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Volkswagen GTI Maintenance and Repair



  • a_ja_j Posts: 3
    Nope. It would not start again yesterday - Sunday. On Monday, right before the tow truck arrived, it started up fine. Anybody else with electrical problems?
  • waz69waz69 Posts: 3
    the car locks fine but when i open it the lock slams straight down again so have to pull the door handle quick as i turn the key , then carnt lift the door pin till the key is in the ignition then it lifts think it might be the central locking relay but dont know which 1 it is any ideas or any1 had the same and can put me strait , cheers
  • waz69waz69 Posts: 3
    my gti used to cut out but eventualy start again , it was the coil pack that was on its way out and once replaced totaly sorted the problem anfter many hrs of head scratching , hope this helps any1 with simlar probs
  • I bought one in October and LOVE it. I have had no problems at all with it. It drives great. The only issue is people want to see it all the time. :)

    True there were issues in the past with VW's (I had a 97 jetta with lots of problems). They seem to have worked this out pulled the manufactutring back to Germany etc.

    Any one car can be a lemon. I had a dealer buy back a 06 honda for that very reason.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    for those who have been taking their mkV gti's to the dealer,

    how much is service running you? (oil changes/tire rotations)

    what about scheduled serivce? (20k,30k etc)

    thanks mucho!
  • rppaulrppaul Posts: 4
    i took it only for 40,000 mi and it cost me $382. oil ch costs $52 whether at the dealer or mechanic (its mainly the cost of the synthetic oil 5w-40 @ $6.50/qt). pls note that i drive around 1000 mi/week so car gets good exercise !!! hope this helps - had the car 2006 gti mk V manual 6, for 14 months, put on 50,000 miles and the maintenence cost was 4 cents/mi (which included snow tires and rims @ $780) - in comparison, fuel costs ran at 8.8 cents/mile
  • nmrtnmrt Posts: 56

    I am a very proud owner of a 2005 1.8T GTI (5-speed). I currently have 20000 miles on my car and have been a stickler for oil changes (VW 502.00) at 5000 mile intervals. But I am going to be taking a road trip across the u.s. and was thinking about putting about 6000 highway miles in the car. basically, i am going to be driving to california from connecticut and back. do you think it is ok to go 6000 miles?
    thanks for the help.
  • rppaulrppaul Posts: 4
    it is your decision to make - but be careful of who you choose in CA to change your oil. i drive 800-900 miles a week 90% of it at high and sustained speed (no city driving for me)- i have been changing my synthetic oil 5w-40 at 6-7000 intervals without dire effects for 50,000 miles. word of caution - keep an eye on the oil level (i top it off when it gets 1/2 qt down) also, my 2006 GTI 2L turbo burns more oil when the oil is not clean (i.e. after 4-5000 miles after change) hope this helps --- have a nice trip, paul
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    thanks much appreciated enjoy your gti! ;)
  • nmrtnmrt Posts: 56
    Thanks for the advice, Paul. I think I will change my oil after 6000 miles for this trip but will be keeping an eye on the oil level as well.
  • sueswimsueswim Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem with my 2001 gti. If you park it for more than 5 minutes but less than an hour and it's hot, then it won't start. What year is your and did you fix it?
  • waz69waz69 Posts: 3
    hi mines a 1992 mk3 all my elec probs we down to the coil pack had a new 1 fitted and no probs since touch wood . if yours is the same would recomend search ebay or onlne for 1 and get some one with a bi of common sence to fit it for you if you carnt do it yourself , coz i int know wat was up with the car the garage stung me £192 + vat for a £40 coil pack and 1 hrs faf , hope this helps
  • jondc212jondc212 Posts: 15
    hey so i am thinking of getting a 2007 GTI. i am a current owner of a Honda accord with 167,000 miles and going.

    But i want a faster, fun, and FAST again car to drive around.

    Being a Honda owner for the past 8 years it has been really good to me, besides freaking people who try to jack my car.

    Will the GTI give me the same reliability with less mechanical problems through many years??

    please experienced VW owners share your love and hate...
  • banibani Posts: 39
    not likely.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    not as uber reliable as honda, but all mkV's (jetta, rabbit, gti) have been worlds better reliability-wise then their predeccesors.

    dont ever ask anyone to share their you really want to get anywhere with your question?
  • astormalastormal Posts: 4
    I purchased the 2007 gti exactly a month ago. My heart was set on a Honda civic si coupe until a friend told me that the vw rabbit was the way to go. I test drove the rabbit/gti and fell in love with the gti (big mistake) should have stayed focused on my first choice (honda). My brand new 1 month old car will randomly not start, the battery gets a boost and I'm back on track. I've taken it to the shop and am still awaiting a response. So far, they can't replicate the problem, hence they can not figure why my brand new car is not starting. Since you own an acura, you probably haven't had to deal with the headaches. Not sure how lucky you will be if you switch over to VW. Good luck, and if you want a car that will not leave you stranded and cause you more headaches than it is worth, do your research.
  • astormalastormal Posts: 4
    I feel your pain. Did they ever figure out what the problem was. I have my car in the shop and they may need a little help in figuring out was woring. I've missed one day of work, and was late one day within the same week. In addition, I've had the car for only one month. What to do?
  • astormalastormal Posts: 4
    What could it be. Why would my battery die without a reason, how come VW Service can't figure it out and why would they be willing to give me the car back if they can't figure out what the problem is if I evidently have a problem. I only had the car for a month and have been having the problem for the past week. The battery has died on me 3x. First time it was overnight, 2nd time I was at the airport dropping off my little sis, left the hazard lights on while unloading and giving her hugs goodbye (10 minutes). Then I load everyone back in the car and the car engine does not want to start. Luckily I hailed a good samaritan who gave me a boost. Any one have a similiar problem. I have a 2007 VW GTI, recently purchased on June 18th.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    i just visited that website; hilarious!

    some actual legitamate problems, and then people who don't realize the rabbit is build in germany and not brazil. Losers.

    anyway. astormal, why don't you replace the battery? and see if this keeps happening? maybe thats why they can't replicate the problem?
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