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2007 Mazda CX-9



  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    With the exception of the Acura MDX, the 2008 CX-9 has more horsepower than anything else in its class. "

    And the GM triplets.... (although the Mazda has more tq)
  • brutus22brutus22 Posts: 122
    Wow very impressive Torque the true question is fuel economy...because if it got worse then the 2007 model then they made a mistake otherwise good news.

    Within that link was this:
    Fuel Economy Ratings (L/100km)
    City 14.0
    Highway 9.7
    City 13.02
    Highway 9.0

    Anyone know how this reads for miles per gallon?...if I had some brainpower this morning I guess I could figure it out, too lazy :-)

  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    1 kilometer = 62.13712 miles.
    1 Liter = 0.2641721 gallons.

    Do the math.
  • just_philjust_phil Posts: 86
    You, of course, meant 0.6213712 miles :-)
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    Of course. This was a test. :blush:

    Good catch.
  • brutus22brutus22 Posts: 122
    oh man that hurt my brain...anyhow I think what I came up with
    17/24 for this new engine 4wd....if that is the case that is really awesome...a huge improvement over the other engine.

    I mean that is the same mileage for a 2wd Sienna minivan yeah 2wd.

  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    if they can pull 24 from this car...that'll be awesome. Should bump it's status immeadiately... I think in time the current model will continue to improve too... not that much but still...
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    ...some people do not believe that this attainable unless there direct fuel injection..which some believe it will be the next step on future models...and I ask myself then why a 3.7 now?......I can't wait to test drive the 2008 model even though as I see there are a lot of people in different forums complaining about small stuff but irritable enough that for the difference in price with the EDGE i rather stay with the EDGE....I rather have a backup sensor than a tv camera,but that is me...besides with the EDGE I save about $3K....fully loaded
  • brutus22brutus22 Posts: 122
    and lose the 3rd row seat :-P

  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440 be it!!!! ...that is one hell of an expensive seat at $3500 difference in prices....CX 9 GT AWD LOADED and an EDGE AWD SEL+ LOADED...
  • brutus22brutus22 Posts: 122
    I just would never compare the 2...I would compare the Edge to the CX-7. Plus personally not crazy about Ford in general and the reviews on the Edge have been generally not great. Just my opinion. I would not buy a crossover unless it had a 3rd row seat..otherwise I would purchase car.

  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    TY for that.. the Edge is not in the market with the cx-9... now the prices between it and the cx-7 then decide...
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    You guys could be right I saw the CX 7 and I thought that it was too small..smaller than the EDGE....the 3rd seat in the CX 9 eliminates any space behind it but if you have close it does have a good space behind the 2nd seat...and just a note the engines are the same in the EDGE as in CX 9 ...CX 7 is 4 cyl turbo....CX 9 in 2008 comes with 3.7 engine,as it is rumored that MKX will also.
  • unixxusunixxus Posts: 97
    Forget those rumors, the 2008 MKX will still use the 3.5 engine.
  • njdbonjnjdbonj Posts: 11
    I had decided that with all the safety equipment that comes in these cars now, that AWD was a bit of overkill.

    So I had settled on a FWD, but I read two separate reviews that mentioned torque steer in the FWD model upon hard acceleration. This was mitigated in the AWD.

    Anyone with a FWD model out there, and have you experienced this? Is it pronounced?
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    What's your source of information?
  • poof100poof100 Posts: 11
    Do you have a CX-9? With the 3rd row seat up, there is still plenty of storage space behind it. We have been able to fit a large suitcase and golf clubs behind the 3rd row with no problem. The CX-9 is wide, so you just put the bags width wise behind the 3rd row. There is NO space behind the 3rd row in the Veracruz though, the Mazda has at least some.

    As for the engines, the MKX should have the 3.7L in it for 08. Also, the 3.5 duratec that is in the CX-9 is sourced directly from Ford and shipped to Japan, but Mazda modifies the Intake tract along with a revised engine calibration. The 2 engines are similar but the Mazda is much livelier, especially with the Aisin 6spd compared to that crap that Ford built with GM in the Edge/Acadia.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    ...interesting observations....some one said that no 3.7 for the MKX...I guess we all will know one way or another space behind the CX 9 is..what can I say?..."small"?....we all look at things differently when we own than when we are shopping, I guess...I am very undicided between the EDGE and the CX 9 08...and money is not a consideration the choice but the fact that I currently lease an 05 EXPI (which it will be the last time that I lease) if I were to select the EDGE things will be easier and probably much cheaper since I can get the X plan in FORD but no S plan in MAZDA...
  • unixxusunixxus Posts: 97
    “What's your source of information?”

    The links below from Ford shows that both the MKX and the ford Edge will continue to use the 3.5. The first application of a 3.7 in a Lincoln will be in the upcoming MKS sedan. This engine will be different from the Mazda engine in that it will feature Gasoline Direct Injection and twin turbo. Below is more information from the trade magazine 'Automotive News'. If the MKX gets a version of the 3.7 V6 engine, it will not be before the 2009 model year.

    DETROIT-- Ford Motor Co. plans to boost fuel economy by rolling out what it calls "twin-force" technology: Two turbochargers on four-cylinder, V-6 and V-8 gasoline engines. Derrick Kuzak, group vice president for global product development, said the technology will deliver diesel-like fuel economy. Diesels offer a 25 to 30 percent gain in fuel economy compared with gasoline engines of the same size.

    The first vehicle to use the twin-force technology is the upcoming Lincoln MKS flagship sedan due in 2008. Twin-force engines also will use gasoline direct injection, which increases power, Kuzak said at a press event here.

    He said Ford also plans what it calls its power shift transmission, a six-speed automatic that combines features of a manual with an automatic, and variable displacement V-8 engines.

  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    ..interesting.....but I do not believe anything until I see and this apply to all rumors heard....including news from me and then I believe it...good info you got..thanks
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