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2007 Mazda CX-9



  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    All I know is that you can't build one on the website with both. I wouldn't think it was worth $8k if you couldn't get it that way. I'd just have aftermarket lcd's put in both headrests, and it would still be cheaper than the factory version with just one screen.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Does anyone know for sure that DVD is not available w/ sunroof?

    The Rear Seat DVD Entertainment System is not available with a moon roof. To be honest with you, with the thousands you will be saving going with the CX-9 over the MDX, just go to Best Buy or Circuit City and purchase and have them install a DVD entertainment system.

    You have to ask yourself if a factory entertainment system is really worth thousands more?
  • I would never let the availbility of DVD entertainment dictate the choice of car, particularly because, as you say, there is so much aftermarket stuff out there.

    I was pretty fortunate with my moonroofed CX-7 that I could've got the OEM DVD system if I had wanted it. After looking at the Mazda entertainment system, though, I thought it was cheap and NOT a good value. Frankly, it LOOKED like a tacked-on aftermarket unit. I think I ended up spending $200 on a cheapie dual 7" screen unit that slings over the headrests. Granted, we only use it for long-haul vacation trips, but it serves its purpose for a lot less than the Mazda option.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    I priced out a sytstem with 4 screens for $1400, which included:

    An indash 6.5" lcd w/ dvd player and 5.1 surround, backup camera, 7.3" lcd in the sunvisor, (2) 7" lcd's in the headrests, (3) wireless headphones, and a center channel speaker

    It makes you wonder why most manufacterers charge upwards of $1200 for their systems with just one 7" screen.
  • gls69gls69 Posts: 24
    I need to replace my wife's 1997 Volvo 850 T-5 which she likes because it has good power, handles well, and can fit two dogs (which she trains for hunting). This may be a strange request, but could anyone comment on a Mazda CX-9 vs a Mercedes GL 450? I am not interested in the price difference. I am mostly interested in a vehicle that holds two dogs + paraphenalia, but that handles as much like a sports car as possible. She also doesn't care about Nav, DVD, etc since we don't have kids and the dogs don't watch the DVD. Also, she already has a Toyota Tundra double cab 4x4 which she uses purely in the field, but it is too big for commuting and bringing the dogs along.
    Thank you in advance for your opinions.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    If you don't need the three rows of the CX-9, you could look at the CX-7 right now and see what you think in terms of space and handling.
  • gls69gls69 Posts: 24
    Good suggestion. We will look at the CX7. In the interim is there any data available on skidpad, slalom, etc on the CX7 vs CX9.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    The CX-7 is pretty high up in terms of sportiness, like the Acura RDX. Depending on the size of your dogs, you may find it a bit small. The CX-9 gets some of the Zoom-zoom DNA, but it won't be as sporty due to it's size (16" longer than the CX-7). There's 47 cu. ft. behind the second row. I guess it's a bit of a trade-off.

    The GL450 is a much tougher vehicle than the CX-9 in terms of it's chassis. The CX-9 is best relegated to onroad duty, but it is a bit more spacious inside than the Mercedes. Reliability is better for the Mazda, but quality of material definitely goes to the Mercedes. I suppose you get what you pay for in that respect.
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    Here's what "Automobile" magazine had to say about the CX-9 interior:

    "... the interior of the Grand Touring model mixes color and trim in a cool, sophisticated way that even the Lexus RX350 can't match."

    I've driven the RX350 and was very impressed by its interior. Is the Mercedes better than the Lexus?
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    I'm sure it is a bit better. Mercedes uses better leather and cloth materials. They don't have many hard surfaces. The comparison they made seems to be more about flow and design rather than materials.
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    "I'm sure it is a bit better. Mercedes uses better leather and cloth materials"

    How do you know this?
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    I read alot. I'm not really going on personal experience. More on the experiences of others. They may be biased, but if they are, there sure are alot of them.
  • I am interested in the CX-9 to replace my current SUV. I found this information on Mazda's corporate site dated 10.30.06.

    Mazda Starts Production of the CX-9, its Second Crossover SUV for the North American Market

    - Line-off ceremony held at Hiroshima's Ujina Plant No.1 -
    HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation today held a ‘line-off’ ceremony for the CX-9 crossover sport-utility vehicle (SUV) being built for the North American market at the Ujina Plant No.1 near its global headquarters in Hiroshima. Hisakazu Imaki, Mazda's representative director, chairman of the board, president and CEO, along with approximately 450 staff—comprised of several senior executives, union representatives and employees—attended this ceremony. The Mazda CX-9 will be arriving in North American showrooms in early 2007.

    “The CX-9 will be the latest addition to Mazda's product lineup in the all-important North American market, joining the Mazda CX-7, which went on sale there in May”, said Hisakazu Imaki. “CX-9 is a key model aimed at raising the visibility of Mazda in North America and will be an integral part of building the brand. Furthermore, to keep on providing the best Zoom-Zoom products that will exceed our customers' expectations around the globe, we must continue our efforts as 'One Mazda' to build even higher-quality vehicles.”

    The Mazda CX-9 is a seven-seat crossover SUV designed and engineered specifically for the North American market. The CX-9 showcases Mazda's unique design and strong, dynamic driving performance as well as an up-market interior with class-leading space and unmatched versatility. The CX-9 debuted at the New York International Auto Show in April 2006, earning high marks for its versatility and remarkable styling that makes a clean break from traditional medium-sized SUVs.
  • This info was found on the Canadian Website for Mazda under the "Vehicle Comparison" tool (does not include delivery charges):

    GS 2WD: $39,595
    GT 2WD: $43,955
    GS 4WD: $41,595
    GT 4WD: $45,955

    :surprise: :(
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    That's the equivalent of $34k to start out in US dollars. I wonder why the big markup. :confuse:
  • 07xle07xle Posts: 177
    Socialism at work!
  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    Yep, Canadians can get reamed when it comes to prices. But then again, you don't see many huge SUVs in Canada as you do here in the US, so maybe the lower demand for SUVs this size increases the price.

    The same thing goes for luxury/near luxury cars: I remember when I bought my Audi back in 2000, my buddy in Canada priced it out and the exact same model would have cost him $15k more! I laughed and laughed at him.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    So you should just go to Canada for the medicine and not the cars. :)
  • So bad I can't buy a car in US and drive it to Canada. This SUV has a lot of goodies but the prices seem high. If I just need a 2WD, I will go for Honda Odyssey. To me, a 2WD CX-9 is just a van and Honda is more spacious, better milage, better re-sale value and so on. My problem is that I do need a 7 passenger(not 5+2 kids) 4WD and with all the options, the CX-9 is $50K! I wish Mazda Canada can offer 0% financing to compensate the high price.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    I actually doubt that resale is higher on the Odyssey. The crossover market is hot. The 3rd row should be fairly comfortable in it for adults too. You might be able get an AWD Toyota Sienna. I'm not sure if it's available in Canada though.
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