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Ford Ranger Lighting and Electrical Problems



  • sealanubis,

    This is Seni with Ford Customer Service. I am sorry your Ranger is not performing to your expectation. We recommend that your truck be inspected by a Ford dealership to determine the cause of any symptoms it may be experiencing. If there is no coverage under applicable warranties, recalls, or ESPs, repairs and services would be your responsibility. As you mentioned, the problem may be intermittent, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a problem. Your next step is to make an appointment with your servicing dealership to have your vehicle diagnosed. Please contact the Customer Relations Center at 800-392-3673, if further assistance is needed. Thank you.

    Ford Customer Service Division
  • gardenflogardenflo Posts: 2
    I own a 1998 splash ford ranger. and my dashboard lights and tailights are now out and the fuses are good. where to go next.
  • gardenflogardenflo Posts: 2
    i didnt look at the fuses under the hood. I found a blown fuse the next day thanks. for the input.
  • jarredgjarredg Posts: 1
    I just got a 1994 ford Ranger and the drivers side power locks and windows are not working, the power mirror adjuster works but not the locks or windows. I am at a complete loss as where to start.
  • bigrandybigrandy Posts: 1
    1995 Ranger, the brake lights functions properly until the head lights are turned on and then the right rear brake light is dead.
  • itforfunitforfun Posts: 1
    When the problem shows up (it is intermittent) my passenger side headlight goes dim, the dashboard turn signal indicator dimly lights and the cruise control does not work. If I turn off the head lights and just have the driving lights on, the cruise control works unless I use the right turn signal in which case the cruise control disengages, but when the turn signal is turned off the cruise control works and the memory of the last speed works. Any ideas?
  • todd75todd75 Posts: 1
    i am having the same problem suddenly with my 1994 ford ranger

    the locks work and the side mirrow work as well does the passenger side window but driver side stop working

    did you get any info
  • My problem was limited to the brake light and turn signal on the passanger side. I ended up replacing the multifunction switch on the steering column and turn signal relay. It did not solve the problem immediately; however, in a short period of time, (24 hours) everything started working and it continues to work to this day. I suspect a poor ground somewhere in the system. I speculate that all the movement under the instrument panel and in the column finally moved something to make a good ground. Very frustrating but now everything is working.

    Did I tell you about the $700 I had to spend on the A/C or the recent problem where the brake line behind the gas tank rusted through. The worst part was the rear brakes were so rusted, that I could not loosed the bleeder valves. I had to replace both brake pistons. Fun owning an old truck!
  • so got a question i have a 1994 ford ranger 2wd 2.3 litre and it is turning over but not starting... Would that be eletric ignition or my coil packs?
    I just replaced the timing belt, water pump, and all the top end gaskets. The timing marks are spot on so it is not my timing. It is not getting any spark... I need help cause i am stumped it seems like this thing has ghosts in it hahaha!
  • check the crank sensor on crank shaft,its alot cheaper than them coil packs
  • My ranger won't start on occasion, narrowed battery, fuel pump and starter out, have a feeling electrical issues, had to disconnect remote start, worked good for a bit, anti theft light still flashing, LOL it allways seems to happen on weekends, would not start for 2 days, now went out and it fired right up. The engine is trying to kick in but just does not catch, really need help please!
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    edited October 2011
    It might help (not to me, but for others) if you told what year and motor.

    My wild guess - fuel pump relay and/or corrision where relay plugs in.
    Next WAG, weak fuel pump. Can you hear pump running? Running pump mean relay is ok.
    Maybe a plugged up fuel filter.

    Reread your note. I think remote starts and add-on security systems are just a problem waiting to happen. Think about it, this is cut into factory wiring. If the added wiring fails, or the little black box associated with this ad-on fail, it's going to cause grief.
  • 1999 Ford ranger 4x4, four lt engine.
    pump running,checked relay,recent tune up.
    remote start disconnected, but theft light still flashes and think it is factory.
  • w650w650 Posts: 1
    I'd also like to disable the ignition key alarm, or maybe disable entire alarm. (That I want to eliminate the alarm does not mean that I don't use the seat belts!)
  • From the conditions you are describing, I would be very suspicious about the transponder in your key or the device in the ignitiion switch that reads the code in the transponder key. I don't really know how the anti theft system works, however, I suspect the circuit disables the ignition coils but allows the starter to turn over. I believe this because the starter is a high current device and it is easier to disable the coils.
    I would start diagnoising this problem by talking to the service department at the local ford dealer to see if a failed transponder key will allow the engine to turn over and not start. I might also ask if they have ever heard of an intermitant anti theft (transponder) circuit.

    There are ways to bypass the transponder anti-theft circuit in the ranger. You can buy kits if you are electrically inclined. An alternative would be to have a lock smith install a bypass key. My ranger is getting old. If I start to have trouble with the transponder key, I will bypass. Who would want to steal an old truck anyway! Good luck.
  • Hello,

    I started having a problem where i would insert the key and hear spme subtle shocking sounds, while all the lights on the dash flicker intermittently. you attempt to turn the key and absolutely nothing happens. Not so much as an attempt to start.
    I have a brand new battery. I disconnected the power to the battery and put it back after a few seconds, and it worked fine. Then a few weeks later the same thing happened. Disconnecting the battery fixed the problem again.
    Last night, while driving all electronics in the car flickered twice, (headlights, dash lights, radio, everything.)
    Then all of a sudden the truck just dies. All power went out and the engine quit. It was like a complete blackout. The emergency flashers would not come on, head and tail lights were out. It was completely dead. Luckily i coasted to a stop sign, jumped out pulled off the power cable at the battery, put it back and then got in the truck, and it started right up.
    When it came on i noticed the temperature gage showed the truck overheating. I was able to make it another block to my house, where i noticed the water reservoir was empty.
    I do not know if these problems are related, as i had the radatior replaced a recently, after a rock took out my old one. So that could just be an issue related to the replacement.
    The electrical problems scare me. Anyone know where to start to diagnose the issue?
  • im having the same issue but my dome light wont come on, and my 4x4 doesnt engage, i was told it was fuses, or the relay, but not to sure
  • I have a 1998 ranger and the brake lights dont work. I have tail lights, reverse light and turn signals but no brake lights. Also the light on the cab doesnt work either. I have tried replacing the fuses that could be the problem. That solves the problem for about a day and then the brake lights dont work anymore. The other day i replaced the brake light switch and that worked for a few days but then the brake lights stopped working. Bulbs are ok and all fuses are good. Only problem with the fuses is that they spark a little when plugged in, normal or not? Would it be a bad ground or maybe a split in the harness that leads to the stop switch? I really need help! Its for a girl in college and she drives about 100 miles each way each weekend! Just want her safe!
  • simple fix, I have the same truck cost me a 800 trying to figure it out till i met another 94 ranger owner with a 4 cylinder, ANSWER...... sounds dumb but fill her with supreme guarentee she will start. i tried everything mine would turn over but not start put supreme gas in and what do you know starts every time
  • ledr1ledr1 Posts: 1
    i have a 4/4 5 speed 93 ranger 3L all gears dropped out going down the road fourth works any one have an idea what could be wrong. or just replace and be don with it. and does anyone have one for sale near wichita ks. :sick:
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