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2007 Mazda CX-9



  • poof100poof100 Posts: 11
    Yeah, when we first starting looking at all of the CUVs back in April/May, we thought the CX-9 didn't have much room behind the 3rd row, but after buying it and using it for real world applications, it has plenty of space. We have consistantly transported 6 adults with luggage in the back and no problems, very nice. The Veracruz was very nice, had some nice features, but didn't like the lack of room behind the 3rd row, the lack of bluetooth, HID and Aux input along with the CX-9 driving much better.

    My friend who works for Ford has an SEL Edge and she likes it a lot but wishes she had the CX-9. She likes it even more. If I were you, I'd for sure go with the 08 CX-9, but I'm a little biased :)

    As for your X plan/S plan dilemma, it actually is all 1 system, and in reality it's still an "X" plan pin #. The S plan pin # I used for our 07 CX-9 really came with an X plan #. The system uses one number, but uses the X plan for Mazdas. It's the same system, so if you can get a X plan pin #, then you should also be able to use it for the S plan on the CX-9. I could forward you the email I got with the generated S/X plan pin #. It actually says congrats on your X plan pin code. I don't see a problem on your side there.

    The MKX is supposed to get the 3.7L motor to differentiate Lincoln and the MKX from Ford and the Edge. As of now, there is really no difference between Lincoln and Ford. Cadillac and GM are similar where cadillac gets specific engines only for them do differentiate it from Buick, GM, etc.
  • Ok guys, I'm still shopping (slow since I have a baby to balance).

    Drove the CX-9 GT AWD and Enclave, both real nice. Here's my situation:

    - Have S plan (as mentioned a while back) so price paid on varies by bonus cash
    - In NO RUSH at all
    - Like them all

    What would you do?
    I'm leaning to waiting for the
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    un oh... hope you didn lose your balance there... :blush:
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    ..Poof100, thanks for the offer, now someone understands my dilema....I can get X plan (family and friends ) from a FORD
    employee friend of if I read you correctly that number could be use for either x or s plan?...I went to Wayne MAZDA (they are supposed to be the biggest in the country)and very competitive in prices,when I mentioned S plan the said that if I bring my son's s plan pin they will give me s plan pricing on a CX 9 GT AWD loaded the way I want son works for a business partner of FORD and I am afraid to jeopardize his position and maybe the sales people at Wayne MAZDA were just toying with me and try to get me there.Sometimes I dissagree with the pricing a la Saturn but..maybe there is some value to it...soon I will be testing the 08 CX 9 as soon as it arrives...
  • Hey SVO - I've been reading alot about X/S plan vs invoice, etc - I'd think they are serious. I've had mixed experiences at Wayne Mazda but I wouldnt fear getting your son in trouble. I have the X/S through my company - I'd bet you $1,000 they (my company) have no clue if anyone uses, tries to uses or even thinks about using the discount...
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    I see your point, I have also heard some people that had walk away from them because they use certain tactics in selling..A guy I met in another forum walked away from a good price because they want $280 for doc fees and insist in having the glass etching....actually when one uses x plan in FORD (I don't know abou the S plan with MAZDA) the dealer can not charge you doc fees or anything else like advertising fee as part of the deal,that is why when one uses the x plan by FORD the price is actually below invoice and mind you that if the dealer has a hot selling vehicles some times they refuse to accept X plans at all...what ex[piriences have you had at Wayne Mazda?..
  • Yes, I believe you are correct - no extra fees if using X/S plan. I purchased a tribute a while back - there was a bit of pressuring (I guess thats normal) - but we have TONS of problems with the vehicle - eventually it went back under the lemon law - I had to get a laywer and return the car to Ramsey Mazda - the guys at Wayne Mazda seemed reluctant to help me solve my issues. I hear things are different - if you believe their website - their sales people arent on commission!

    If you use X/S a good thing is you dont worry about price - so really it doesnt matter where you go. Wayne has the largest selection - but any dealer can probably swap vehicles and get you one from their lot.

    I dont think they are allowed to NOT take the S plan. I'd venture a guess that they'd be in hot water with Mazda if they did so. I think Mazda in general can restrict what vehicles it offers the discount - but once offered, I believe every dealer needs to honor.

    Good luck
  • rransirransi Posts: 11
    I purchased my vehicle under "S" plan. My employer is a member of Ford Paterneship program that offers "X" plan on Ford vehicles and "S" plan for Mazda vehicles.

    Here is what I gathered about "S" plan prior to purchase after talking to Mazda corporate office in US.

    1) Participation varies from dealer to dealer.
    A particular dealer is not obligated to offer
    vehicles under "S" plan.

    2) Dealer "can charge" resonable document fees
    under Mazda "S" plan. They are not supposed to
    do it for Ford "X" plan.

    3) Dealer is obligated to show you the official
    invoice with "S" plan price on it.

    4) Most discount you get under "S" plan is
    on the base vehicle. Accessories are not
    that much discounted.

    5) Mazda "S" plan is applicable only to the
    vehicles "in-stock". If you order something
    customized, dealer is not going to offer
    the "S" plan price.

    My local Mazda dealer refused to accept "S" plan price for CX-9 so I went to a dealer 55 miles away from my house and got a fantastic deal on a fully loaded GT AWD CX-9.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    Where are you guys located?...Iam in Nortern NJ (Bergen county) any tips are greatly appreciated....and to think that I thought I knew a lot about purchasing cars...whoa!!! and learn no matter how old youa re...right? see x plan from FORD allows you to order and no additional charges...I have a list that my son provided on the MAZDA S plan...and iy gives you the discounted price on evrything...and evry option all prices are listed and their corresponding discounts...
  • njdbonjnjdbonj Posts: 11
    Just purchased a Touring CX-9 from Wayne Mazda (sort of). The way around all of this is to negotiate after all fees. That's what I did and I got a good deal, I think. It is a bit confusing to follow.

    You are right Wayne charges $199 for etching (already pre-printed on all contracts!) $70 credit inquiry fee (?) $364 reg/title fee (This seems to me to be a bit of a sham. They tell you it covers registration for 4 years and then you sign another piece of paper that says they will refund you the money if it turns out they are overcharging you ????) $269 doc fee.

    Anyway, for a Touring that was MSRP $35,105 I was able to pay $35,000 including EVERY LAST PENNY OF ANY AND ALL FEES AND TAXES. (In NJ as you know sales tax comes to well over $2000). That's how I said it when I negotiated.

    PS The "sort of" is that as I was leaving (I was to pick up the car in 2 days) they told me at the same time my contract was being worked up the csr was sold to someone else. Now supposedly they will get me the same exact car at negotiated price in 5-7 days. We'll see.

    Does all this seem too phony? I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for those 5-7 days.

    They are by far the largest dealer in US. Not sure of this is good or bad.
  • rransirransi Posts: 11
    I am in South Jersey. Maple Shade Mazda was not honoring the "S" plan on CX-9 so on a friend's recommendation, I went to Open Road Mazda in East Brunswick. Very good experience there - excellent customer service.
  • rransirransi Posts: 11
    That seems bit fishy on part of Wayne Mazda. Let us know if you actually get the same vehicle within 5-7 days.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    The $364 title and registration I think it is correct since the DMV is chareing for 4 years of reistartion,,,my issue is the $199 etching...and the $70 inquiry fee (checking your credit history and the most offensive is the $269 doc fees...the rest is CX 9 price which can be negoiated...lets see if you get a car at the negotiate price...I think not since the 2007 are becoming scarce and they will switch your selection with something if you hold your ground we will see driving an 08 from another dealer...but at any rate good luck to you...keppus informed
  • njdbonjnjdbonj Posts: 11
    You know, maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing....I will let you know in a week.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    I wish you all the luck....the difficulty that I find in doing business with MAZDA dealers in NJ is why I am seriously considering dealing with my FORD dealer..they are friendly to me since I have done business with them in the past. If I go to the CX 9 I might go to Manhattan FORD this dealer is a FORD owned store and I can get rid of my leased 05 EXPI and maybe get a fair deal on anm CX9....
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,041
    Etching is worth zilch - well, in NJ it might be worth $5 or $10. ;) Back when etching was "hot" lots of police departments would do it free once a month or so. And you can buy a diy etching kit for cheap.

    Any doc fee over $50 is suspect.

    One way to avoid fighting over the line item fees is to focus on your out the door price. See Out The Door (OTD) Pricing questions for more.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    Steve, I agree with your statement about the etching...but doc fees?....there is NOT one dealer in NJ that will charge $50 doc fees (this is the fee the dealership charges for running the errand to the DMV not registration etc)...the out the door price, I agree but it becomes difficult to stay focus,remember that these guys are full time salesmen and we are partime buyers so the odds are in their favor
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,041
    Yeah, $50 is way generous for a runner to take some paperwork to DMV. The only way to avoid an excessive doc fee, besides walking out, is to ignore it and just make a deal for the OTD price you think is good.

    Salespeople got to eat too, so I don't mind leaving some money on the table. Just not too much. ;)
  • jmailjmail Posts: 19
    I bought a cx-9 at manhattan mazda - excellent place with excellent prices. send me an email j.mail555 at and I'll tell you who to talk to.
  • dougtap01dougtap01 Posts: 2
    I just picked up my Stormy Blue CX-9 GT from Wayne Mazda last week. I had originally gone in with S-plan PIN towards the end of June and was told they would do even better once I was ready to buy. When I returned several days later, negotiations continued and the S-plan was never actually used at all.

    I agree with what others are saying here - that with all the fees, it becomes impossible to understand exactly what your money is truly going for. All I know is that I did my homework, calculating what I thought would be a good monthly rate based on my expected cost for the car and all fees, as well as the current lease values. As long as they hit that number, I no longer care if they put $200 towards the etching, a pedicure, or anything else. Let them play with the numbers however they like to make them work best for their needs.

    I, too, needed to wait for a car since they didn't have the color/equipment combo we wanted. This did make me extremely uneasy since I had paid my OOP money and signed a contract, but realized there was nothing that set a deadline for this waiting. Just about 10 days later, though, I did have my car, so I'd be optimistic.

    Funny thing is that I wound up with a car that MazdaUSA online inventory had listed with Wayne Mazda since before I signed at the end of June. I do wonder if they delayed the sale on purpose just to pocket the $500 Mazda is offering now. Again, though, I'm not sweating it since I was willing to pay the price I paid in June before that was available.

    FWIW, it is an AWD GT with moonrrof/Bose, roof rails, mud guards, mats, etc., 24 month lease, 10,500 miles/yr for $475/month, with $1000 out of pocket (which includes first month).
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