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Dodge Dakota Transmission Problems



  • rbentsenrbentsen Posts: 6
    You are probably referring to the shaft speed sensor, which will cause the speedo to go out if it is defective.The connector I am referring to is on the driver's side toward the front of the transmission. It is a round plug with 8 pins inside. It is not easy to get to. That is why I had a transmission shop change the connector once I found out where the problem was. They actually cut the male portion of the plug and used butt-splices to wire in the new plug. The Chilton manual shows 9 wires going from the PCM to the transmission, so I know there is more than just 3.
  • rpw4rpw4 Posts: 1

    I just replaced the front and rear seals along with filter and fluid. The transmission has 75,000 miles on it. It worked fine before changing these items. Now it does not upshift to 3-4 or lockup unless I turn the OD off and then back on. Any suggestions?
  • caseylycaseyly Posts: 1
    My Dakota has a trouble code from the auto trans P0987 4C Hydraulic Pressure Test Failure. I can't find anyone who can tell me anything about it. Caseyly
  • tbizzletbizzle Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota 4.7 liter V8 4x4 and I just pulled into a parking lot and immediately started to hear a clinking of sorts and it sounded like it was coming from the transfer case area. I checked the stick shift for the four wheel and it was loose as if it wasn't engaging at all. I put in the place that it should be and the noise stopped, but the stick didn't "lock" in place. Any ideas what it could be? Is there a clip or something could have come loose?
  • tbizzletbizzle Posts: 2
    I had a chance to get under there today and saw that the shift linkage is detached. It looked like where it should attach is broken or there is a ring missing or both. My Haynes manual tells how to adjust the linkage but doesn't provide any pictures, so I'm not sure if all parts are there or not.
  • My newly acquired 2000 Dakota Quad Cab has a minor slippage occurring when seated in the drivers seat. When you brake at a light the seat shifts forward about an inch. Any ideas on repairing this. I understand this happens alot on these vehicles. Thank you ;)
  • I just bought a 1992 dodge dakota LE 4x4 automatic trans it drives forward fine,but will not go in reverce. You try to put it in reverce and it goes in drive.Even when you put it in nutrule it still will not go backwards its like its lock up for reverce can anybody :mad: help????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????- - ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????- - ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????- - ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????- - ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????- - ??????????????
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,497
    Not sure the transmission discussion would be the most helpful ;) look through the Dodge Dakota Interior Issues discussion and see if others may have solved this issue.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host

    KCRam - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Moderator

  • hfcudahfcuda Posts: 1
    i have a 2005(75300 miles) dakota 3.7 with automatic trans. after driving one and a half hour, most of the time the car display the red thermometer check light. at this time the transmission stop upshifting so the RPM goes up to 5000 when running 60mph. the dealer replace an electronic module in the transmission that last for a day and said that the tranny needs a new torque converter and new seals that will cost $2700. that is the reason why i am looking for another transmission.
  • pedmpedm Posts: 3
    Thanks Rbentsen,

    I did find the 8 pin plug on my 2000 Dakota and sure enough it had fluid in it. I tried to clean it out and plugged it back in but still got the solenoid code. The Dodge mechanic said it was definitely an electrical issue and 9 times out 10 it is the solenoid. But do you think I should replace the plug first?
  • dmack88dmack88 Posts: 4
    Sorry to but in here however I have been following this thread to solve a problem on my truck. I think my problem might me the transmission control module. My symptoms are similar but it's more of "after driving on the highway I slow down then go back to high speeds it's stuck in 3rd. Won't shift into overdrive till I stop, shut off the engine, then restart. (Reboot the control module?)

    Is this difficult to reprogram or replace?

    You sure seem to know your dodge transmissions.
  • I'm having a bit of a problem with the manual transmission on my Dakota. Sometimes it is Difficult to shift into first gear and out of third. The clutch is also making a little noise when engaging into any gear. Any Ideas???
  • Hi all - first post. Couple weeks ago my 2004 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab, 4WD, v8, auth started having difficulty shifting 2nd to 3rd. This happens only occasionally, some days not at all, some days a number of times throughout the day. Symptoms are you're in 2nd gear for what sometimes seems like a fraction too long, then a hard, sudden, jolting shift to 3rd. Took it into the local tranny shop, and they suspected a line sensor problem. They were 'pretty certain' that was it, but no guarantees. 3 days later, and $175 poorer, no joy. Took it back in, and now they are saying it might be the 'EPC Solenoid'. This is a $550+ part, installed. They could only give me a 50% assurance this was the problem, so naturally I declined the repair. Codes encountered are: P0932 - line pressure sensor, and P0869 - line pressure high fault. They measure the line pressure and it was around 160. Apparently normal load pressure is maybe 60. Right now I'm looking for 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions on this. 50% is not much assurance that the near $600 is going to be well-spent, and I really don't want to get into the position of having spent nearly $800 and still having the problem. My 2nd question is - is this part, assuming I would replace it - something a guy could R&R (if they had the part) - or does this need to be done by a shop?
  • dmack88dmack88 Posts: 4
    You will have to go back to message 618 or so but some of those around there might be of help to you. There seem to be two things that you don't mention. The TPS (throttle position sensor) and the connector for solenoid A. Please check those earlier posts. Also I know some mechanics hate to have anyone add anything that says it stops leaks, but the Lucas oil transmission additive helps hard shifting. I got a bottle and it has helped a lot. It's only about $12 to $15 depending on where you get it.
  • jer7robjer7rob Posts: 3
    My Truck was driving fine yesterday with no problems at all. I took it to a friends house last night and it was fine. When I left his house last night my check engine light came on as soon as I started my truck. I noticed that my truck seemed sluggish. I drove it anyway. When I had to come to a stop and then start again it seemed "okay" from 1st to 2nd but the transmission slipped from 2nd to 3rd. It did this all the way home (15 miles). It would slip and the engine would rev until it finally caught again and shifted to 3rd.

    Today I took it out and drove it around 5-6 miles to get it hot to check the fluid. It wasn't slipping at all today but was very sluggish (especially when first starting) It seemed like it took forever to get up to speed. I took it to advance auto and got the code that it was throwing.

    1762 The Governor Pressure Sensor input was too high or too low for 3
    consecutive park/neutral calibrations.

    I've had trouble with it before down shifting when the slightest bit of extra throttle was applied and when using the cruise control. I adjusted the throttle position cable going to the tranny and it worked fine after that.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  • pbell26pbell26 Posts: 2
    I have a 95 dakota with a 5.2 and automatic. I just bought it and the trans had just been rebuilt but the guy still had problems with it. I got it home and the throttle valve cable wasn't connected. So I put a new cable on it and changed the trans fluid because it looked dirty. Now it shifts fine but when you come to a stop it will not shift back into 1st by itself. You can do it manually but it won't do it by itself. Any help would be appreciated.
  • jer7robjer7rob Posts: 3
    Check this out! Now my truck will not shift out of 1st gear....when it shifts into 2nd it just slips.....and almost acts like it is in neutral....

    Thank you for any suggestions....
  • pbell26pbell26 Posts: 2
    Also will a 46rh out of a dodge ram fit in a dakota with a 46rh.
  • zyta88zyta88 Posts: 2
    2002 dodge dakota with 4.7 auto. Just recently the torque converter has started to unlock and lock once the truck is warmed up and driving at a smooth crusing speed. The tack will jump from about 1800 to 1900 . I have found lots of people with the excat same simptoms, but have not found any answers. Can someone help? Thanks.
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