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Dodge Dakota Transmission Problems



  • I have a 98 Dakota 5.2L V8 4sp auto with 150K on it. When I start it everything sounds fine, but when I put it in reverse or drive, I then hear a slight rattling noise. Once I start to drive it goes away, so far it has not affected the driving performance. Also, sometimes (but increasing in frequency) as soon as I hit the brakes from accelerating, I hear a loud click from underneath of me. I think it may be something with the clutch, but I am not really sure, any thoughts or experiences with similar symptoms?
  • That rattling could be the start of losing one of your gears. Because you hear it when you put it it reverse or drive, I assume it would mean that it's the reverse gear going out (or one of the bearings or bands) and when you put it back into drive, it rattles "out of the way" and continues to "function". if you're mechanically inclined (and have a spare vehicle to drive around in) then I would suggest getting a Chilton's or Haynes book for it- and getting ready to replace a transmission. If you're not up to doing such a job on your own- I would strongly suggest taking it to your nearest transmission shop or Dodge Dealership (which will be pricier). While it is not effecting the driving performance YET- it soon will. And then you'll be on the side of the road somewhere calling a tow-truck. 150k on the truck- when is the last time the transmission fluid & filter were changed? For that matter, since it's over 100k- when's the last time the timing chain in the engine was replaced?
    As for the clicking noise- I'm not sure what to tell you on that- one of those things I'd have to be there for. It COULD be a lot of things- ranging from something in the brake system- to pieces of a bad gear clicking around inside the transmission. Again- best bet- get a book, and about a case of ATF+4 because there will come a time in the not-so-distant future...when you're going to need it. Good luck!
  • Mark280 did manage to get the trans problem fixed? If so what was the problem?
  • are you sure it had water in it it could be the radiator leaking coolant into the transmission cooler lines look at the coolant in your radiator if it is getting transmission fluid in the coolant then i would replace the radiator flush the coolant and change the transmission fluid and filter.
  • lhendrickson, what did you find out about your transmission issues??? I also have a 2000 Dakota pick-up 3.9L 2-WD and have had similar problems, it seemed as though it would not change from 1st gear to second. It would rev up pretty high and then engage pretty hard when it finally did shift gears. It seemed to do it more when the engine was first started in the morning or when the engine was not warm. The funny thing is, it went away and I have not heard/felt it for a while, I'm just thinking that it's probably going to come back and I want to know what it is.

  • vohlkvohlk Posts: 1
    2000 Dakota 4x4. Is the bearing at the front of the rear axle punkin a press on bearing or does it just slip on the shaft. Any tricks to this repair job.
  • Good luck fillin up that torque convertor on a manual trans... O.o

    And most vehicles you check while still running, not shut off, in park or neutral, for obvious reasons.

    You cant realy check until the vehicle has been warmed up, you need to pretty much go out and give it a good drive for 20-30 mins...

    If you wana get right technical, most dodges you want the fluid at around 80 degrees to check it.

    if its about 1L below the "Full" mark, when cold and fillin it up, its prolly pretty close to the right spot, maybe a lil too much, maybe a lil too less..

    Most trannies, the "Add" and "Full" mark is about 1/2L.. it doesnt have to be RIGHT AT THE FULL, so long as its in that range.. too much is almost worse than not enough..

    Of course this is all Automatic tranny stuff, and has nothing to do with a manual tranny..
  • stumped15stumped15 Posts: 1
    edited March 2013
    I cant get my 2001 dakota out of park without really wiggling hard. Once it is out of park it goes into and out of all gears smoothly including park until i turn the key off. On the next start it wont come out of park again. I have already changed the brake light switch that didnt work. someone please help
  • my 1989 dodge dakota v6 2 wheel drive its ideling high but when i put it in gear it goes ok for awhile but then when i push gas pedal it starts slowing down but i can put it in nuetral and press gas pedal and it will race the motor fine then when i put it in gear it only wants to go at about 25 miles an hour but it doesnt never completely dies im at a loss can you help me please im stumped. thanks linda
  • Hello I have a 2004 Dodge Dakota 4x4 4 Door Quad cab. The exact same thing has been happening to me . also had the noise of going over rumble strips but there were no rumble strips growling and not up shifting into higher gears. I just dropped it off to my Tranny guy last week. He said the celluloid valve body was stuck closed. Also he put in a shifter kit and i haven't picked it up yet but he says its shifting and running perfect so i'll see when i get done working today don't know how much it cost yet im guessing 500.00 bucks Hope this helps . Good Luck !! Pat
  • peckdad4peckdad4 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Dodge Dakota 4x4 with about 120,000 miles on it. The transmission seems to be missing second gear. It shifts from first to third. I hooked up my computer to it and the computer shows it shifting from first to third, missing second gear completely.

    I changed fluid and filter making sure to replace fluid with the +4 fluid that it calls for. Still not shifting right.

    Any suggestions for what it might be?
  • I have a 3.9L V6 RWD Dakota with a 4-speed (5-speed OD)automatic trans and recently noticed something about when it shifts. When it shifts from 1st-2nd and 2nd-3rd it tends to drop about 100-200 RPMs before it shifts. Today it actually climbed 200-300 rpms right before shifting but only twice. 3rd to 4th is completely fine though. Before i changed my oil yesterday i noticed between the oil pan and the trans fluid pan there was something leaking out, which looked and felt like oil. Since its 12 years old could it possibly just be a worn out hose? Or is that even the problem? It doesn't jolt and its still a smooth ride. I did tune it up when i bought it but it didn't do that till months after. The front end as also shuddered twice when climbing a hill on the way back home, enough to make the steering wheel shake and the whole front in. Any input would be nice
  • teej314teej314 Posts: 2
    does anyone have any answers on how to fix this transmission problem we are all experiencing? i heard to you have to put in some kind of tranny stop leak stuff by doing a half tranny flush type thing. obviously i am mechanically illiterate. lol. ill ask what kind
  • teej314teej314 Posts: 2
    oh and its 5.9L v-8. automatic.

    and i was also wondering if i can change this transmission out for 2001 dodge ram 1500 manual transmission?
    if i cant exchange the tranny can i trade out the radiator?
  • I have 2001 4.7 auto that does about the same thing. backing up it sounds like the gears robbing together and will not back up. So put back in park and let stop sping and then good to go. Can you tell whats next to happen
  • This is a very simple problem that does not involve sensors or scanners or anything like that. The rubber boot on the gear shift needs to be rolled back, you will see a lever that is stopping the gear selector from moving. You need to step on the brake and lubricate that portion and you will be good for another 100,000 miles. Very simple and it works.

  • Dumb question but did you replace plug wires when you replaced plugs? Had the same issue with my ranger, changed plugs and coil pack, had the wires changed about a year ago so I thought they were fine, but it turns out one wire was bad. Changed them and haven't had a problem since

    @eidlws said: I have a 2001 DAK Quad with 172k miles. Changed the battery last month and I have noticed transmission shudder at hiway speeds. Especially when shifting into OD. Just changed my spark plugs and problem still exists. Changed the TPS over a year ago. Do I need to get my chip re-flashed having recently diconnected the battery and can I do this myself somehow? Thanks, Great site. @eidlws said: Another UPDATE: After a couple of long trips (150 mi) the problem has returned. New plugs, coil and ejector. I see where the O2 sensor could have a part in this problem. Any suggestions before I replace anymore devices?

    Thanks, :confuse:

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