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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Fuel Pump/Fuel System



  • jpmoorejpmoore Posts: 2
    Yesterday out of the blue all of a sudden my truck started bogging down, and the fuel gage went from half a tank down to E so I turned around and pulled into the gas station put 20 bucks in and started out of town again....well it didn't stop it kept bogging down especially when I would go to take off....then it took forever to get home, cause I had to go really really slow to get up a hill and had to roll back down one cause it just wasn't going. I checked the fuel filter and it seems fine. Do you have any ideas??? There was no warning it just started bogging down when I accelerate. I'm going to check it out again here in a sec, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.....Thanks! it acts like its not getting enough gas or something.
  • mickeymouse2mickeymouse2 Posts: 161
    Make sure your fuel pressure is with in specs. Running a vehicle low or out of gas over heats the electric pump and will sometimes cause it not put out enough fuel pressur. Curious that you had a fuel guage issue prior to this. I think that the fuel pump and sending unit are one assembly on the year.
  • jpmoorejpmoore Posts: 2
    Thanks, we went and got a fuel pressure gage, and we are going to check it now. If the pressure isn't accurate shoule we replace the fuel pump? Thanks again for your reply.
  • Strange problem. Noticed during warm weather fuel pump would not come one unless i reached under and "jiggled" the connection. then fine. I checked it yesterday and it is getting really Hot at the connector as the truck runs. I cleaned the connection and checked that the ground is still good. Fuel guage works fine. During winter I have less or no problems with this. Right now if you start and run for 10 minutes, the connector and grey wire (power) are very hot to the touch. The diagram shows a capacitor in the pump, what are chances it is bad and discharging all the time? After running for awhile and shutting down, I will have to "jiggle" connection again to restart. Trying to avoid new pump if possible. Thanks guys.
  • quimbyquimby Posts: 2
    I now have identical problem with my 2000 Sierra 4X4. Dealer is estimating $650 to replace hub, etc. Too bad, as only have 70K miles and bearings are fine. Others are telling me to clean the sensor, once I have access to it. I am most interested in the recall issue. I have never received recall notice on this issue. Did you learn more about a recall? What was your resolution of the abs problem. Thanks
  • mhwebmhweb Posts: 1
    The recall I believe was limited to vehicles in the northern states (salted roads). Chevrolet did not send out notices to every owner, regardless of what state you lived in. I took my 2002 Siverado in maybe two years ago for this and had to argue with the service manager on if this year was covered. It appeared that if you cleaned the ring and coated it with lacquer and adjusted the sensor you might get by if the sensor was not tore up. I was told the rust build up was the problem.
  • quimbyquimby Posts: 2
    Thanks for input. Yes, my vehicle is in Maine, road salt capital of U.S. Learned dealer did serviced abs 3 years ago in accordance with a GM bulletin that they did not tell me about. Basically, it seems they remove it, clean it and reinstall. I did the same the other day myself. No rust, no apparent dirt, with a lubricant on ring and sensor. But, problem at slow speeds persists, although it is always intermittent. Looks like I must replace entire hub - too bad as seems the bearings are fine. Basic design flaw in my opinion.
  • cooey5cooey5 Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 Silverado 1500 ext cab...ran fine one morning going to town, but on the return trip wife said it started sputtering and bogging down. It finally died on the highway after about 15 miles. I went out there and changed the fuel filter but would not start. could not hear the fuel pump run. towed the vehicle home and the next morning tried to start it and the fuel pump would come on and the truck would start and run for about 15 seconds or until I hit the foot feed. Any ideas?
  • cooey5cooey5 Posts: 3
    After trying to start it a few times now the fuel pump will not come on at all. I'm not much on these newer models.
  • bailey18bailey18 Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a 2003 Silverado 1500hd (My Bubba :blush: ). I used to get 15mpg city 17-18+ hwy. In the last 6 months my mpg has dropped to7-8 city, 9-11hwy. I have had my regular tune up, also fuel system tune up, oil change regularly, front end ailgnement and tires balanced an rotated. I have no problem with starting issues, no gas smell, little sluggish but it was when purchased(used). Dealership said O2 senser is fine and so is cat. converter. Is there something they are missing? I love my Bubba but don't want dealership to nickel and dime me to death trying to find a solution. It has also started to shake at around 72mph. Any input would help and thanks.
  • cooey5cooey5 Posts: 3
    Well, I went ahead and replaced the fuel pump and its running like a dream now. I found it a whole lot easier to take the bed off.
  • hgivens1hgivens1 Posts: 3
    Ive never experienced the wiring harness of the pump getting hot but ive heard of it happening before. I have a 1998 chevrolet z71 and im in the same boat as far as not wanting to buy another pump, mine quit all of sudden in the front yard. Do you know of any inline fuse boxes or anything up until the fuse box underneath the hood because there is a fuel pump relay but the relay is fine. Any suggestions?
  • hgivens1hgivens1 Posts: 3
    Yeah man I had the same problem with my 99 z71. Its your gas tank sending unit going bad.
  • Probably needs a pump. Classic symptoms of a dying fuel pump. You need to have the pressure checked, it needs about 60 psi to run. There's no cheap way to fix it that I know of.
  • htd1964htd1964 Posts: 1
    I'm not getting any fuel from my injectors. I have fuel going to the throttle body. What are some things I can check to locate the problem. I changed a sensor on the TBI. I'm not sure what it called but Its a four wire connector located on the passanger side of the TB. I was told it controled the idle speed. The truck ran fine after I replace the sensor. the next day I went to start the truck and was not getting fuel. The control module was check the day before.
  • I'm about to shoot it, I have a 93 Silvarado 5.7l 4x4 5 speed manual. I just started giveing me trouble. Only when it gets to operation temp, the RPMs start going eratic and it jerks like mad. It starts just fine and runs great until then. I replaced the plugs, wires, cap & rotor, checked the fuel pump, etc. I get codes 22 (TPS) & 34 (MAPS), however, we had a 1988 S-10 pickup, 4x4, 4.3l that did the exact same thing. I replaced EVERY thing on that truck including the motor and 2 computers and $1593 in shop fees only to have to get rid of it because no one could find the issue. I don't want to chase a ghost again, I'm hoping this is something simple that would be overlooked, does anyone have an idea before I turn it into a ghost?

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Did you try:
    1- Resetting the codes
    2- Disconnect battery (reset codes)
    3- Clean or replace TPS and MAP
  • I did pull the battery cables off, cleaned them and the battery, I checked the TPS and MAP sensor and they appear to be within the normal volts. I have a few new checks to make tonight, but I found no rescrictions, fuel or vaccum leaks YET. Any additional checks, even the stupid ones I may have missed would be a great help. Thanks for asking.
  • OK, I reset the codes again, I checked the IAC sensor, it checked fine, I replaced the MAP snesor and the TPS. It starts fine but when it reaches Operating Temp and I try to give it gas, the RPMs go crazy and it runs like it's missing our not getting fuel. I found no vaccume leaks and now I'm at a loss. ANYTHING I'm missing?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Have you checked:

    -throttle body
    -egr valve
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