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Dodge Caliber Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I bought a 07 Marine Pearl Blue SXT Sport, CVT, 2.0, speed control, sirrius radio and paid $18243.88 out the door price (taxes, license everything) cash , no loan, no trade in. Probably could have bought a little cheaper, but wanted to stay local, I like the dealer, service etc. happy and safe Caliber driving to all.

    p.s. test drive more than one Caliber, I drove three and there was a major difference in two of them. I would not recommend ordering one special because of this. I could not believe how much better one was over another :lemon: , forget about color you are in the vehicle driving it most of the time not outside looking at it. Go for the best ride, performance, handling, smoothness, :shades: and of course good getty up! :shades:
  • vocsvocs Posts: 7
    All - my dealer finally fessed up that the allocation never happened in Sept or Oct and would not happen until Dec of Jan and that the factory is closed in Dec for two weeks and so 8 weeks from order pick if in Dec would be end of Jan maybe Feb. Which puts my order at 8 weeks but the dealer allocation held it up. They didn't want to admit that. Would have been a 6 month wait. I ended up just buying an Orange RT AWD that I located on a lot about an hour away. I love it. COuld not be happier. But not so thrilled with how the dealer lied around the situation.
  • How do you find the production date or status?
  • vocsvocs Posts: 7
    Well...kind of a long story. I called another dealer farther away who is a friend of a friend. He explained allocation to me. I guess (if I have this right) a dealer can't put an order in for a car until they sell a car. My dealer didn't have Calibers to sell until Oct so until he sold one of those he couldn't put in an order. Allocations are picked up the first of the month for the following month so he sold in Oct, on Nov 1 the allocation would be picked up for Dec. If the car then takes 8 weeks to make and the factory is closed for two of them we are looking at 10 more weeks from the date the order goes in.

    I pressured the dealer to tell me what was going on. I asked him if he had an allocation and he told me that an allocation is bull and any dealer will tell you they have one. In reality he was lying to me so when I got more info I went at him and he admited the order wouldn't get picked up until Dec.

    Now keep in mind..if say two people put orders in prior to mine and they get 2 allocations in Nov for Dec, those two orders will go in and I would be next in line. So I did'nt even know if Dec was a sure thing.

    Sorry I'm rambling the whole thing really pissed me off.
  • I agree with test driving, but I've yet to see one with a sunroof and the wife wanted a sunroof. As for them driving differently, that is what the warranty is for...with the dealer I deal with, I am already considered a pest because my '05 Magnum is in every time my wife or myself detects there is an issue (:P on them). I think the PT has the similar issues as the Cal, 'cause mine sucks, but my buddies runs mint. I just want my dam' car. :mad:
  • there was nothing wrong with the other cars I drove so warranty would not apply. The car I bought was built better, tighter and was far superior than the others. I sacrificed color for a better quality and car would do it again, everytime. Did you drive several Magnums to compare in 05? Hope you get a good one with a sunroof and all the other options you desire. Happy Calibering!
  • The magnum came from auction...1 year old, 26000 kms. $18000 CDN...sticker was $33000. 55% of initial cost was good, but no test driving at auctions. I got one of the cleanest. 26 to choose I opted on 3 and he got the one with the lowest mileage. As for the "MiniMag" it better be a viper ;) by the time it gets to me (actually I think they produce them quicker) The Caliber ordered is loaded with everything except heated seats and hands free cell. That is only $22000 CDN out the door. We'll see.
  • clcrclcr Posts: 14
    We ordered ours on August 16th and it was put in BX which means "Passed edit available for schedule." It stayed there for a few weeks and then it was put back to BG "Passed edit n/a for schedule. I don't know what's taking so long. Why would it be ready for scheduling and then it isn't? Doesn't make any sense.
  • I am soon to take delivery of a Marine Blue SXT with 5 speed and nothing extra but the 23D standard equipment pkg. Sales price was $14,800. They gave me both the dealer holdback and the $500 customer cash. I am buying it from a dealer in Western NC and they are delivering it to my home 4 hours away, for free! I hope to have the vehicle in my garage in time for the weekend.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Please give us a full report on the 1.8 and 5 speed. There is almost no information and no reviews on this combination.
  • My wife called about an hour ago to announce that it had arrived. I will be sure to give feedback after I have had time to drive it a bit. :)
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I was just looking at how many Calibers were in dealer lots. There is one place that had 17 and others had 7 and up. Even the Compass are sitting on lots as well.
    I have called several dealers, and there is more lies that sales persons tell about their inventory. There are dealers who will discount these to get them off their lots. The Compass and Caliber are not moving like DCX thought they would. Don't get suckered into a deal unless you get what you want and a very good deal too.

  • clcrclcr Posts: 14
    They seem to be selling in the San Antonio area. We ordered our SXT four months ago just like we want it and don't have it yet.
  • Ordered a r/t fwd on 10/19 and the last word from dealer is "available for scheduling" or some similar term
  • clcrclcr Posts: 14
    You are fortunate. Ours was ordered on August 16th and was (BX)available for schedule and then it was put back to BG -
    not available for schedule. I was told it was the 2.0 holding it up. They must be producing the R/T's now. Let us know when you get it and how you like it.
  • Ordered a r/t fwd on 10/19 delivered on 12/18.Sticker is $20,420 paid $19032 including a $500 rebate. Sunburst orange, cloth seats with heat, engine heater, standard radio, auto trans.electronic stability program, and 26x package.
  • airnosairnos Posts: 16
    Just bought a silver SE w/2.0 CVT, power pkg, and A/C off the lot from Landmark Dodge (5-star volume dealer) in Morrow GA. I took from dealer inventory because this was every option I wanted save two: the towing prep and the steel blue color.

    I have credit issues so financing was a problem and I admitted it up front...knowing that it would make me a sitting duck for price games (I'm a payment shopper not a price shopper anyway). MSRP on the sticker was $17,834 and "dealer installed options" raised sticker to $18,338. I checked the financing agreement and final sales price is listed as $17K. Given that I knowingly gave the dealer a green light for a certain amount of gouging, I'm satisfied.

    The sales rep made a comment that suggested they'd been under a bit of pressure to get their 2007 models off the lot, which suggests to me that the 2008 Calibers may be out fairly soon.
  • eric0646eric0646 Posts: 1
    I am looking at almost the same car. The sales rep said they didn't have much wiggle room on the price. $17K? That's outstanding. Did you trade or put anything down, or is that what they cut the price to?

  • airnosairnos Posts: 16
    Okay, I went back and looked again and I FINANCED $17K. I did have a trade and a bit of cash, about $1100 worth. So final sales price was $18,100, give or take some rounding.

    For an SE that's IMNSHO really a little high (SXTs seem to be running in the $19Ks afer rebate), but again, I knew I had given them the green light for that.

    If Dodge gave it a base MSRP of $17,834, invoice was below $17K -- and there's no way the "dealer installed options" (clear coat and Scotchguarding) cost them $500. So they made money on the deal.
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