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Dodge Dakota Transmission Problems



  • 92 dodge dakota v8, 4x4 has no forward gears, it acts as if it is in nuetral, but reverse works fine. in forward gear it makes no attempt to move, no noise.
  • I'm the person afew posts earlier than yours that is having very similar problems except I don't have reverse. I'm not having much luck in getting advice but I've narrowed it down to either the torque converter, the flywheel, or the pump(internal).
    The transfer case could also be malfunctioning, maybe it is stuck in neutral or broken in some way.
    I've heard that if you disconnect one of the coolant lines that runs to the radiator there should be fluid flow if the pump is working. I'm going to try that over the weekend. I changed the filter and the fluid but it didn't help.
    Please post me if you learn anything.
    Good luck.
  • dsubdsub Posts: 1
    My Dakota has 125,000 miles on it and when I am driving I have to run the RPM's up over 3500 and let off of the gas for it to shift into 3rd gear. I have the 3.9L V6. Once it gets into overdrive it is fine but getting there is not good for the truck. I have parked it until I figure out what is wrong with it. A transmission shop said that it was my bands that are going bad but I have been burned in the past by automotive shops and tend not to trust everything thy say. If anyone has onformation it would be appreciated.
  • Ok. I really don't know if this is transmission, transfer case, rear end or what and neither does my local Dodge garage. I have a 05 Dakota 4.7 4X4. It has 45000 miles on it. This problem started at about 40K and it has been in the garage a couple times and had all of the diagnostics done. I will be driving down the road at hwy speeds and the 4 lo light will start flickering on and off. This will be followed shortly by a "thump" under the truck. The speed and tach will not change. It originally was more likely to start this when I was in hills, but is getting more frequent. I can sometimes hear a whine before the "thump". I may go 50 miles with out it happening, or it may happen 3-4 times per mile. I have changed the TPS and it did not help.
  • Hey there, I can't seem to find anything that exactly describes my problem:

    I have a 2002 Dakota Quad 4x4 8cyl 5.9 w/ 86,000miles
    Recently when coming to a stop the transmission will either fail to shift from 2nd to 1st or will downshift to 1st but jump back up to 2nd after I come to a complete stop.
    After sitting for a minute it will sometimes shift to 1st ok, other times it doesn't and I have to manually shift it to 1st.(no problems with manual shifting)

    This is a rather intermittent problem, sometimes it will act up for the whole day, sometimes I can go for 5+ days and not have any incident.

    I took it to a local shop, they ran tests, and pulled the pan. Tests came up clean. They claim the pan had some metal flakes in it. I unfortunately was not there to verify it. They want to rebuild it for about $2000.

    I am going to take to somewhere else for a 2nd opinion as I think having to rebuild a tranny at 86,000miles is absolutely nuts. However I wouldn't be totally surprised as there has not been much done in the way of maintenance.

    Could this just be a case of neglect on my part or is there hope for a less expense answer?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  • I have a 1997 Dodge Dakota 4x4 with the 3.9L V6 110,00 miles. I recently purchased the vehicle but dont know much of the vehicles history.

    It has developed a shifting problem with the overdrive. When I apply regular gas pedal pressure it seems to shift fine. However, when I am around 45-50mph and I fluctuate the gas pedal the transmission feels like it is jumping between 3rd gear (or 4th if there is one) and overdrive. Its the hardest shift I have ever felt. It's almost like it doesn't know what gear it should be in.

    I checked the transmission fluid level and color and it seems to be ok. On another note, when I drive with the O/D off it seems to shift just fine. I have been reading many forums postings but cant seem to find someone with a similar problem.

    My first thought was to change the transmission filter (not a flush). But I have read many other posting talking about solenoids, trans cables, and TPS's.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • My 98 Durango had the some problem. I flushed the system put in new ATF-4 fluid and new filter, added Lucas product, after several thousand miles no change. On line someone suggested a product called Auto-RX, I went to the web site and ordered a quart, added 16 oz. as they said to do. I have now driven 500 miles and the tranny shifts like brand new. I don't normally fall for these additives as most are snake oil but this one is the real thing. They only sell on line, go to for info to order and good luck.
  • I checked out there website and they recommend adding 6oz of the cleaner and then doing a transmission flush. Did you just add the fluid and leave it?

    I added half a bottle of Sea Foam which is another product that cleans transmissions. It sounds like I should add the whole bottle?
  • I messed up on the quantity when I added it. I talked on the phone to the guy who holds the patent and I thought he said to add 16oz., the correct amount is 6oz. as the web site says. I have since talked to him again and he said that it would not cause a problem but 6 oz, is the correct amount. No I have not drained and flushed the system, I will wait until I run it the entire 1500 miles, at that point I intend to flush the system and replace with ATF 4.
  • I had the same problem with my 98 Durango, the TPS did no good either. As a last resort I added auto-rx, 500 miles later it started shifting like new. See my message on posting #270.
  • I have a 1994 Dodge Dakota V8. I was wondering where the transmission overdrive solenoid is physically located on the truck.

  • Hi, It's me again. I went out to the garage and checked the bottle again. I used one half the bottle which is only a 12 oz. bottle so it means that I used the correct 6 0z. amount. The reason the original message said 16oz. is because I new I used half but thought the bottle was 32 oz. Good luck and let me know how you make out.
  • I have a 2000 dodge dakota 4 door with 4.7 V8 4WD. the problem is when coming to a stop, the transmission wants to shift to second gear and it stalls out the truck. After reading symptoms from other entries from this site I changed out my TPS sensor (From Napa parts). But it did not solve my problems


  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Perhaps the speed-sensor screwed into the rear differential is not sending the proper signals to the computer? (telling it to shift)
  • I have a question about the truck's performance. If I am climbing a steep hill, the transmission downshifts but on occasion it slips out of gear and the engine rpms increase. As I decrease the throttle, the transmission goes back into gear and performs normally. There are no engine lights or codes. This happens only a few times. Is this a normal situation? Is it some type of safety feature?
    As is in the past, thanks for your help. The information given on this forum is very useful.
  • WOW,, how many different sensors are related to shifting? I thought it would have stopped with TPS and transmission sensors. I have not changed the Transmission input and output sensors. should I consider that as well?
  • :cry: :cry: :cry: i own a 2001 dakota with a 3.9 v-6 and my problem is this,,,while coasting to a stop or just driving slow in heavy traffic my tranny starts to jump hard from 1st to 2nd gear repeatedly. also when starting out from a dead stop the truck acts like it wants to stall and backfires. i have 100,000 miles on this truck and never before have i had any kind of problem. both of these problems just started 3 days ago and i don't drive it till it's fixed. sure miss my truck!!!
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    The number of sensors related to shifting are perhaps too many to count. Not only are the obvious sensors like ThrottlePosition and Speed sensors. But there are a myriad of hydrolic sensors within the xmission itself. (plus inputshaft speed sensor)

    BTW: One reason that the roadSpeed sensor is mounted within in the rear differential is because it also serves as the xmission output speed sensor.

    There is a sensor under the battery to determine ambient (air) temp. The temparature of the engine and several other engine sensors are also considerd in the shift algorythim.

    Also, the engine computer can "calculate" things like engine torque and reprogram the xmission shift points based on instantanious calculations.

    What does all the above mean to you..... DO NOT TRY TO FIX A PROBLEM BY BLINDLY REPLACING SENSORS! In the trade, this is known as "shotgunning" a problem. (And run fast from any "mechanic" who wants to shotgun your problem with this tecnique at your expense.)
  • I have a 2002 Dakota Sport Quad Cab. 4.7 L V8 Automatic with 108,000 miles. Lately I have been having problems with the truck getting stuck in park. When I start the truck, I can't get it to shift out of park. If I take out the Trans Pos Ind Fuse(Fuse #8) and put it back in then it will sometimes switch over to neutral and then back to park. If I time it right then I can get it out of park. After I manage to get it out of park it will shift through every gear including park until I shut the truck off. Then it will do it all over again. Any Ideas?
  • I have a 93 dodge dakota, all the gears work perfectly exceot 1 st gear, i have to ger it rolling at a speed high enough to shift to 2nd gear, i do have an automatic tranny, can anyone help
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