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Mercury Milan vs Toyota Camry



  • meh, my 1999 ford contour se has lasted 7 years and 118k without a hickup, cant say the same for friends with accords and camrys that were actually newer lol..
  • Alot of BS posting here on the Milan. I'd have to ask if any have actually owned one? After 14 years and 176,000 trouble free miles on my 92 Grand Marquis I decided to buy a Milan. So far it's a nice little car and 0% 72month financing was icing on the cake.

    A coworker bought his Camry about 2 months ago and it's been back to the dealership 3 times. For some reason he still thinks Toyota makes the best cars. I guess the koolaid is pretty strong.
  • Bought a new fusion, it has 3k on it, so broken in.. took it to a local track... ran 15.2 at 93mph.. 1 and only time i will run it.. but thats a bit faster than the mags.. this was on a 65deg day clear and no wind.. doesnt seem like the 3.0 is weak to me.. 07 camry was there, he ran like a 15.8 at 90.. that was with the 268hp engine, think he broke his tranny on 2nd run.. not sure as i left.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    I agree, my Fusion SEL V6 seems to be much quicker than some mags state. Here at Edmunds they claim the highest 0-60 times of 7.8! That I have seen across the net in other car sites. I tend to believe it closer to 7 seconds. Once that little V6 spins up it really pulls nicely. ;)
  • Nice try. You are not fooling anybody. Even a 5 year old is not going to believe you. Ford is going down the toilet and I admire your attempt to do something about it, but posting absolutely ridiculous statement isn't going to help your cause. The FUSION is an ok car but not class leading by any means. The only good domestic that I think can compete with the Accord and Camry is the Saturn AURA.
  • Read the most recent Motor Trend, a reliable source, not somebody running at a local track, and you'll see the Camry V6 did 6.1 and over 97mph. Road and Track has it even faster at 99.9mph. You're Fushion is a nice car, as is the Milan. I was very impressed with a decked out Milan I just saw at the golf course. But, it's still no Camry!!! And it sure isn't as fast!!! Ford is tanking fast and I'm afraid the Fushion and Milan won't save it. As for the Zephyr.....more mediocrity, but a nice car none the less.

    Just stop and ask yourself this one question, "why can I buy a car for 72 months at 0% interest?" Easy answer, they aren't selling, they are still inferior to the Camry, Accord and Sonata, and Ford needs to move metal for cash flow!!! Wake up, you have a nice car, but not as nice as my '07 Camry XLE V6, and CLEARLY nowhere near as fast!
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    OH, your back again I see. You failed to mention you paid $4,750 dollars more! over the price of a comparably equipped Milan Premier. So lets do the math.. you can go 0-60 in 6.1, Milan in 7.2.. that is 1.1 seconds faster.. $4,750 divided by 1.1 is..?? Your the accountant do the math! Hope it was worth it. Also, I live in a mid-size city. During rush hour how much do you go 0-60 in 6.1? Me, I'm stuck doing about 35-40.. I think most people are doing the same ;)
    Also, you failed to look at Fusion/Milan sales. UP, UP, UP.. so they are selling..Enjoy your over priced, overrated overdone, ugly Camry :shades:
  • this a discussion for those comparing these two vehicles for possible purchase, or is it a "neener-neener, my car is better than yours" topic? I think the former would be more constructive. :shades:

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    I thought the 6-speed automatic transmission was a joint venture with GM?

    It is indeed a jooint venture as fas as design is concerned.

    It has however bieng manufactured by AISIN, which is a Toyota Affiliate.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    Let us not make a blanket statement here.

    If somebody who is TOTALLY unaware of the world of multinationals, and in the automotive industry in particular, a Toyota does make for a good choice.

    The Milan (and the Lincoln Zephyr) are all based on the Mazda6 Platform which has been acclaimed as a great platform all around the world. The Duratec 3.0V6 engine too has been fine tuned by Mazda and is an ultra smooth revving engine that does not use timing belts but ultra-silent timing chains. The transmission, which typically has been Ford's Achilles heel has been remedied by a 6-speed Transmission that is built by non other than AISIN, which is a Toyota affiliate.

    For somebody who knows the value of money, these cars that Ford has come out in the last couple of years as fantastic. Just look at the Mazda CX-7 and CX-9 based on the same Mazda6 platform.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008

    Each country has their own workhorses. If you travel around the world you will notice that. Some have Toyota, some have Ford. Some have their own "indigenous" local brands.

    I have a classical example that is actually funny.

    In India there is a scooter company by the name of Bajaj, which few decades ago (1960-70 I guess) collaborated with Vespa of Italy to manufacture scooters. Well it was a hit and Bajaj sold scooters under their own brand name till 1990. It was very well revered even though there were barely any improvements made in all these years. In the 1990's Vespa decided to come back and sell their latest scooters under the "Vespa" brand name. Guess what?
    People disliked it. The general opinion was that Vespa does not know how to make scooters as good as Bajaj. wtf.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    "And it sure isn't as fast!!! "

    if you want to race, why buy a camry? beats me.
  • Relax, I was referring to the guy at the "local" track claiming he blew away a Camry. The real reason I traded my Hemi for an Avalon and now a Camry is mileage. 31mpg is far better than most in its category. If I wanted to race you I would have kept the 300C. Having said that, it was a huge surprise to see that the Camry had some real huspa and is only about 2 seconds slower in the quarter to the Hemi!!! And I got 31mpg, not 21, ha
  • comp386comp386 Posts: 56
    Actually you're thinking of the 6F transmission which is in the Edge and MKX. I'm sure eventually the Fusion/Milan will be switched to the 6F, but as of now, it's an AISIN made AISIN designed transmission.
  • comp386comp386 Posts: 56
    I saw a message a while back that said the Camry was made by Union Workers. No Toyota assmebly plant (except possibly joint venture plants with GM) is union run. Then again, the Milan is also not union assembled. You're pretty much out of luck if you want a union made product when it comes to midsize sedans.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    >I thought the 6-speed automatic transmission was a joint
    >venture with GM?
    >It is indeed a jooint venture as fas as design is
    >It has however bieng manufactured by AISIN, which is a
    >Toyota Affiliate.

    This post is 100% false. The 6-speed in the Milan is Aisin sourced and is the same transmission in Avalon with unique programming.

    The Milan transmission is in no way related to the GM-Ford joint venture tranny being introduced by Ford for the 07 model year in the Edge/MKX and MKZ.

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    The Milan transmission is in no way related to the GM-Ford joint venture tranny being introduced by Ford for the 07 model year in the Edge/MKX and MKZ.

    Almost right. Unfortunately the MKZ still gets the Aisin tranny for some reason even though it gets the 3.5L engine. It will probably move to the 6F (joint venture) next year.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Opps, i spoke 2 soon.

    MKZ continues with the AWF21 from Aisin.

  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,653
    Do not know about Mercury Millan nor Camry, but I can tell you that the only car that actually lasts on rough roads is Toyota, followed by Nissan and somewhere far far away is Ford and any other american car.

    Even though the information was not out at the time of this's interesting that the Fusion is now rated MORE reliable than the Camry and Accord.

    Fusion reliability
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