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2007 Mazda CX-9



  • texas68texas68 Posts: 3
    Does anyone know if the navigation system has been upgraded from the 2007 Model to the 2008 Model? I had heard that with the 2008 Model Navigation System you can view and control the Climate Control using the touch screen on the navigation system Screen just like you can control the Audio. The Mazda Website also seemes to indicate this. IN particular, it says:

    A navigation system with touch-screen functionality provides real-time mapping, directions, points-of-interest, trip information as well as control and display of audio and climate control functions.

    Can someone confirm?

  • texas68texas68 Posts: 3
    Are you able to view and control the climate system using your touch screen navigation system?
  • live2skilive2ski Posts: 25
    maybe for 2009, but not for the '08. The nav touch screen only works when not moving and no climate or trip information is displayed. That would be a nice enhancement over the current system.
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one with issues with the AWD - I have an '07 GT AWD and had no problems with it until just last week... It started with a slightly noticeable "clunk" you could feel and hear in the driveline when you jumped on the throttle from a stand-still but then all was well... hardly noticeable in normal city driving. Then with no notice, I jumped on the gas pulling out of a driveway into a busy street and the front tires spun and it was torque steer central (never happened before) and that is when I realized that no power was being sent to the rear wheels... I'm going to take it to Mazda this week... let you know how it turns out. Has anyone had this issue resolved at their local Mazda dealer?
  • ... I wrote a few days ago about my AWD 2007 CX-9 GT - I suspected the transfer case failed. Turns out I was right. My experience with the local Mazda dealer was a positive one - they called me back about 4 hours after I dropped off the car and said "you were right sir, we'll have a new transfer case here in 2 days". Said I was the first person to bring in a AWD CX-9 to their dealership with this problem... but I live in sunny Orange County and I imagine the vast majority of soccer moms driving these vehicles wouldn't even notice the problem if they had it... Makes me wonder how many people may be driving AWD CX-9s in good weather climates with non-functional transfer cases... It took me, a car nut and driving enthusiast who bought this model for its 263 hp and AWD NOT the 3rd row seats! to point this out to the the local Mazda dealer.
  • I have a customer here with an 07 CX9 who hit a pothole and popped a tire.
    Firestone won't warranty it in their "roadside hazard" package so I thought we would be able to order one... I've searched all my local distributors, and even online but am told that they are on "national backorder" and I will be notified when they are available.
    They are size P245/50R20- stock tires and rims
    I find it hard to believe that even the local Mazda dealership can't get them and are trying to sell him a new set of 18 in. rims and tires at full cost.
    Any advise? What do you tell a customer when it takes over a week to find a tire?
    and to top it off it comes with a compact spare. what are they thinking?
  • Huge squealing, chirping noise started a few weeks back. Happened every morning when cold. The dealer first replaced the drive shaft but still happened the morning after I got it home. Just left it for 4 days and they replaced the transfer case. Car has 6800 miles on it. The fix worked and I have a feeling I have been driving without AWD for quite some time. After this fix, the car is almost unrestrainable coming up the mountain to get home. :)
  • I purchased an 2007 CX9 last December with 27,000 miles. I have 31,000 and recently had to replace all tires because I had a flat in one and my mechanic noticed that all 4 tires had "dry rot". Well of course Mazda didn't warranty them because that's one of the items that should be covered by the tire company, Firestone. Well, low and behold they do cover them but like your problem, they didn't have that tire because it is on back order. They went to the next tire up grade and I had to pay the pro rated fee which was a 50% mark down. None the less, I had to come out of pocket $600. I was very upset due to the fact that I should have only had to pay for one and the company is still putting these tires on Mazdas. I told Mazda to change tire companies!!!
  • ratariratari Posts: 1
    Thank you for all this information. We have a 2007 Mazda CX-9 with about 54K miles on it. We noticed this winter that our AWD does not work. The 4WD light comes on and it actually lingers even after there shouldn't be any more slipping.

    We took it into Bommorito Mazda in St. Louis. They ran a diagnostic and said everything was fine. They told us to get new tires and try it again during the next snow.

    So we were out of town when it snowed next and we had the new tires. Same response. Only the front tires spun out in the snow.

    The dealer says the car is fine. We think otherwise and are out $100 for the diagnostic.

    Would a transfer case issue show up on diagnostic? Also now I hear this high pitched squealing noise (although low in volume) most of the time when I drive the car.



  • I dont know if it would show up on the diagnostic but I do know that your AWD would not be working if your transfer case was bad. It sounds just like what I had going on with my 2010. The yahoos at the dealer said all was fine first...then changed out a driveshaft then finally took it in overnight and drove it in the morning when the squealing was the worst and realized it was the transfer case. It is not happening as much on the new ones, but quite often with the 07s. I had an 07 for 3 yrs and had no trouble. But I have read that many have had to swap out the transfer case. I just hope yours is still under warranty. :) It is pricey. But I still LOVE my CX9! No problems at all since the case was swapped.
  • I have a 2010 CX 9 in the dealer right now getting a new transfer case. Started with a clunking sound on acceleration which disappeared after a day, leaving me with front wheel drive only and a problem getting up my steep icey NY driveway for the first time this winter!
  • Well I know it is so maddening to have a brand new car in the dealership for this problem. But on a good note, my wonderful CX9 has been just fine ever since. I still LOVE this car, especially with the new Bridgestone DV1 winter tires on it. :)
  • I had a transfer case fail on my '07 Cx-9 after about 6 months - the dealer replaced it at no cost (and gave me a loaner cx-9) and I never had another issue. I have almost 100K miles on the car now and have enjoyed every drive. Overall, very happy with the car. The only thing close to a complaint I have is that it seems to go through front brakes quicker than I would expect, but it is a heavy car and I have a heavy foot so that may not be that unusual... I'm sure you will be happy with your new car once you get it back!
  • cobra935ocobra935o Posts: 4
    I have a 2007 Mazda CX-9 that the TCS lights come on after making a left turn only (the other skid mark lights come on as well). If I could go everywhere only driving straight, or turning right I would be fine, it started doing this about 6-7 months ago, I thought Mazda was going to come up with a fix for this or there was going to be a recall, but still nothing as of yet. When I cal the dealer, they have never heard of this situation or have ever heard of the TSB for the lights coming on, in that TSB is says to change the yaw sensor, but that thing is 500 bucks to take a guess to see if that would fix the problem. Anyone have any other ideas here? We are also having the same front end noises, squeaks, vibrations etc that everyone else seems to have here, they fixed one, turns out it was a broken motor mount that was making a grinding noise.

    I am also having one other issue, we have no control over the rear AC/heater, has anyone else seen this, bad fuse, bad switch, any ideas here?

    I loved this car when we bought, but the more I have to drive it with these issues, the less I like and the more I just want to get rid of it. This July it will be 4 years old with 63000 miles.

    Thanks for any help,
  • veloguruveloguru Posts: 3
    I had a nasty crash in my 2010 cx-9 where i T-boned another car which jumped a light. A hard enough collision to roll the other car over. My airbag deployed, and both my 2 young children and i were unscratched. Even though the front end of the Mazda was completely destroyed, all the doors were still perfectly aligned and operating fine! This accident happened 5 hours ago, tomorrow I will be back at my Mazda dealer to order a new CX-9.. Awesome car!
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,984
    edited June 2011
    Wow, glad to hear you are okay!

    You may want to take a few days to get over the shock and soreness before heading for the dealer. People tend to rush out and buy a replacement car quickly after a wreck and you may spend more than you need to if you don't take your time. At least make sure any deposit you put down is refundable. Or get a rental and shop two or three quotes around.

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  • cobra935ocobra935o Posts: 4
    Nothing, no one?
  • veloguruveloguru Posts: 3
    Luckily it is a company vehicle, so not too concerned with pricing! :)
  • msmchelesmsmcheles Posts: 11
    Wow! So glad you and your family are ok, and sure re-validates one of the reasons I got a CX9. These cars are so well built and rate great on crash tests. God Bless :)
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,984
    That helps! Thanks for checking back in and hope you are doing fine.

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