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Honda Accord Brake Questions

ddnyddny Posts: 20
Anybody with 2004 accord V6 brake problems?

I know all about the 2003 accords and their inherent brake problems. How many 2004's out there are having similar problems?

My 2004 V6 sedan needs all 4 rotors replaced @ 30,000 miles...


  • crankkycrankky Posts: 45
    As I posted over in the general Accord maintenance forum, I've had some strange brake noises on my '04 EX Sedan, 4 cyl. First problem was with the emergency brake lever. When engaged, it was so tight that I could not release it without beating on it with my fist. And, even when it was all the way down, the release button would remain depressed. The dealer was supposed to replace the lever, but I suspect all that they really did was adjust the tension.

    Secondly, as I previously reported, I have a very disconcerting grinding sound from my brakes after the car has been parked for a period of time. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with moisture or temperature. The first couple of brakings after the car starts result in a grinding sound and feel that is exactly like what worn out brakes feel/sound like. I do not mean squeeling or squeeking. I mean metal on metal grinding like when the pads are worn out and grinding into the rotors. After a few brakings, the sound goes away and all is normal. The dealer's shop foreman heard what I was talking about and simply said that all of the Accords make that sound because Honda uses cheap brake pads.

    The deal has "fixed" the e-brake lever problem but I wonder if the rear brakes had been dragging all along. What to do?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    The grinding noise IS normal, and was/is experienced by all three of our 2003+ Accords, even my 2006 w/ 5,100 miles on it.
  • ddnyddny Posts: 20
    I can't say that I ever noticed the rear grinding noise, even though I was told my brakes were 'on' for 20K miles, but I'll try to pay attention from now on.

    Do you even use the handbrake? I don't since it's an automatic.

    2nd or 3rd opinions are always good...
  • ddnyddny Posts: 20
    Yes - mine does have that noise on first use after rain or any other moisture. Not on dry days though, and only the back.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Use the handbrake; in Park, only a pin about the size of a crayon is holding your car in place. If that breaks, well, its not pretty.
  • crankkycrankky Posts: 45
    I didn't use the handbrake much at all before getting it fixed. Now, I use it if I'm on any kind of significant slope.

    As far as the grinding noise goes, I've not been able to determine if the sound is coming from the front or rear. And, it doesn't seem to be as bad in warmer weather. Moisture has nothing to do with it, as I've heard the grinding noise in perfectly dry weather as well.

    I guess what bothers me is that the car didn't do this when it was new, else I wouldn't have bought it. And, in fact, in my 25 years of driving I've never heard any car make that particular brake noise unless the pads were completely worn out and were actually grinding into the rotors. That's why, with all due respect, I can't quite accept that this is a normal sound despite what a few posters, and the dealer, say.
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 815
    What do the rotors look like? Smooth and shiny, or rough and ridged? You need to look on both sides to see what could be going on.

  • crankkycrankky Posts: 45
    From what I can tell, they look fine. Shiny and smooth, no noticable ridges. Can't really see the inside surface of the rotor.
  • radiojogradiojog Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2003 Accord EX. I noticed vibration when applying brakes. It also flutters in idle in D. What are inherent brake problems you spoke of?
  • rvadikrvadik Posts: 11
    I have a 2005 EX V6
    Have a warped rotors problem. Only 30K.
    I did bring it in to the dealership, the sad that brakes are not covered under the waranty, and suggested resurfacing for around $400
    :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • don42don42 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know why the rear brakes on our 2004 Honda Accord EX would be shot at 22K miles. This car is driven my wife, she is not a hot rodder by any means. I have never replaced rear brakes on a car before at least 50K. My 03 Acura TL needed front brakes at 30K which were replaced by the dealer for no charge. I don't get this, and the Honda dealer was absolutely no help. Now at 24K the front brakes make the strangest noise when first applied after start up. Does our car have lemon brakes or are others having problems. Does anyone know if we can buy beefed up or better quality pads? The dealer could not offer any opiton when we inquired, except the "standard" honda brake pads.
  • wcgwcg Posts: 1
    I had the same problem with my wife's 2004 EX V6 Accord. She was getting terrible vibration when braking on hills or at highway speed after only about 10k miles. We took it to the dealer and were told that the rear brake pads were defective and the rear rotors were warped. They replaced the pads and turned the rear rotors under warranty, but that really didn't do much for the vibration. At 20k miles the front brake pads were worn out and the front rotors were warped. We were told it was normal wear and we had to pay to fix the front brakes. Then at 26k miles the front rotors were warped again. I asked the service manager at the dealership why these rotors would not hold up and he told me with no hesitation that Honda put low quality rotors on the car and they could not stand up to the heat generated from in town driving. He said that would be a constant problem with this car. I never expected such a candid response to my question. Last weekend the master brake cylinder died. It will take a week to even get the part in. I am planning to sell this car rather than deal with the constant brake problems and worrying about when the transmission defect is going to hit. This was my first Honda, and I suspect it will be my last.
  • tasaytasay Posts: 36
    Hi all,
    Does anyone has 2006 that has problem too? I am ready to buy but hate to have to replace brakes or rotors in an early stage on owning it. Please advise.

  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 815
    I have an 04 EX-L and haven't had any brake problems (and I'm fussy) If there was any pulsation/vibration, I would have returned to the dealer.

    Yes there have been postings concerning brake problems, but I question the problems being any greater then any other car out there. Honda most likely has more then one supplier of brake parts, so it could be all vendor related. Something like this should be taken care of quickly, Honda doesn't want to deal with warranty-non warranty issues as any other car.

    People will post when there is a problem, not when everything is working fine, so you will see one complaint for every XXXXX number of happy people.

  • mikee3mikee3 Posts: 4
    I have a 2006 SE that the dealer says they have to replace the rear pads and I have 22K on it. Didn't have to do anything to my 03 CRV until about 60K. They said it was normal wear. I am calling Honda customer service on this. I thought my Altima was bad at 30K.
  • mamaralmamaral Posts: 1
    I just had the 30k maintenance done to my 2004 Accord EX V6 on Saturday and had asked them to check the brakes as I had been having intermittent pulsation which sometimes left them feeling like they weren't working effectively. The dealer told me that the rear pads were worn down and needed replacement, along with the rotors which were likely warped and couldn't be resurfaced since they're already too thin when new. Of course I was surprised since the car only has just over 33K miles, of which at least 60% is highway mileage. I've never had a car's brakes wear out that soon - it's definitely a surprise to think I have to spend $500 to repair the rear brakes on a car with only 33K and less than 2 years old. Sounds to me like Honda isn't using quality components which is a surprise since that's supposed to be what their focus is in manufacturing their cars......

    After paying the 30k service fee, it's a bit hard justifying another $500 for brakes, but of course, you have to replace them.... I'm thinking I'll just take care of it myself to save the labor and inflated dealer parts prices.

    Has anyone had any luck chasing Honda on this issue?
  • 06accordx206accordx2 Posts: 17
    My 06LX makes a "click" sound from the front brakes the first time I touch them..after sitting awhile. After the initial useage, the brakes are normal. Weather makes no difference. It didn't start doing this untill about 9000 miles, I have 12,500 now.
    The other thing I've noticed is a loud rumbling noise when I have to brake hard, like for a yellow light that I just can't run. But I think it might be a tire noise from the crappy Bridgestone tires on it. My wife's 06SE doesn't do it with Michelin tires, but it only has 2000 miles so far.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I have this same issue, and have read many other people experiencing this... it has to do with the "floating" caliper design of the disc brakes. They tend to "pop" into place upon first usage (like after backing out of the driveway). I have the same issue.
  • ddnyddny Posts: 20
    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I wouldn't put too much blame on the bridgestones - they're usually pretty good, as are the michelins. 14K miles is about when my accord started exhibiting brake issues also. Keep an eye on 'em, always get 2nd opinions, and good luck.

    I've been just driving mine for the past 5K miles in a rotten state, trying to forstall the inevitable 4-wheel rotor change...
  • biskitboybiskitboy Posts: 1
    I've been having a similar problem with my 2004 EX V6. I first reported the problem at 8k miles. The dealership resurfaced the rotors. This temporarily fixed the problem. I went back at 21k miles (although it was happening at around 16k). They did the same thing, resurfaced the rotors. I brought it back at 32k, they replaced the front rotors and resurfaced the rears again.

    I'm in the process of bringing the car back yet again at 42k miles. I do not know if this is a widespread problem or not. From what I can tell, the problem does not appear to be in the front rotors anymore. I think the majority of my 'shake' is with the rear brakes since I feel the shake more in the seat than in the steering wheel. The steering wheel does not appear to shake much (if any), however, I'm just now tracking this and it's after they replaced the front rotors at 32k (@42k now). I believe the bulk of my problem is with the rear brakes, but it wouldn't surpise me if they were all warped.

    I'm hoping the dealership will actually FIX the problem instead of fixing the SYMPTOM. I should only be resurfacing my rotors when the pads wear out and I need to replace them. Resurfacing every 8k miles is definitely a problem.
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