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2007 Mazda CX-9



  • Why does anyone need xenon headlights? Everyone got along fine without them for all of time...and now it's a requirement for some people? It's beyond absurd.

    If anyone really needs xenons, take the time to learn how to retrofit other cars with it, and good a good quality vehicle. The idea that a Chrysler product is your lone choice due to its headlights is one of the worst things I've ever heard. The quality issues alone are daunting, and there are so many good imports either coming soon or in the near future (2008) that it boggles the mind why anyone that can tie their own shoelaces would consider Chrysler.

    And I'm not even getting into the MPG with this point.

    Dave Becker
  • brutus22brutus22 Posts: 122
    The Pilot shot is basically a mule for testing hot weather engine stuff, most people have been discussing it as a testing some sort of Ridgeline V8 as the front end has ridgeline-like nose...or possibly some pilot running gear. The mule itself is obviously the new Acura is some more info at

    By all accounts it will be released next year as a 2008, same thing with the highlander that badly needs an update, and I think it is doubtful it looks like that conecpt but I could be wrong.

  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    I have no problem with Chrysler's longevity. My only complaints with Chrysler are with the 2.7L V6 sucks, the weight of their new vehicles, and MPG. I love my 2000 Dodge Intrepid ES, except I wish it got a few more MPG's. It's been a great car.

    Everyone chooses a vehicle based on different reasons. Who are you to tell them their reasons are absurd or their vehicle choice is stupid? I've heard of very few quality problems with the Pacifica.

    Besides, you're bashing domestics in a forum for a vehicle that will have a good deal of Ford DNA in it.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    I see that it will be a 2008 model, but I think it will probably be a late release, just because no one has seen it yet. Anyway, based on looks alone (even if I'm comparing it to a MDX), I'll still take the CX-9.
  • music287music287 Posts: 116
    Man, get a life!
  • Between myself and my family (a wide variety of people), I have had a tremendous amount of problems with Chryslers. Specifically, transmissions.

    Agreed about the Ford DNA. That likely accounts for the quality issues that Mazda has compared to other foreign makes, though sadly, especially with Toyota lately, I think that the foreign makes' quality is coming down more than domestic quality going up.

    My point is that there are countless reasons to choose a car, and xenon headlights should be about #533 on the list.

    And as for getting a life, that's truly a useless post, though it took ya two tries to do it. Try to ask your father to post for you next time so it works on the first try.

    Dave Becker
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    As quantity goes up, quality goes down. The same thing has happened to Dell in the computer industry. That's why other brand's have been making a comeback.

    I believe we understand your point, but your point is, for lack of a better word, pointless. If someone wants Xenon headlight to be a deciding factor in the car they choose, why would you put them down? Just because it's not your reason for buying a car doesn't mean it's invalid.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    i rode in the back of a pacifica last week. rear seat back is too upright. maybe it adjusts.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    I think the middle row does, but I doubt the 3rd row does. The 3rd row should be a bit bigger for a vehicle that size, IMHO. I hope the CX-9's will be a bit roomier, not that it will get used all the time.
  • music287music287 Posts: 116
    Dear Dave,

    I want the xenon headlights because suicidal deer run rampant in my neighborhood at night.

    (Thanks, Daddy for helping me send this one absolutely correctly! I love ya!)
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    Where's the mazda in this forum? I clicked here to find info on the Future CX-9 not hear this bickering nonsense. And why am I hearing so much about Pacifica in this forum? Is this the '07 Chrysler Pacifica Forum? (this I do think that was a nice freshening!)
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    The topic sort of branched off. You are probably hearing a bit about the Pacifica because we were originally comparing it to the CX-9, as far atleast size and featuring. Then someone came in busting domestic cars and people's reasons for choosing a vehicle. Then... that's where you came into the forum. Anything you would like to know or topics you want to cover on the CX-9 (although most of it is still speculation)?
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Why does anyone need xenon headlights? Everyone got along fine without them for all of time...and now it's a requirement for some people? It's beyond absurd.

    The same could be said for any option...people survived before A/ why does anyone need it? Why does anyone need power windows, those manual ones work fine...etc..
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    I totally understand about suicidal deer. They get pretty crazy around my area too. I would think the CX-9 would have that as an option, but they will probably package it with a more "limited" package (with leather, heated seats, etc.).
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    Thanks- how does anyone think cx-9 will stack up against the new saturn outlook/ gmc acadia? if it were my choice, I'd go for the acadia/ oulook. That acadia looks AWESOME to me. seems like more interior room in the GMs too.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    They look nice but will probably be a bit more, unless you buy the Outlook. Saturn has had and still does have some problems with fit and finish. I would look for the Acadia to start at $30k, being that the Buick version is estimated at $32k. The CX-9 is supposed to start around $28k according to a few forums. There is a bit more room in the GMs, but it's only about 2 inches longer and an inch or two wider. The CX-9, because it is a Mazda, will probably handle better and have a slight edge in acceleration because the GMs are going to be so heavy. While GM may have the edge in interior room by a few inches, I enjoy Mazda's interior design much more.
  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    The CX-9 will probably directly compete with the new GM CUVs, since they are all very close in size and will offer more "generous" 3rd row seating. I think all of them will have similar features and options, except for the Enclave which is trying to go luxury and might offer better quality materials (i.e. more expensive options).

    In the end, I think what will matter is exterior styling: do you want a CUV that is more car-like, or one that retains the traditional chunkiness of SUVs? I think the CX-9 and Enclave will do well with people that don't want a CUV that is too "trucky" looking, while the Acadia/Outlook will do well with people that want their CUVs to be a little more rugged-looking.

    Do I make any sense here?
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    You make perfect sense to me. That seems to be a good way to explain it. My wife wants an SUV that doesn't look too traditional. She does like the Buick but doesn't like the Acadia or Outlook. I just don't think the Buick's going to be in the budget. They are estimating the GM products to get about 17/25mpg. I'm realistically hoping the Mazda gets atleast a mpg or two better.
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