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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Fuel Pump/Fuel System



  • I have 96 chevy 5.7 vortec drove to store turn off,came out it wouldn't start act like wasn't getting fuel,got some gas and pour into carb it run as long as I added fuel,soput new GM fuel pump and filter on cause thats what everyone said was problem,guess what still won't run never had a problem till now anybody have an idea?
  • nelson1nelson1 Posts: 40
    My 2000 Silverado 1500 with 4.8 V8 Vortec had a hard start problem when hot. When cold, it would kick off just like it should, but when hot, the starter would just turn until I tapped the accellerator, then it would start, but run a little rough all the time. I changed the fuel filter - no change. I then changed the fuel pressure regulator, and bingo, truck runs great, and no more starting problem. Just thought I would pass this on, because I have heard horror stories of changing the fuel pump, (that's a big job), and then the problem still existed. Anyway, for what it's worth, if you have gas in the vacuum line dripping out, when you pull the vacuum line off of the fuel pressure regulator, chances are good that your fpr needs replacing. It cost me 49 bucks at Auto Zone.
  • miggmigg Posts: 1
    Hey guys, I'm not sure my problem has been posted by somebody else here already, I couldn't find it, but is related to some already posted. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Here it is:
    I have an '02 Silverado LS 4.3L Engine Code "W" two days ago it just died in the middle of rush-hour traffic. When I went to the rescue, I noticed that when trying to start it up, it would crank but sounded like fuel starvation, so my first thought was that I needed to replace the fuel pump or at the very least the in-line fuel filter. Well, I replaced the fuel pump, which by the way is very expensive ($396 BOSH) and the pig-tail connector included with it and start the truck, and it ran just fine, of course I tested before bolting the bed back in place. Then I remembered that I had already purchased the in-line fuel filter (AC Delco $25) shut it off, disconnected the battery again and replaced the filter, when I tried to show it the finished work to my wife, the damned truck didn't start, I stayed late night trying to figure out what was the problem and not even retracing my steps can find what went wrong. Now it cranks up like the firsts day and it sound like no gas is reaching the engine. I disconnected the new fuel filter and is dry. I disconnected the lines attached to the pump itself and there is gas there, it surges out. Any suggestions before I turn to a professional? And I don't know if I can afford that option. Also, where is the fuel pressure regulator located? Just in case I need to mess with it.
    Thanks in advance! :confuse:
  • seannooseannoo Posts: 15
    I also ended up changing out my fuel pump and that ended up ont being the problem. What I finally traced it down to was a bad factory ground. I grounded the pump at the same place the fuel filler stem had its cround strap connected to and it has ran great every since. It is easy to check because you can reach right over the tank from the wheel well and pull the connector loose without having to drop the tank. I would check that before taking it into the shop.
  • hawkynzhawkynz Posts: 1
    I have just encountered the same problem. My truck same as yours just died like it was out of gas. I replaced the filter and checked the pump. When I turn it over gas pumps out. It will start but die immediately. I have been told that it could be that not enough fuel pressure is the problem. It could be the fuel pressure regulator where ever that is. Let me know who yours is going. Might need to check the fuel pressure with a guage. I dont want to replace the pump and it still not start
  • Help, I just spent all day trying to get my truck to run. It started fine this morning. Then 30 seconds down the road the engine quit running. Then it is very hard to get started. It cranks fine. I replaced the cap and rotor, fuel filter and made sure I can hear the fuel pump. I can use starting fluid to get it started (sometimes) and then it will idle for an hour. As soon as I start to drive it dies. If I take the key out of the ignition and wit a minuet it starts if not it just keeps cranking. I would apreciate any help or suggestions. the check engine light does not come on. No codes. thanks
  • I know that title sounds crazy but it's the truth. About a month or 2 ago I started having trouble when I would go to put gas in the truck. I would start the pump and shortly after that the vapor recovery would kick in and shut off the pump. I started to listen to what was going on and it sounds like the gas is filling the tube between the opening and the tank and then trickling into the tank. Needless to say, it takes about twenty minutes to get 20.00 worth of gas. That amounts to a quarter tank...not getting me very far. I began to ask around and found out that there is a device that GM has installed so that if you roll your vehicle the gas doesn't pour out...OK, seems like this is stuck and is blocking the tank.

    SO, how the heck to I fix it? Preferably cheaply.

    Also...check engine light is on and has been for awhile. OBD codes say it's the oxygen sensor (if I recall correctly)...could this all be related?

    And, if anyone has some insight into my stuck speedometer that would be great to!

  • Not a pro, but I had a similar issue once. Changed pump and when I put it back together I must have had the hose kinked. Had to hold the fuel nozzle only about 1/4 way open to keep it going smoothly.

    Crawl under and check the fuel tank straps to make sure they are tight and in good condition. (Tank could have moved and pinched the fill hose.)Don't know about an anti-spill device, so I can't help there.

    The oxygen sensor(s) are part of a different system so I don't see a connection there. However, you may want to have the codes scanned again, if this anti-spill device is controlled electronically at all it may well have set a code also. Note: Test those sensors before replacing it/them. They are expensive.

    Lastly, speedometer is controlled by a cable to the transmission. Look for it coming from the firewall behind the dash and make sure it is connected on both ends!
  • Speedo cables are pretty much non-existant on 1990's and up vehicles. Most likely you have a vehicle speed sensor,it's located on the drivers side tailstock of the tranny. This pick-up "reads" splines on the final drive/output shaft,and it's driven ba a plastic gear that some times strips, or sensor just dies. IF YOU PULL IT OUT, MAKE A MARK ON THE TRANS AND SENSOR WITH A MARKER! THEY GO BACK IN 3 DIFFERENT WAYS, FOR 3 DIFFERENT GEAR SIZES! LINE THE MARKS BACK UP. also do over a pan and cardboard a little fluid may drip out. turn key on, and spin gear by hand,have frend watch speedo. if it moves, you may need a new $4.00 gear with the same number of teeth on it.( if it's magnettic pick-up check for metal& clean it off,reinstal,and should only need a 10 mm socket, and a pan.
  • I cant seem to get the top ring to lock into place. Any hints?
  • seannooseannoo Posts: 15
    It is just very tight. When I did mine; I put a little oil on the gasket and used a parge set of channel locks to turn the assembly to get it to snap in.
  • Thanks i will try that
  • I have a 99 chevy silverado 1500 4x4 4.8 and i bought it used with 77,000 miles... the ses light was on when i bought it and the dealer told me it was the gas cap but i took it to auto zone and the scanner brought up codes po137 and po157 and i changed one oxygen sensor and it didnt help so changed the air filter and the mass airflow sensor and its still idleing rough hesitating when i get on the gas starting hard and when it does start there is a rich smell of gas...i was told it could be the fuel pump and i should check it by putting a fuel pressure gauge on it and if it reads low then its bad and i was also told to change the fuel pressure regulator but i dont know....does any one know wat i should do or ne one that has had this problem?
  • Sounds like a bad EGR valve to me, I've seen lots of posts for many different years with the same trouble. Test anything you suspect before you replace it. Good luck!
  • I have a 2002 Silverado pick up with a fuel system problem. It would start but die out after seconds or when the accelerator pedal is pressed. I pulled the tank and the pump. I connected power to the pump and it runs. I checked the harness connector to the pump when I turned the key on (provides power to the pump), there's no power at the connector. I also checked the ground for continuity and found no continuity. I jumpered the fuel pump relay in the fuse box and do get power to the connector but no ground. I switched the relay with the horn relay (they're the same) and the fuel pump relay works. I disassembled the fuel pump connector and found it to be in good condition. I also checked the ground lug and it has good connectivity. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can try next? I'm going to check the trouble code if there is one but I don't understand two things, why don't I get power to the pump when I turn the key on and why don't I have a good ground?

    I narrowed the problem down a bit. I pulled the relay and turned the key on. I measured the voltage at the coil relay pins and measured 12 volts, but I still get 0 volts to the fuel pump connector. I turned the key off and measured 0 volts which tells me that the PCM is working. I know the relay is good because I switched the fuel pump relay with the horn and thy're the same.

    I can jumper the fuel pump relay contact pins for the relay and measure 12 volts when I connect my voltmeter to the power in at the fuel pump and then frame. When I connect to the power pin and the ground pin I measure about 6 volts.

    I checked the continuity of the ground pin to the frame and show no continuity. I believe I have a bad ground but that still doesn't explain why the relay won't send voltage to the fuel pump when the key is turned on. Am I missing something? Any ideas would surely be appreciated. Thanks.
  • im not realy sure what chevy uses for this.but some vehicles have to have vacume pressure to tell the pump to other words your pump and relay may be right.the sensor to tell the pump to work may have a if you had a wreck and killed the engine it wouldn`t keep pumping to a broke line if you left the key on.i know not much help but another opp.the vehicle i ran into this on there was a flapper in the top of the throttle body you had to manualy hold like if you ran it out of gas to prime
  • rlj8rlj8 Posts: 1
    I just had a simular problem. Here is what I did to find the problem. I assumed that my problem was a fuel problem because of a recent fill up at a questionable gas station. Here is what I did... Remove gas cap to hear fuel pump run when you turn key on. This eliminates the fuel pump. Change fuel filter to eliminate that. If it still runs rough you have to eliminate other options. Test the coil wire to make sure it is firing. I tested mine and found that it was not firing. I tested the coil wire and it was good. After closer inspection of the coil pack I noticed that there are a red and a white wire that plugs into the top of the coil pack. The white wire was broken inside the insulation. This was causing it to seem like it was not firing right/bad fuel. I replacee the bad wiring and it is running fine now. Also, I also noticed that when it was running rough it also smoked form the tail pipe due to not burning all of the fuel. This indicates that it was getting fuel just not burning it. This is another indication that it was a ignition problem.
  • i fixed the problem...i replaced the o2 sensor and it didnt help and the codes were saying that it was either running rich or lean so i replaced the airfilter and the mass air sensor and still no change and i remembered when i started it i could smell gas so i tried that angle and the dealer said the fuel pump had just been replaced so i went ahead and replaced the fuel pressure regulator and it has run great ever since, excellent throttle response, and it no longer runs rough...thanks for everyones help though.
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