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Toyota Tundra Brakes Problems



  • 650spx650spx Posts: 48
    Ok so your saying the ball joint failed due to a brake vibration. I highley doubt it I think your body shop is wrong. The ball joint recall was d to a manufacturing defect when thay switched companys for the 2002 model year your truck was not affected. The brake problem I will give you a little leway for that one but after 3/36 sorry your out of luck. Toyota dose not determen what is a recall others do like the us goverment,national highway saftey bord and others do. The dealer it self has nothing to do with it. Rember the dealer it self is a business If you won't pay them and toyota won't pay them for a repair then the repair dose not get done. It's just that simple. I personaly think the outboard clip on the front cv axle broke causing the vibration. But we will never know now. As far as the nissan gose I hope you happey but I have seen rear end problems ses/emissions problems and that to have there fair share of brake problems. Good luck to you with your nissan.
  • Is anyone experiencing after recall fixed? I have 2005 Tundra Double Cab and my passenger rear brake light not functioning. Bulb is okey and there's no fuse blown. It flashes when remote is press lock or unlock.
    What could be the problem.
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated in advanced

  • I have had a 2001 Tundra since new. At 33K miles the brakes started to shake, so Toyota replaced them under warranty. At 50K it happened again and they told me that there was a problem with he rotors and pads and that it would cost 1500 to fix at my expense. I complained to the Company HQ and they replaced the rotors and pads with heavy duty stuff for free and I have not had a problem since. Now I have 117K miles and only had to replace the pads at 110K. I also pulled a travel trailer with it. The only problem I have had that ticked me off was the starter failed at about 80K miles and it cost 800 to replace. Some idiot engineer put the starter under the manifold and it had to be removed to replace the starter. The part was 100 the rest was labor. I understand they moved it after 2001.
  • I replaced my Brake master cylinder because the back seal was leaking, but when i applied brakes they felt like the booster was not working. If i slammed on the brakes it felt like they were stuck. So i replaced the booster thinking that brake fuiled had damaged the diaham in the booster.I believe I made the proper agjusment at the push rod and the booster cup, but the same problem still exists. When you apply the brakes they feel like you are pushing against a wall.I have a 2000 4x4 tundra. Has been running fine till now .Eny ideas
  • I have a 2005 Tundra I loved it but like it a lot less these days due to poor service and the fact that it's going on 3 years old and going on 3rd set of tires due to excessive tread wear on outer front. There was a recall on front suspension/lower ball joints took it in for work (ATTENTION BEWARE)check the vehicle and paperwork always and with any front end work always make sure it's been aligned for those that may not know. Toyota did a half [non-permissible content removed] job as usual when realizing they didn't align tread was gone on right front of course I had been to them 3 times about it they said I drive funny took it to tire place where purchased they said looks like you'll need new tires this is 1 month after new on. When ball joints got replaced never told me my brakes were low until 3 weeks later when I went in for spark plugs then they called said brakes were gone why couldn't they tell me when ball joint work was done they wait till they are under the hood far from brakes and now they are shot whatever paperwork states they turned rotors brakes have squeaked sense they were done I have suspected rotors were not turned cause 3 months later take it to have them check brakes and they say rotors need to be turned(so soon) from now on if anything is being replaced I will demand the old part that was replaced hopefully they won't pull the wool over my eyes on that. It puts me in a rage when I get treated like a dumb chick that knows nothing and believes everything the crap they try to make me believe is unreal and of course the answers are always (Thats normal) to everything no it's not. Those that have a 2005 Tundra on the tail gate where the handle is there is a hump this is the design of the truck well when going in for service the shmuck that has been there for years writes on my service slip check in sheet dent on tail gate and says to me you have a dent I freaked and had him show me they only had the truck 2 min. what the heck he shows me the tailgate and I tell him he better get out there in the lot and get familiar with the vehicles cause he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. In last anyone have a bedliner noise reduction kit put on truck? I did $50.00 and it's some kids bicycle helmet foam shredded and shoved in areas under liner. No Ididn't buy the kit and no I didn't buy the bull story either those are just a few of the things they try to make me buy.
  • jccinohjccinoh Posts: 9
    Ok, so perhaps my 2006 Tundra was built on a Friday before a holiday or something...but whatever the reason for all the problems with the vehicle it has made my decision on what type of truck to own next a little easier. TOYOTA will NOT be one of my choices. From brake and compressor problems to 'clunking in the rear end' to tire wear...I would NEVER own another one of these vehicles. As I have told the Toyota service people many times, my Tundra is the best advertising that GM has never had to pay for! Everytime I get in the truck it makes me think back on the 'good' trucks I have had with GM (see, good advertising!) Anyway, thats my two cents worth on the quality (or lack of it) of my Toyota Tundra...
  • wazbewiwazbewi Posts: 3
    All of us with problems and complaints need to stay on toyota until they do something they don't see the same issues are with alot of us 2005-2006 tundra owners keep on corporate I have for 3 years about tire wear and this 3rd set of tires I am waiting for comfirmation on reimbursement for once sounds promising and won't stop till I am happy. The more people the better.
  • I am experiencing a similar problem. Any help?
  • slotkarslotkar Posts: 1
    My '06 Tundra, had the ball joint recall work done at 5000 miles (with alignment and rotation). Just put a new set of tires on front (outside wear) with the odometer at 11,000 miles. Give me a break. Taking the worn tires and the truck to toyota this week, with the ball joint work order reciept ( since they lost that record on their computer), to see what they say in person, since the service guy on the phone said he "he had never heard of this kind of a tire wear problem". Since getting the new tires and alignment at reputable shop, my truck steering wheel shimmies at cruising speed.

    My wifes '06 Tundra (see a trend here), has 22,000 miles with ball joint recall completed, and she also got a new set of front tires, with the same premature wear problem.

    Any other Tundra tire wear stories ?
  • wazbewiwazbewi Posts: 3
    I finally filed a complaint with Auto better business and I urge all to do same if having the problem with the tire wear now I have action along with Toyota inspecting my truck to find problem. All should do same.
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  • webgoodwebgood Posts: 95 you have any useful or cogent facts to bring to this discussion, or are you just venting?
  • You sound like a paid blogger. Good luck with that B. S.
  • theguzetheguze Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Tundra w/two wheel dr, w/ABS. 75k miles.
    Two weeks ago I replaced a pair of warped rotors with some drilled and slotted rotors, adjusted the rears. The brakes work great
    . I now have an ABS? issue. If I come to a slow rolling stop, like you might when parking it, the ABS engages, though not always. The truck is probably going only a couple of mph at this time. I can feel the pulsation in the brake pedal and hear the system engage. The ABS sometimes still pulses for a second or two after the truck stops. This is the only time the ABS comes on for no reason.
    I checked the sensors, wire harness, bled brakes.
    Anybody have any ideas? Thanks!
  • Hi. did you ever find out what the problem was regarding the ABS engaging? I'm having the same issue with my 2001 Tundra (190K). I just had the front brakes, front and rear struts replaced along with a wheel bearing on the front left. Now, when I'm parking the ABS pump is engaging. My mechanic took it to Toyota and the diagnositic tests showed nothing! They have replaced the speed censor, but it's still happening. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • I have a 2005 Tundra truck with 97,000 miles on it. I just purchased the truck a few weeks ago but have had a problem with the brakes since day 1. The problem is a soft brake pedal that will not hold a firm brake when the brakes are applied. The pedal will "sink" about 2/3 the way to the floorboard and will stop the vehicle but the soft pedal does not instill confidence in the braking system. I have replaced the brake master cylinder and the vacuum booster (at a cost of almost $1600) but the pedal is still soft. It acts like there is air in the brake system, but bleeding of the brakes does not help. Anyone else experiencing any similiar problems?
  • I have the exact same issue with my 2005 tundra. Had the rear axle bearings replaced, along with the left rear speed sensor, now the abs kicks in at very low speed when braking. Did you ever figure out your problem?
  • I have a 2005 tundra. I was experiencing rear axle noise, so I was taking it to my mechanic. On the way there the abs light came on. Brakes were inspected and looked good. Rear axle was inspected and found the axle bearings were shot. The diagnostic machine also showed the left rear speed sensor was not working. Replaced the axle bearings and speed sensor, now when you brake at very low speeds the abs kicks in and the brake pedal pulsates and makes a noise from the abs kicking in. This happens about 50% of the time when you brake. Any ideas what's wrong? Anyone else have a similar problem? Thank's
  • nope, just gave up figuring it's a Toyota thing......thinking about trading it in on a new Ford truck...... :) :) :)
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