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Honda Accord Brake Questions



  • raceemraceem Posts: 2
    I just took my Honda Accord in for an oil change and they tell me the back brakes are worn out. I scheduled an appointment to have them changed. When I got to the dealership to change brakes I asked "this is being covered under the warranty correct?" They stated no this is normal wear and tare and would not cover under warranty. Vehicle has 24,000 miles. I did not let the dealership (Ken Garth of Ogden) replace the brakes. I made a couple calls to Ken Garth to verify they would not cover under warranty they refused. The dealer did tell me that Honda had used to soft of material on the brakes. My question is this, Should this be covered under warranty or not?
    I highly recommend for no one to buy Honda vehicles and especially at Ken Garth of Ogden.
  • raceemraceem Posts: 2
    I am having exactly the same problem with my girlfriends 2008 Honda Accord. Would you have a phone number for Honda of America?? Thank You I will be processing complaint this morning to BBB and Consumer Protection Board.
  • jayviejayvie Posts: 1
    2000 Honda Accord 6 cyl, EX, ABS,, Autotrans, discs front and back, 160K : For 2 years or so my brakes are fine at speed but at idle/standstill they are soft and go to floor slowly after pumping and pushing hard on them. Last year I did full front brakes (all parts replaced) and flushed system. No change in the soft pedal. This year I needed rear brakes, so today I replaced pads, rotors, calipers, hardware, everything. Pads were so broken up, I wonder if the rear brakes were even working !?! I flushed/bled the whole system 2 times for good measure. Still got same mushy pedal, so I replaced master cyl, and bleed system throughly. Stilll got this mushy pedal at idle ! Maybe rears still are not working at all? I wonder if this started when the dealer replaced my front-to-back brake lines a few years ago?
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    It's the brake master cyclinder.
    Common for Honda cars after 150K miles.
    Put the car in neutral & pump the brake pedal a few times.
    The symptom will get worse when the brake fluid gets hotter.
  • dunagandunagan Posts: 1
    My wife just drove in with the distinct odor of burnt brakes--concentrated on the rear driver's side wheel area. The brake pedal is very hard to push--like the brakes are already engaged. The emergency brake has never engaged really well, it allows the car to creep on an incline without it being in park. The cable to the rear drivers side seems to hang down more than the other side. New master cylinder installed a couple of months ago along with new pads and turned the rotors. Get chattering (vibration feeling) when slowing from higher speeds. Help. I know Honda brakes aren't the greatest, but I'm at a loss of what to do on this.
  • I purchased a new 2010 Honda Accord, which had a front end vibration problem from day one. Within one week of purchase, the dealer resurfaced the front rotors, which did not correct the problem. In the second week of ownership, the dealer now claims that the rear rotors need to be replaced. They claim the problem was caused by rust from the car sitting in storage for a few months. This is unacceptable for a new car and I'm concerned there's something the dealer is trying to hide about this car. Would appreciate any information, especially from those who have had similar experiences.

    Korchnoy - would especially appreciate receiving information regarding your contact with the NHTSB, BBB, Attorney General of Massachusetts, and dealership GM and SM.
  • rickshobbyrickshobby Posts: 1
    You are right NEVER BUY HONDA AGAIN. Your story is close to mine. I have 64,400 on my car and after going through the back brake issue at 33k I am looking at the same problem again. Honda says not their problem. Yet front brakes never have had an issue. Called the 1-800-999-1009 number at the suggestion of Honda dealer in Montgomery, AL. It is a defect I was, and Honda America tells me no because they DO NOT CARE. I will not toss more money at this car. Buying Hyundai Sonata 2011 tomorrow. Never thought I would leave HONDA after my success with the 2004 Accord, but they are going the way of GM and other American made cars. Edmunds needs to reevaluate their ratings of Honda. Apathy kills....I am dead to Honda. PS. They lied about MPG of 29 miles HWY. Been lucky to get 26. The 2004 v6 Accord gave me 32.
  • redgairedgai Posts: 1
    Well, my 08 is at 51k miles (bought it end of May 2008)
    I had ALL of my brakes and rear rotors replaced at roughly 25k with metal to metal (although I had heard the brakes at roughly 20k) and my front rotor resurfaced. [All at pepboys] The resurfacing was a big mistake, at 15k later the front rotor wrapped and I didn't have them checked at 20k. (Warranty ends at 18k)
    Although the current rear rotor and rest of the brake pad seem ok, I had it checked at 48k and the wear is about 80% for the back (or maybe 70%) I had to double check.
    Does that sound about right?
    Also would anyone like to suggest a quality front rotor for $30-$50 each
    Also looking for shocks to be replaced soon because the technicians said it is starting to leak oil. Any suggestions for that too?

    Sorry for all the newbie questions, but I'm too new at this, and school and other worries are taking up most of my time to look into this. :cry: but better now then never!

    Also should I go to a dealership and ask for the newer calipers that people have been mentioning about?
  • 300game67300game67 Posts: 3
    I purchased a 2009 accord. I have now 12k miles and need rotor work. I know what you mean. There is always a problem somewhere. What can we do. If I had stayed with the camry line what problems would that have brought.
  • 300game67300game67 Posts: 3
    well. I am here at the dealers. My rotors at 12k on a new 2009 need resurfacing. How long do you think it will last.
  • 300game67300game67 Posts: 3
    I did not know until this week, that honda has a break problem. They have to resurface my rotors today. Living in colorado with all the mountain hills may cause me a problem
  • boqibamaboqibama Posts: 25
    Front or rear? I had my 09 front rotors resurfaced for the braking noise.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    I would never have rotors turned. If the brakes are working fine, just replace the pads. If the rotors are warped, I'd replace them. Machining the rotors only makes them weaker, and more likely to warp again.
  • toyoman8toyoman8 Posts: 60
    I have 2009 Accord and I have about 15k right now and I don't need to replace pads YET, I was wondering if I could still buy the pads for the future and still get reimbursed of $150 from the settlement?
  • toyoman8toyoman8 Posts: 60
    yes, I've read that, still I am kinda fussy on how can I make a claim in the future if there is a deadline on filing a claim?
  • I have not received my $150.00 yet. I can not wait to cash that check. All Honda had to do is pony up on their bad design and make it right but now they have lost many customers and a boat load of sales. Update on my Ford Fusion is 22,000 trouble free miles and only oil changes.
  • I am getting ready to purchase a 2010 Accord and am disappointed to hear of these premature brake wearing problems.

    I'm hoping that either a technician or a Honda insider can answer this question:

    Has the new brake design been installed in the remaining 2010 models? I was considering a Civic also but wanted the Accord solely because the Vehicle Stability Assist comes standard on all models.
  • amojebaamojeba Posts: 17
    I have an 09 Accord, the odometer just rolled over to 12,000 miles. I bought it brand new in Nov 2009 (it's only 9 months old!!) and it already needs rear brakes.

    I made an appt to get it done next week, but the brake pedal is on the floor before it does anything! This is ridiculous, and unacceptable. I'm familiar with the class action settlement, even though I think we got the shaft on that. Only $150 reimbursement, really?? The dealer wants $200, and this is a brand new car!

    Just got off the phone with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and filed a complaint to force a RECALL. They said this is the 1st complaint they've heard! I urge ALL OF YOU TO CALL NOW! If enough complain, then we can force Honda to recall this piece of crap. My last Honda ever. German cars from now on.

    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
    (888) 327-4236


    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
    (888) 327-4236
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    My last Honda ever. German cars from now on.

    I hope you like the service departments at your local VW/Audi/BMW/Mercedes-Benz dealer, because they sure like you. If you're looking for low maintenance and repair costs, the absolute last place you need to look is at German cars.
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