your 5.3, but just in case... :shades:
  • Hello,
    I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 5.3l 4x4. I am have issues with the engine missfiring. The computer is telling me that I have cylinders 5, 7, & 8 misfiring. I also have fuel coming out of the exaust. Today I have replace all of the plugs. I still had the same cylinders misfire. Then I switched cylinder 1's wire with cylinder 8's wire and still the same missfire codes. Then I swapped coils with 3 & 5, but still we have misfires on 5, 7, & 8. I then checked power to coil #5 at the power harness and we have 14.6v. Do you have any suggestions from here?
  • 1998lincoln1998lincoln Posts: 108
    check the engine temperature sensor! If it's failing it's telling the throttle positioning sensor that the motor is cold so it keep's dumping a lot of fuel. So when the gas is pushed it will flood and it will die! Just something to check ! Good Luck.
  • b072786b072786 Posts: 3
    i have this 6.0 vrotec v8 engine and every time i try to start the engine it wont unless u pump the gas a couple of time im thinking it may be the fuel pump not really sure and advice?
  • I have a 99' k1500 ls 4X4 z71 5.7ltr. My truck dies, anytime, anywhere. Don't matter what the temp is outside or of the engine. Seems to run nearly perfect, plenty of get up, but for some reason it just dies, out of no where, like i shut the key off. I have replaced, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, coil, ignition module, fuel filter, and one of the O2 sensors. Tomorrow I'm going to change the fuel pump regulator. It already had a new air filter that I put in last year before it decided to die and not start, so I parked it. Now its throwing P0430 code at me. The exhaust has always smelled a little off. Not rotten eggs or even sulfor really, just off. Could the low efficiency of a cat conv. make these motors just up and die like this? 8 times out of 10 it fires right back up, sometimes it dies a couple time immediately after that some times it don't. I have been battling this for months, if I didn't still owe the bank I may have pushed it off a cliff by now. Tired of dumping money into it. Some one please help! I like the truck but this is crazy. Oh ya, if i unplug the O2 sensor behind the cat., will it even run without it or if I do this will it just act like it was never there?
  • ms1378ms1378 Posts: 7
    Hello, asking for some advice, in the past 2 weeks exhaust started to smell heavy of gas and then in past 2 days when idling, motor feels like its missing. Took it by my mechanic and he said # 8 injector may be clogged. Now I notice that as I accelerate my oil pressure gauge raises up to about 50-55. As i slow down or come to a stop oil pressure gauge drops back to 40. Could this the start of computer-electrical problems ?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    What was the oil pressure readings before?
  • ms1378ms1378 Posts: 7
    The oil pressure sat around 40 to 42..and I've never seen the gauge fluctuate before. I mentioned that as I accelerate it 3000 rpm its it climbs to 60 64 then as the rpms drop so does the gauge
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