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Dodge Caliber Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
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  • renchbnderrenchbnder Posts: 13
    bought my '07 caliber a month ago, has 1k on it now,,,had researched it, check the dealer stock in spokane, found they had a SE
  • moonhunt18moonhunt18 Posts: 33
    my price with discount is $18850 (+ dmv of about $220)

    what do you all think? is this an ok deal. it includes 7 year 100k ml warranty with raod side assist at no charge.
    thanks for input!

    2007 MODEL YEAR
    Base Price: $ 15,425
    Exterior Color: Sunburst Orange Pearl Coat Paint
    Interior Color: Light Slate Gray
    Interior: Cloth Seats with Color-Keyed Insert
    Engine: 2.0L 4-Cyl DOHC 16V Dual VVT Engine
    Transmission: Continuously Variable Transaxle II
    Front Advanced Multistage Air Bags**
    Front and Rear Supplemental Side Curtain Air Bags**
    Power Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes
    Solar-Control Glass
    Rear Window Defroster
    Rearview Day/Night Mirror
    Sentry Key(R) Theft Deterrent System
    Keyless Entry
    Variable Intermittent Windshield Wipers
    Sliding Sun Visors with Mirrors
    Power Accessory Delay
    Rear Window Wiper/Washer
    Power Mirrors
    Speed-Sensitive Power Locks
    Power Windows with Driver's One-Touch-Down Feature
    Passenger Assist Handles
    Power Rack-and-Pinion Steering
    Touring Suspension
    12-Volt Auxiliary Power Outlet
    Auxiliary 115-Volt Power Outlet
    Illuminated Entry
    Air Conditioning with Chill Zone(TM) Storage
    Illuminated Cupholders
    Tilt Steering Column
    AM/FM/CD, Chgr Ctrl, Aux Input Jack
    4 Speakers
    Sliding Armrest with Cell Phone/MP3 Holder
    Flexible Seating Group
    Driver's Seat with Height Adjuster
    Rear Fold-Flat-Forward Seat
    Rear 60/40 Split Recline Seat
    Fold Flat - Load Floor
    Interior Removable/Rechargeable Lamp
    Satin Silver Shifter Bezel
    Satin Silver Instrument Panel Bezel
    Front and Rear Floor Mats
    Liftgate Door with Fixed Glass

    Halogen Headlamps
    17" x 6.5" Steel Wheels
    P215/60R17 BSW All Season Touring Tires

    Sunburst Orange Pearl Coat Paint $ 150
    Sunburst Orange Seat Insert
    Customer Preferred Package 24E $ 645
    Sport Appearance Interior Group
    Color-Keyed Instrument Panel Bezel
    Cloth Seats with Color-Keyed Insert
    Color-Keyed PRNDL Bezel
    Fog Lamps
    17" x 6.5" Aluminum Wheels
    Driver Convenience Group $ 400
    Tire Pressure Monitoring Display
    Temperature and Compass Gauge
    Automatic-Dimming Rearview Mirror
    Universal Garage Door Opener
    Heated Front Seats $ 250
    Continuously Variable Transaxle II $ 1,000
    Anti-Lock Front Disc/Rr Drum Brakes
    2.0L 4-Cyl DOHC 16V Dual VVT Engine $ 100
    Power Sunroof $ 750
    Speed Control $ 250
    AM/FM Radio with Cass/CD/6-Disc/MP3 $ 420

    TOTAL PRICE:* $ 19,950
    my price with discount is $18850 (+ dmv of about $220)
  • renchbnderrenchbnder Posts: 13
    Wow! Moon, dont know what area of the USA you are, but i think your dealer wasnt dealing to good. I only say that as is you take the freight out thats 19,490$, minus the 500$ rebate thats 18990$,way i calculate they gave you the paint option. well equipped Caliber though. Did you buy the extended? 7 yr/100k?
  • vrmvrm Posts: 301
    Checking to see if any one can share their buying experience/price paid in the Northern VA and Maryland area?

    Dealer name and out the door price would be appreciated.

  • waorganywaorgany Posts: 10
    We bought, ok ordered our Caliber from one of three local dealers (the one who gave us the best price)!!!
    We knew more than the salesman did, and they were going through sales training on this car with a rep from the factory...and we heard his pitch to the salesmen and woman as we waited...I should be a car salesman because this place has much to desire when it comes to customer service. We dont hear from them and I am getting tired of waiting, but this is what we are getting some day??? This car is replacing my wife’s old van. I am in Iraq and she is waiting at home for the new car to arrive…I will be home before the car gets there? We ordered our 2007 SXT Caliber in mid MAR and are paying $500 over invoice @ $18,500. All other dealers we talked to quoted us MSRP or above. Ours will be configured as such:
    FWD SXT, 24D package, 2.0 w CVT, Sunburst Orange Pearl, Leather (heated) Seats (Gray), 17” aluminum Wheels, Cruise, block heater (we live up North and have lived in Alaska this $30 option is a must), Fog Lamps, Daytime running lights, full tank of gas and the ever famous “destination charge” @$560!!!

    Stock SXT MSRP: $15,425 Invoice: $14,612
    Options: $ 3,665 $ 3,416
    Total $19,090 $18,028

    Still not sure about adding an extended warranty plan? We had one on our 9
    ’96 Dodge Grand Caravan and it paid for it self several times over. Sure hope this car comes in soon…been waiting almost 12 weeks… do not hear from dealer every!! Last we knew they still did not have a VIN!
  • sskeenssskeens Posts: 6
    Our dealer has what we want all except the color(they have a yellow one). They have been calling all over within a 500 mile radius. A couple of days ago they found a Black one, asked us if we would take black, we said yes. They went to go get it the next morning and it was already sold. A couple days later, they found a silver one, again, we said we'd take it, before they had a chance to go get it, they sold it. Now, today, they call and found a white one, but we didn't want white so we said no. They said they would keep looking for us. I hate to be so picky with the color but if I'm paying for it, I at least want the color we like. My first choice is black then silver. There is one thing I don't like about the interior. Why do the put the colored inserts on the seats and the control panel. I don't like that at all, I think it takes away from the vehicle. Any one feel like that or do I just have to get use to it. I'm wondering if there is a way to order a gray panel for the controls and if it would be hard to replace.
  • metroawdmetroawd Posts: 4
    Left a down payment on a new black R/T AWD 2 days ago, picked it up yesterday! Love this car!! Dealer had one on his lot, told me he had to buy it from another dealer and have it trucked up, and had to buy 4 or 5 pickup trucks just to get the Caliber. Good luck, black looks great w/ the chrome wheels and spoiler. Now I just need some nice dark window tint and few other goodies... L8r.
  • sskeenssskeens Posts: 6
  • sskeenssskeens Posts: 6
    Hi, Congrats on your new Caliber. What is the color of the interior. Does it have red inserts and a red front panel?
  • metroawdmetroawd Posts: 4
    It has the leather option and the seats are a nice slate/pastel grey. Not quite as nice trim level as the vehicle this one replaces, but it'll do. No red anywhere in my Caliber R/T AWD. That MusicGate system kicks! Driving is fun again.
  • sskeenssskeens Posts: 6
    Oh wow, that's what we want too. I love the leather. So...what's your opinon of standard interior. Like I said, I'm having a hard time with the way they did the colored insert and colored front panel.
  • metroawdmetroawd Posts: 4
    For an entry level car, I have no complaints. I've been driving two Isuzu Troopers since 1993, so I've been accustomed to their the fit and finish on my LS and Limited Edition. Alas, my '93 LS is no more, but my new 2007 R/T AWD has me grinning with each autostick shift! I don't have any coloured inserts, it all seems to work nicely on my R/T. I'm looking at the Mopar Carbon Fiber interior cosmetic upgrades. So I wouldn't worry about what it looks like, 1) it isn't bad, and 2) you can always change it. I expect to see a lot of these cars on the road and I'm sure there will be tons of aftermarket options. HTH.
  • sskeenssskeens Posts: 6
    Thanks, I appreciate your opinion. You definetly have what I want. ss
  • hello, Ive ordered a 1.8 cuz I want the 5 speed but cant afford the 2.4...another dealer has one, but he says he cant get my payments down to $250 a month,I told the dealer I cant handle more than $250 a month for I gettin screwed? My friend just bought a Honda, list price $20,000 and she paying $234 a credit is excellent, whats up? I need advice....
  • mavrikmavrik Posts: 2
    ok, i have been reading this forum for about a month getting info and trying to decide whether to take the plunge into new car ownership. I went to a dealer armed with info and he basically tried to tell me that i couldn't order the SRT with any options.. he claimed that the factory would send them one way with different colors. (meaning options such as sunroof, heated seats) Now i just told him that i was on the site (dodge) and was able to set up packages and he said that the site was wrong. It sounded to me like he was trying to force me to purchase a car he had on the lot. He said that Dodge wasn't taking custom orders. So i told him "thank you for your time" and left. Should i contact Dodge? Based on information i've read from you guys it sounds like he was BSing me. I will be ready to buy in about 2 weeks so i am going to go to a different dealer. Any thoughts on what i should do?
  • waorganywaorgany Posts: 10
    Yes, I would find another dealer, I wouldn't waste your time contacting Dodge, I did that due to an extra long wait (still counting), 15 weeks tomorrow, wait for SXT, we ordered it the way we wanted, You can do this for ANY car from any dealer in palce in thw country, have ordered ALL 4 of our last vehicles, and we usually know much more than the salesmen or women, they dont have a clue, or seem to care. Best of luck...avoid the dealer I went through in Upstate NY won't mention the name but are in Adams, NY!!!
  • rich36rich36 Posts: 3
    Did someone had problems with the 2.0 engine yet ?
  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    you should go to a different dealer. I am pretty picky when it comes to that...if i am gonna give you some 15.000$, i want to be treated nice! i eliminated 3 dealers because of what you said..trying to sell me a car on the lot because they did not have the one i wanted. the ford dealer where i went to look and test drive a focus hatchback, they did not have any, well the guy was showing me a pontiac grand prix :mad: i looked at him and then my husband then said " well obviously he doesn,t know what a HATCHBACK means, :confuse: never mind..let's go somewhere else" and we left!
    i then went to a toyota dealer to look up the scions and the salesman was great and very helpful, we test drove it after talking with him less than 10 minutes, and he knew we were not buying that day.. he was just very nice to deal with. we had such a nice experience with him that we narrowed our choice to toyotas and chevy because that what he sells and he will get our business. dont waste your time and energy with rude ppl at dealerships...give your business to ppl who actually deserve it and not because it is convenient.
  • wampuscatwampuscat Posts: 4
    Just thought I'd add my experience so far. I'm planning to order a Caliber (have been waiting on purpose as I wanted to check out Compass, Patriot and CX7 before buying).

    I've had several dealers offer me prices below invoice. For a brand new car and a brand new model - and a popular one, can't keep them in - under invoice seems decent.
  • bwallacebwallace Posts: 3
    I have had a Caliber on order for 11 weeks today and my dealer is telling me the status is D1-Waiting on rail car for shipping. The car has a VIN which indicates that it has been built. Two weeks ago they told me the same status. I know the cars are built in Belvidere, Illinois and are heavy demand.
    Does anyone have experience on the length of time recently for getting one?
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