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Mercury Milan vs Toyota Camry



  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    Reliabilty is looking better than the 07 Camry right now.. ;)
  • bv050506bv050506 Posts: 97
    Hey cowboy, if you buy the Milan, a nice car if your an old fart, you'll regret not getting the Camry. A much better car, and it's not a Mercury! The Milan is nice but has a WEAK engine vs. the Camry sweet V6 with 6 speed. all the talk about the tranny is overstated. Also, great mileage on the Camry. I think if a person wants to keep a car more than 3 or 4 years, they better go Camry not Milan. Having said this, the Ford 500 is a huge car and drives nice. Just ok mileage, and with the new 3.5 V6 coming out, it could finally have an engine that can get you 0-60 in less than 10 seconds. A real crusier for sure. I'd also include the Sonata on my list of cars to look at for sure!
  • Right bv050506, because nobody sees Camrys as old fart cars either.

    The Milan has a V-6 mated with a 6 speed transmission that performs nicely. So I'm not sure what you are getting at with the weak engine remark. Maybe you are talking about the 4-cyl model, but then Camry has a pretty weak 4-cyl base model too. And gas mileage is almost identicle when you compare apples to apples.

    What you will get out of the Milan is a unique look, and just as many, (if not more) options for a lower price. As for reliability, I'm not going trash on the Camry, historically it IS a nice car. But they have had thier issues just like anyone else has. And most cars you buy in the 06' - 07' model year are going to be reliable. If anything it comes down to price, the options you want, and styling. Unless you plan to head to the race track, power and gas mileage will have no real noticeable difference to the daily driver when comparing similar configurations.

    I would invite you to test drive and compare your options and take whatever we say here with a grain of salt. But as a Ford/Mercury salesman I think you would be selling yourself short if you didn't take a good hard look at the Milan and/or Fusion.

    Also, if your price point allows the Lincoln Zephyr (2006) / MKZ (2007) will blow the Camry away in terms of style and options for a similar price point. In fact the 07' MKZ has a 3.5L V-6 available that will eat the Camry for lunch and come back hungry.

    Good luck regardless and should you have any questions about any of this stuff feel free to contact me. :D
  • bv050506bv050506 Posts: 97
    I think the Zephyr is about 7.0 to 60mph. Not exactly quick. Ford needs a really good V6 that cranks out about 275HP and yet can still get good mileage. It's a looker though. Sounds like it will be nice inside and well appointed. Good point when I reffered to the Milan as a old fart car, kinda like "livin' in a glass house" if you know what I mean. Thanks for the feedback.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    If you actually use wide open throttle to get those 0-60 times of under 7.0 seconds fairly often, you will soon see your MPG well below 20 as well, despite the supposedly high EPA city and highway MPG ratings for the Camry/Avalon V-6. There is no free lunch when it comes to leadfooted drivers.

    I would argue that any "average" mid size sedan driver would find that any sedan having a 0-60 of 8-9 seconds or so to be very adequate for all their driving needs.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    How is the 3.0 weak? it goes 0-60 in 7.2-7.4 seconds depending on what review you read? That is tenths of a second slower than cars with 20 or more HP??? Also, didn't you know the Fusion/Milan have 6speed automatics? Of course to you the transmission issue with the Camry is "overstated" Get out on the net and look around.. its not "overstated" Toyota screwed up..

    By the way with my Fusion SEL V6 I average 26.8 MPG. I was getting as high as 27.4!! Milan is classy and very stylish when set side by side to that ugly frontend of the Camry..
  • bv050506bv050506 Posts: 97
    Your getting a little testy sir. Consumer Reports calls it 0-60 at 8.0, a long haul from 7.2 Must be the lack of torque for being soooooooo slow. I did not know they had a six speed which is good to hear. Road and Track records the Camry at 6.1 and 99.9 in the quarter mile. Real world numbers for mileage are low 30's not upper 20's like the Fusion/Milan. I had the Avalon and now the Camry and haven't had the problems that others have experienced with the tranny. When something isn't right you always hear about it. Sooner or later the Ford and Merc products will have a perceived disaster too. I'll try and take it easy on you when it happens. I got up closer to a Fusion yesterday, it's avery nice car! Would have made the exhaust tips about half again as big, but it was very nice to look at. Enjoy your ride, just remember you'll be looking at my license plate if we ever meet:)
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    0-60 times vary all over the internet and differ from review to review. Who do you believe? As a Camry owner of course your going to believe the fastest Camry time, me the fastest Fusion time I see. .8 seconds a "Long Haul" from 8.0?? Can you count to .8 seconds? Come clean now, the 6.1 you claime from Road and Track is for a manual Camry right?? Your not knowing the Fusion/Milan even offered a 6 speed auto shows me you don't research.
    You may take me in the 0-60, but I know I'll get you in the twisties.. ;)
  • bv050506bv050506 Posts: 97
    Didn't you say you are a salesman for the Fusion and Millan? I'm a banker and I don't think it was mandatory that I know your area of apparent expertise. I have always noticed that Consumer Reports times are slower than others. Truth be told, I think they rated my Camry at 6.5 vs. the Road and Track time of 6.1. How come you don't know that the V6 Camry doesn't come in anything but an automatic? Lets just agree to agree we both have nice cars and we like them for what they are. I'm happy for you that you like your Fusion/Millan, and I'm happy with my Camry. By the way, I like the front end, one of the reasons I traded my Avalon in, as I never liked the nose on it.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    No, I am not a salesperson for Ford/Mercury. I am however an educated car buff. 30+ years of cars, cars and more cars. Enjoy the history of cars, trucks, vans ect..
    I am an Engineer with a semiconductor company. I fix, modify, repair tools that manufacture IC's. Work on many types of automated/robotic systems.
    I did know Camry offers both a manual and an automitic with its V6. One thing Fusion/Milan owners are asking for and getting next year.
    I did more comparing of the Camry. I get down on Honda for thier pricing, I actually should be bashing Toyota! The invoice for a like optioned Camry is almost $3,000 dollars more than a like optioned Fusion/Milan! Ouch..
    But I guess if you feel the extra $3K is worth it, thats your choice. I'll spend my $3K on a nice vacation..
    I can agree both are nice vehicles.. no problem.. ;)
  • bv050506bv050506 Posts: 97
    The only engine Toyota has that has a manual transmission is the 4 cyl. None of the V6's are manual, at least not in a Camry. Do you mean the "triptronic or manu shift " feature that allows you to shift on the fly? Trust me I have had 34 cars in my 49 years and that doesn't make it a manual. The closest I have come is the 300C Hemi I had. If I put it in the "shift" mode, I can leave it there as it auomatically shifts to the next gear before the redline anyway. This is a feature that people think is cool, but I rarely us it. Its good in the winter if I need additional braking. Sounds like a big technical job you have?!?! I have a "x" brotherinlaw that went to Lawrence Tech in Michigan and he is a Robotics engineer. Really smart! You can take that as a compliment.

    Ok, on to the next round. Does yours have a sunroof, heated seats, traction and stability control, a 444 Watt JBL 6 in-dash CD player, with MP3 and bluetooth technology, reclining back seats, premium leather, Michelin Tires, sun shade, and 4 wheel vented ABS? Just want to make sure we are comparing apples to apples. My sticker was 29,397 but I got it for 27,750 which was $500 over dealer invoice. I look forward to your list of goodies, ha :)
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    "Ok, on to the next round. Does yours have a sunroof, heated seats, traction and stability control, a 444 Watt JBL 6 in-dash CD player, with MP3 and bluetooth technology, reclining back seats, premium leather, Michelin Tires, sun shade, and 4 wheel vented ABS? Just want to make sure we are comparing apples to apples. My sticker was 29,397 but I got it for 27,750 which was $500 over dealer invoice. I look forward to your list of goodies, ha "

    I own a Ford Fusion SEL V6 in Frosted Silver with every option available. I have a heated black leather seats. The seats are stitched in white giving them a very rich look. I have a sunroof, a 6CD in dash CD player, Michelin tires, 4wheel vented disc brakes with ABS... I have traction control. Granted I don't have stability control or MP3/bluetooth. You ready for this.. don't cry now.. I paid $23,000.... :cry:

    So, I guess you can justify the extra $4,750 you paid how???
  • I was the Ford/Mercury sales guy (by the way) And options for price was a bad idea to bring up if you plan to win this arguement. :P

    For purposes of comparison, I'll go with the "Premier" package for the Milan. It has everything you quoted, EXCEPT for the reclining rear seats and the bluetooth. However, its MSRP is 24,620 and if we sold it for the roughly 2k off that you got it would be put down to 22,500-ish. So I think you can get some neat toys for 5K+ to make up for the missing bluetooth and reclining seats.

    Also, the Shaker 6-Disk in dash CD is 600 Watts. You didn't list a trip computer, I assume yours has that too. Tells you current MPG, How much to empty, etc. And your climate control is automatic right? You set the digital temperature and it automatically reads the interior and exterior temperature and adjusts accordingly? Oh, and you have Satellite radio on your stereo too right? Pre-installed with a year of free service?

    Just want to make sure we're comparing apples to apples here. :shades:

    Edit: By the way, what kind of warranty does that Camry carry again? Ford just upped the Powertrain warranty to 5 year/60k on it's 06'+ models.

  • I don't have stability control or MP3/bluetooth.

    You should have MP3. Basically all the CD decks put into fords for the 06-07 model year have MP3 readers. Also, some models of 07' have audio input jacks in the center console for plugging in MP3 players. And if you get the Ipod package it have a built-in dock for your Ipod (Not really needed but fun anyway.) :D
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    Plus with Milan/Fusion you get a larger trunk and it has the strut/linkage hinge mechanism that does not infringe on useable trunk space, unlike Camry which has the old tech gooseneck hinges.

    Gotta have enough trunk space!

    Additionally, with Milan/Fusion, you don't get the chore of reading through over 1300 posts in the "2007 Camry Woes" discussion! :)
  • bv050506bv050506 Posts: 97
    Must be $23K is all they can get for them,ha Just kidding. you don't like my front end, and I think black leather stitched with white looks cheap, but thats just my feeling, I'm glad you like cause it's your fanny sittin' on it. Granted $4,750 would buy you a nice vacation. But then there will be those lingering fix-it bills when you pass 50,000 miles. They do add up fast. Does yours have dual exhaust? I'm sure if it's the six it would. Why didn't they make them more noticable?
  • bv050506bv050506 Posts: 97
    Well they've sold thousands of Camrys....what are they up to in Fushion/Milans 200,300? Your woes will mount..its a FORD! Ya the old gooseneck system blows for sure...always hitting my golf clubs.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    "But then there will be those lingering fix-it bills when you pass 50,000 miles. They do add up fast"

    I see your feeling a bit squeemish.. I would to If I just realized I paid almost $5,000 dollars more for what?? Oh, about those repair bills you claim are going to happen. I heard these same stories from folks just like you about my 95 Ranger, and my 01 Ford Escape. Ranger went to 102,000 miles, no issues, Escape went to 77,000 with no issues.. Now, about those repair bills?

    Yes, I do have dual tip chrome exhaust tips..

    take a look at my beauty.. :shades:
  • bv050506bv050506 Posts: 97
    i'll take a look and get back to you. Did some more research last night. Why is the Milan V6 210 hp and the fusion 221hp? Seems a little strange. You must be "touched" to not have any problems with a Ranger or Escape. I had a buddy that had a Ranger for about 12 years, he never had problems either. The escape has had some issues, but you sound like you got lucky. $23K for a car like you got is a heckuva buy for sure. It's a great looking car, but I just can't buy a domestic car anymore. At least mine was made in the USA by union workers.
  • bv050506bv050506 Posts: 97
    It's a really nice car for sure. Lots of auto for $23K. You should darken the windows with a tint! Makes it richer looking. Wheels look fabulous, sorry I don't have 17's! Enjoy the ride, i'll blow you away in the straits, but I'll be looking for you in the "twisties' !
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