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Chrysler Cirrus Maintenance and Repair



  • 98 Cirrus with the V6. Crank sensor went out and I replaced the sensor. Now when I have the car in gear and depress the throttle quickly the engine stumbles like there's not enough fuel being delivered to the engine, the engine will not increase in RPM's but will act like its starved for fuel. I can keep it pinging and not getting fuel if i keep my foot in the throttle. It will return to normal when i get out of the throttle. When I slowly press the throttle the engine seems to increase in RPM's fine. I checked the EGR and that seems to be fine. The check engine light doesn't come on and I've tried the key on/off looking for a code to no avail.
  • jmgrojjmgroj Posts: 2
    be sure that the crank sensor was installed properly. its an adjustable piece and if its off by any amount you will have problems. There should be a little paper spacer on the top of the crank sensor, make sure its clean and depressed all the way to the drive plate. Good luck
  • i have a 95 chrysler cirrus i change the fuelpump and did a full tune up on it and when start it . it run for about 10mins and stop and now it wont start i just went out side to start it and now it run like trash but when i try to gave gas it wont take the gas all the seners are all new i dont no what it can be so can u help me pls
  • I don't know if you got it fixed yet - that code has to do with basically the way the car handles the fumes from the gas - be aware it can be a difficult code to clear and if the car is running fine it will be ok - if you open the hood they will be a sticker with a diagram (catalyst) - you are looking for a breaks or leaks - use your fingers and nose - like i said it can difficult - remember there not only a mechanical side to it but also an electrical side - good luck PEACE
  • does anyone know how to unlock a steering wheel. I've been told it might be the cars anti left lock that locks the wheels so the car will go in circles. thank you
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,930
    Anyone who might have ideas will need more info from you.

    Are you able to start the car with the key? What happened to cause it to lock - did you just get in it, and find that the wheel is locked?

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  • ralphpiperralphpiper Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Chrysler Cirrus, v6 2.5L. When starting the car it revs up to 2000-2200 rpm then drops back down. There is "NO" check engine light on & runs fine. But can't figure out why it starts this way! What is the fix for this problem or is this just normal for this type of car to start up???
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,930
    Since this model is no longer in production and we have a fairly limited number of Cirrus owners in this forum, you might have better luck posting in our answers section here:

    We often find members with mechanical expertise who pop in and answer questions there.

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  • profuprofu Posts: 1
    Hi everyone. I have a 98 Cirrus LX 2,5 V6. The check engine light is on and I read the P0112 & P1496 trouble codes. I replaced the air intake temperature sensor, but the codes are still there. I want to replace the PCM, but I am not sure that it shall solve the issue. Also, from time to time, with no rule, the engine stops and restarts immediately. It does this in park or drive, doesn't matter. Do you think the PCM is bad? Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
  • i have a cirrus lxi version of the chrysler cirrus, this thing is haunted! it has done the wierdest stuff since i bought it,overall for the most part it has been a good car,but possessed and does what it wants,lol! it's a real looker too,whitew/ black tints and great system,but anyways lately when it rains hard or even when extremely muggy and damp in the mornings only,it seems to run soooo rough and make a putt putt putt noise until it dry's i guess? i thought it might be the filter,but if it was filter it wouldn't straighten up after dryed. i've put every sensor on it,new fuel pump and coil pack,it's had wires/plugs changed,i mean i just don't get it,anyone ever had this problem with their chrysler cirrus? help! :mad
  • obxdreaminobxdreamin Posts: 1
    edited July 2014

    I have a 1998 Chrysler Cirrus LXI which I love. However, recently there seems to be ongoing engine problems. Wet, rainy days it would not start. It would turn over till battery died. Found mice had chewed the plug wires. So I had them replaced. That got the car to start. Then it just died at the doctor's office and the battery light came on. I had the alternator replaced. That seemed to have got the car running. Next day the "check engine" light came on. Had it checked out at AutoZone. Code said the EGR valve was bad. Had that replaced. Now the car hesitates as I drive with or without A/C, going up hills or trying to accelerate. All work was done by mechanic. I'm running out of money (as I am unemployed and caregiver for disabled spouse). Seems like the engine is not firing right causing the hesitation. Any one have a clue to save me from going to the mechanic uneducated and at the risk of fixing something that isn't broken. Further, the mechanic replaced my fuel pump and now the car runs out of gas when it hits 1/8th of a tank. Never ran out of gas before in all my years of driving. Any clue with this so I can get it fixed?

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