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Chrysler Town & Country Interior Issues



  • We've been looking at late model mini-vans and have found one well priced with everything we want except the stow&go 2nd row bucket seats.
    I know where I can get some decent OEM bucket seats. Does anyone know if its possible to replace the bench with buckets in a 07 Grand Caravan and what it takes to get it done?
  • civ1civ1 Posts: 1
    I just noticed this about my van after moving my daughter out of her latched child seat and into a big kid booster seat.
    The belt does not lock when I give it a quick tug. It works in the front seats but not the back 2 rows. This did not make me feel comfortable. Needless to say I put back the original car seat and called the dealer.
    I was told the seat will lock after I apply the breaks which I will test tonight.
    Anyone else go through this? I'm not too confident about the brake test. Are seatbelts a lifetime warranty thing? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    Thank you.
  • staciystaciy Posts: 8
    I have 1000 miles on my brand new van. My daughter wanted to download her ipod songs and after we tried this the nav went out! It says acquiring nav like before but it doesn't ever come up. Also the phone doesn't come on. Does anyone know if I disconnect the battery if it will reset? I will call the dealership Monday but I am really disappointed that something so simple as attaching an ipod could mess everything up. Thanks,
  • Had a leak in rubber tubing going from fluid reservoir to rear wiper. Of course leak was at passenger side of windshield just under dashboard !
    Wasn't assessible to me, so took it in to dealer. Luckily it was only a $59 charge.
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