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Ford Freestyle climate control



  • Hi folks. Looking for some help please. I have a 2005 Freestyle ES with the dual climate control. Problem is the driver side is blowing semi cold and the passenger side is blowing warm. The rear AC is blowing warm too. I have both sides set to 60 degrees and the rear set to coldest possible. Inside air selected. Any ideas? I first thought it may be the blend door actuator not engaging all the way (if it has one). Could it possibly be running out of R134a (or whatever type it requires)? Living in Houston, TX makes this a priority. thanks.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    edited April 2010
    I assume the AC light is on? Just asking because you can set your temp to 60deg without the AC being in the On position (ie green light off). If so, then is sounds like you need your AC recharged.
  • jd1975jd1975 Posts: 2
    I am having the same issue. Drivers side is fairly cold and passenger and back vents blowing warmer air. Curious to know what you found out. Thanks.
  • lanbabalanbaba Posts: 45
    My car was in the bodyshop for a month after my wife hit someone stupid try to cut in front my wife (she's going straight) and make a left turn at the intersection. I just got the car yesterday, and I have exactly the same problem (cold air on driver, but passenger and rear are not). And, also now the driver's side third row window area, there is a high hiss/pitch sound if I turn on the a/c, but if I turn off the a/c but leave the fan on, the sound will gone. :sick:
  • lanbabalanbaba Posts: 45
    Just got the freestyle from the dealer after the accident. Now two problems from the a/c:
    The driver's side is blowing cold air; but the passenger and rear are blowing semi-cold, or not cold air although I turn all the temp settings to 60F and the rear to the coldest.
    There is a high pitch hiss sound from the driver side's third row panel(is that called the quarter panel, where the fixed windows located, the third row 12v outlet located). If I turn off the a/c but let the fan on, the hiss sound will be gone, but once the a/c on, the sound comes back.
    Any ideas, guys? :confuse:
  • jd1975jd1975 Posts: 2
    Was checking today and found oil on the condenser and found the condenser to be leaking. Added freon till we decide what to do with it. Cooling better but the passenger side still not cooling like the driverside. Condenser from Advance quoted is $189.00 . 06 Model only 53,000. Our 01 Taurus a/c worked well the whole time we had it. It had 145,000 when we traded it for the freestyle. If you have any luck let us know. My father in law is going to check with his Ford dealer and see what he can find out Mon. :confuse:
  • dmerwindmerwin Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Ford Freestyle and there is a loud "clicking" noise that is coming from under the dash on the passenger side. It happens when I turn on or off the A/C. Does anyone know what is going on? Thanks.
  • I had the same problems as other Freestyle owners have had. Hot day or around town at stoplights, warm air from vents. Freeway driving, cooler, but not COLD air.

    I had it into Ford and they said that the system was working fine........

    I did a bunch of research and found some links to the problem on an Air Conditioning site link below:

    I am placing this info here for those that were like me and trying to find the answer with no help from the Ford dealership. They must have a procedure that does not identify this particular problem but it exists and it seems that LOTS of owners are having it.

    The AC compressor is a newer scroll type that uses a control valve located in the rear of the compressor behind a plate with two screws. This valve fails to function properly and most people change the entire compressor and magically, they fix the problem when they could have only replaced the control valve for $30.00 like I did and get the same result!!!

    I am not saying that this will work in every instance BUT, with less than 27K miles on my car, the chances of a bad compressor were very low. Also, the system was fully charged as indicated by my gauge and there were no leaks.

    Here is a link to the replacement part: alve.aspx

    This valve is located on the back side of the compressor and can be changed without getting under the car... YOU MUST EVACUATE THE R-134A FIRST!!! If you remove the retaining plate with the system charged, it will blow all of the refrigerant out on you. I simply evacuated the system first and then replaced the valve. The valve comes as the brass piece with its seal. You must remove the retaining plate from the rear of the compressor which is held in with two 10mm bolts. I have included a link to a photo of the plate below. This view is looking down between the radiator and the engine with the hood open.

    So, here is the procedure:

    1. Evacuate refrigerant
    2. Remove two 10mm bolts on rear of compressor
    3. Remove old control valve with spring
    4. Move spring to new control valve
    5. replace spring and control valve in compressor
    6. Replace retaining plate with two bolts
    7. Tighten bolts
    8. re-charge system with refrigerant (Amount needed is listed on the tag that is on the radiator support)
    9. cold air will come out of vents at idle.

    I hope that this helps some people. I spent HOURS researching this problem and the Ford tech was not able to find this.
  • sacnscsacnsc Posts: 1
    Thank you so much for this information. I ordered the part from your link, $48 with shipping and handling. My mechanic charged me $20 to put it on. My AC is working like brand new. Again, thank you for taking the time to put all of this information online for others.
  • automotivationautomotivation Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    At about 60,000 miles I replaced my ac compressor because the ac wasn't working properly. Ford did the repair. It has been about a year and a half since then and now the ac has begun working intermittently. A few days ago the AC was simply blowing warm air. I would shut the car off and sometimes the AC would be back on. This happened intermittently for the last 3-4 days. Sometimes the AC would start blowing out cold air after the car ran for 20-30 minutes. I took it to Ford and told them what was happening and they checked the pressure, vacuumed out the system and could not get the problem to happen to them. So when the AC was blowing warm air I stopped into the Ford Service Shop. As it sat running at the shop the AC began blowing cold air. They thought it might be a bad relay, so they switched out the relay with the fog light relay. The AC was working at the time but after I turned the car off, then took the car for another drive, it was not on again. So I believe I've eliminated the relay as the problem. When the AC is not coming on, the compressor is not turning. When the AC is working, the compressor turns and the AC is very cold. I've been trying to find a pattern but none seem to exist. Does anyone know what could be the problem? Does it sound like a pressure control switch, or a loose connection, or something wrong with the electronic climate control in the dash? I've read lots of forums and no one has mentioned this particular problem. Ford is trying to help pinpoint the problem but it seems they are a bit stumped too. Any help is appreciated.
  • degohidegohi Posts: 1


  • I have a 2007 Ford Freestyle and began to have problems with the AC in Aug 2012. Cold on driver's side and warm on passenger side. Had the compressor changed out in Sept 2012 and by December 2012 it had stopped working again. Waiting out the winter, I had it looked at again to replace the compressor (they said at the shop.. must have been a bad compressor), changed the compressor and no change.. then I got on this blog and saw your post. Printed it all out and took it in... amazing $35 dollars later my AC work with the valve change. Now, about 3 weeks ago it has failed again. Being the I apparently am directing the repairs based on knowledgeable people like you vs the mechanics I am going to ... what do you suggest now? I believe they will do the repair what ever I ask.. cause they got a bit nervous last time when they realized they just over charge me for a new compressor in the first place. Thanks
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